Who will catch Rutte?

And because this gov does not want to do the real laws, and tries to change the country into something it is not, plus to avoid doing all by the original laws, they fraud, are fascists, and it is a manner to get things done, illegally. Thus who catches them?

And we must talk about punishment, what should go up to more punishment of Rutte etc. Because they do this with a motive, and it abuses us all. While there is all the years the duties to something a certain way, and he just refuses.

A rat we could say, in suit… and that is Dark Triad and mentally ill. Thus we must think of:

  • how to catch the criminals
  • how to punish the criminals
  • how to pay back all the other people, and solve the damage
  • and how to treat the mental ill, that did all this.
  • and not only rutte, and rutte3 and all local govs, vvd, and more like them in parties, and in jobs, also the judges, and just any criminal using them to get things done the wrong ways, and to simply be a part of …we also did not let Dutroux’s wive walk free… So, we need to determine how much more than normally we must punish. There is more to this.
  • And we must do the ombudscycle, so this will haunt them forever, but we must keep doing it. We might do not want to work on this, but is a duty.


So, we hear what we should, but we also hear, what none does, catching him, while we must…

So, focus on the core:

  • human rights
  • ethics
  • science
  • empathy

Then, you see them go wrong… But when you go into other things you loose… because he does not follow the human rights, you catch him faster when you dare to focus on that, and stop right away all he violates, you already have him there. Including all he works with, and tried.






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Jiska Hachmer

Jiska Hachmer

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