What roles do love and affection play in your life?

Jiska Hachmer
5 min readApr 18, 2020

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What roles do love and affection play in your life?

The biggest part. I love love, for me, with the feelings I have for my one. It does not have the role to just have anyone. Not a love to just have anyone. That would be selfish, just someone is hollow.

Raised with lots of love was normal in “my time” as a child. X and boom had lots of issues with that, they were raised without love a lot of times. Our region was a loving region though. I saw only x and boom less loved during studies later on and that was lots of them with the same bad past.

The region where I lived was a loving region. I had lots of friends, also older, also younger than me, and that region knew that being good to people and love deep and true creates that all ages work fine together. The big region was pretty much without crimes.

Kids were safe everywhere. There was no war and we had good times. All people developed. All parents got diploma s(old style, but that was back then the only style to study). So, everyone became “equal “ educated to our teachers. It became a smarter region. Our teachers were very good, and compared to now, that type that style that level is not much at work anymore.

It was a time of good teaching. It was also a need to have a school because there was not much money. Welfare today was the norm then, for working dads, and moms at home. There was not much money compared to today. So, it was made fun and good and quality were important. Kids right the first thing to do, same as ethics, and the sciences the way dutch did them. They were not world smartest, but they taught us on a lower level than the USA a curriculum and hoped we would continue to make it all better. We had parents creating schools and they did that well.

Today it would be more logical to create good online schools and create fun activities so everyone learns their credits in many ways. And to let all do the USA curriculum for jobs and with degrees, and create space to study, and start working when a lot older. To be authentic and autonomous and become independent. A smart society would be only logic and only next after that what we had back then.

With even more understanding of emotions, sciences, life, all the things to do, and richer life. More deep life.

So, this love that came from that. From that good life. The good love for things. The good love for friends and family and the past. We had lots of good love.

And love for all the things we do. Love for my kids too. And love, with all these studies, to create even better. So, our kids live an even better life.

The love for doing all better and make the world better, and to love even more.

But always the love for my one, and marriage love only for him one day.

We were taught to respect all meet their ones at different times. So, we work on this good life together, and all with loves have their own homes and lives for a while and do their homes and kids and while those grow up they come back into that we all work on the world thing. That love for the world. There is a logic in all we do.

And in the end, it is a love for life and the process of life and all we can do, and our own homes, and kids and family and one. They all turned out to share DNA with me, and my family was indeed pretty much the same, so we shared also one big family feel. And did not know yet DNA as today, so we took it as best friends region. We had a zillion of best friends. A very happy time. And our grandparents had had the same happiness as a child. All of us. So, we shared lots together.

From this love, we easily could travel and come back. And they taught us that means it has been successful, the love they had given us, so we were grown and able and able to travel far, and able to come back home. It all is a stage in life, a love for life and nature. It shows how big you have become and how well they had loved us. There was nothing but love in the region and in the families.

So, we all have a very authentic love. Even when it seems the same, we do our things and our ways and respect each other, and love each other. And it is why all were so healthy too.

It is very safe to live that way as a child and grown-up, knowing all love this deep and none is criminal and all can do the things they love and it is even the goal, and we can come back to each other as well. It is freedom in love.

My personal love life, my own style, and authentic being in love.

We live easily with other people and do our own ways, we love living next to all kinds of authentic people doing their lives their ways. We expect our kids to be who they are, and encourage kids' rights and ethics and let them develop. We help them achieve those rights. So, they will love well too, as we know that's basic to good love and being good people. Therefor like all grandparents we had and other family members we had, all were at ease, our grandkids will be fine too. We all are raised best thus all will be fine, our kids are taught to raise their kids well too. They recognize the love we gave them, so they ll give that love to our grandkids too.