You can decide your own advice on Covid19 in my office when I am a doctor.

Would I change advice over the years?

  • Adding better knowledge in my studies. Only if I add it. Getting the knowledge it is not a good idea.

Long term study, my own advice.

  • Measure all we can. Teach people to read their own pee, poop, body changes, and also redness on the body and possible illness and possible virus, example earache can cause the ear to stand a bit from the head, further than without being ill. Also plaque in mouth and fever. And I also think letting people study early on all body changes, and how to read their bodies, will prevent people with COVID19, or other viruses, especially when asymptotic to walk around without knowing it. And will help stop spreading the diseases.
  • Teach all we can. Cleaning the home with disinfection products, and how often. Washing hands 20 seconds, and provide songs to get to that 20-second point. But I would also, teach them how to tell me what they have. All patients I would give the option to study on these preventive ideas. And would teach them to do the scientific method and science at home. And would teach them to bring in all cases their own found science to me and other doctors and how they can talk about that. So, I know what they want, and the other doctors too, and they can prove it. And, I would teach them how to place that information with the scientific method and would teach them all real doctors do the same. They studied sciences, scientific method, and medicine and what is best when. You can study, you are human, like any doctor. So, it has value, but it has a place. So, I would change the doctor's office into a place where they all can add to the database, and can address their minds, and can do together with the latest and best science. The more we know the best answer the patient gets. And it might save someone else's life too. If I could add credits to these studies, I would, so they would gain health and MD degrees. The more people we have the more people can solve. And during pandemics lots of MD die, so there would be more people able to help during a pandemic, and more people would survive, thus there would be more people to keep helping other people, also when lots of MD die. Simply because we then have more MD. Chance someone is leftover with knowledge is bigger, and all are trained to do more themselves, in the best ways. Also, the doctor needs fewer appointments because the patients can think themselves more, it would leave more time for doing serious pandemic work as an MD.
  • I would sell O2 machines, and give oxygen early on, from the moment it was clear o2 is needed the most and this is pneumonia that causes exhaustion, and the body needs to stay without stress, calm, resting, and at home, and with oxygen. I would sell drinks with oxygen, and advice on buying plants that create oxygen, add lessons on oxygen. I would do that for all.
  • I would create ideas on Co2, sugar use, vinegar, lemon, baking soda use, and all other old and upcoming in news ideas on treatment, and create a scientific-based place, where the patient can decide all we do not know for sure, and let them decide what to do with that knowledge, and create a boundary on those things in the news, and science. Where can I decide? Where they need me? Where do they decide? And find latest studies on breathing process, and would decide here what patient has COPD, and related diseases, or not, and would change for them the Co2 ideas, as only for them it causes death. I would here create early advice on all underlying diseases.
  • And would use a database for all patients to add their ideas in, and with found science, and would study can they add their found science to our database, also in this case, on COVID19, and can they share that with others? So others can make up their minds too about their bodies.
  • Also, I would teach on children's rights, so they can decide all they can for themselves. And would add science on where the parents decide and where the children decide and what that boundary is with human rights, ethics, sciences. And would teach empathy, so the parents can talk with their kids on wishes. Also, would be realistic some people might die and need to make wishes. That is also a part of the talk with kids.
  • I would make sure all have facemasks, o2 machines, blood pressure meters, and spo2 measuring apps, and meters, and as near them as AED machines, and I would have early enough and sell them. I would sell with Medicare, or other health care system and besides that, if allowed, or point out where to buy them if allowed, or would point out they can buy them themselves, and if they can decide themselves. During my studies I will learn about when that moment is and till how far I can sell products and till how far I can tell patients to buy things themselves and advice on that.
  • I would have products for all their underlying issues, and products to keep their gut microbiome strong, and products that would give them a strong immune system. And products that help them breathe, and add oxygen, and products that help them be aware of body changes, and possible illness.
  • Also, I would prepare all choices. And would be transparent about that. The number of people I can help, and how the patients can still find help in any way when I can not.
  • Did you make your advice before you finished your MD studies?
  • In your field did you change an idea, and during what model? What was the moment?

The conclusion will be:

The goal of this experiment:






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