We need to change the Netherlands around and make everyone an MD, or anything on that level.

Higher literacy is the bridge between people(DeRue, N.D.).

  • Speech
  • Art
  • Handling more of the same kind

And this together means, expressing, empathy, and sharing knowledge, we have wisdom (which is what the name Homo Sapiens means, Wise Human), and we have the knowledge we share and this is our survival.

So, it is who we are, it is also our human right, and it is a bridge between people, and our survival. We need the wisdom to survive.

Also, our future depends on how well we do science, and evidence-based arguments.

The basic of the brain is done around 23 and needs until 28 to form ID and learn to use the last developed part, decision making. So, you can start late with “schooling”, you will along the way be “schooling” anyway, as the child learns their entire life, every day. The child needs little instruction, and homeschool to end up best.

You can become a doctor without a high school diploma. You can also start your highschool diploma (also online) later in life, an adult needs 1.5 years to finish that. So, you can safe your child this stress, and can start late with the “schooling”.

We all need a level when we work, everyone deserves the best, and the USA has about this for 90% of their population (They have this high level of K-12, GPA 3 average, and all types of schooling, their homeschooled have an average of GPA 3+):

  • Gymnasium, USA K-12 curriculum, and everything on this top-level
  • GPA 3+
  • Homeschooled, little instructed

But the type of schooling is free and has to be an extension of the home, in the adult world, where parents are engaged with the kids. All types are fine, as long as we listen to the child and are engaged with the child, and do not influence, nor deny, nor force, and interpret the child correctly, and help them achieve what they wish, and want.

There is this logic in development, and theses, research theses, hypotheses address the mind.

Also, only style authoritative, this is the only style not creating DSM.

And honor codes, good examples, and higher literacy drop the crime rate.

And the essence, the essentials, science, human rights, ethics.

And SEL and academic skills.

This is a simple start to create the best for all Dutch people. This will make them friends and will create more wealth and a happier life. Also, this leads to leading positions around the world, doing the best, evidence-based.

Your only job is lead the Human Rights, so everyone gets them. And it means, everyone gets their will done, and we all must interpret each other correctly. It also means we do the best.

We can study human rights, and help every Dutch learn the articles by heart, and let them understand all the articles count together, always.

So, they do not hurt others, they do not hurt yourself, they do not mean to be used, put you in slavery, nor sects, it is meant as you are allowed to join and can choose not to join, you are allowed to have a ranking, you must get the best, you are free, you are not owned, you are allowed to develop and learn, you are allowed to travel and move freely, you are always equal, etc.

So, we need to start with that, learning each article by heart, and have no wrong interpretation. Also, we must start ombudscycles, to solve all problems, and to forever keep working on all that ever went wrong, so it never goes wrong again.

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