We are almost done to create Godsend human!

Jiska Hachmer
7 min readJul 28, 2019

We almost have found all in science to forever create only Godsend human.

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive – Dalai lama

Homo Sapiens need a typical climate. We know exactly what we need.

Homo Sapiens need the basic needs we give, and we try to give every living one with the Human Rights.

  • Climate ( warmth is most important of all these needs, else human life cannot even begin, nor develop.)
  • Oxygen ( cant live without it, not even some minutes)
  • Clean water ( as much as we eat calories we need fluids. But we need water for many things. And cannot live without it for not even a day)
  • Varied food ( If we eat not varied we still die. We cannot live without food, not even some days.)
  • Clothing and housing ( is a climate we can go to and carry and needed to survive. We need to continue the right climate we are born in. )
  • Medicin could be needed. (It helps us live longer. )
  • Correct and most sophisticated input. ( Homo Sapiens need the right input. We die with wrong information. If lied to, If told wrongly we can really die. Think of someone thinking poison is fine for you, it isn’t. We even need the best input to survive. The best inventions, best ideas is why we still live as a specie. The universe always changes and we must be smart to stay within those changes. If once the change is to big for us to find an answer to we still die out. So study is important. )

Because we all need this, these are our basic needs.

But these basics arent enough.

We must be authoritative to eachother.

All other raising types create dsm and dsm is a bias in our living which can cause death and blocks survival and well-being.

Or creates addictions by impulsive raising, which leads in the end to death.

Or teach us not all we need to know to survive. Neglect can cause death and is abusive.

Or we get afraid and against autoritarian and we will not live grown and mature, autonom and don’t learn to take care of us and depending, it is a style that blocks the right ways to grow, which leads to death as well.

We must grow up and only in the most sophisticated ways. Which is causing no dsm and creates grown equals, capable and able to work with others and be independent, where the mature can also take care of the needed, so our specie will live in the best ways forth.


We need to let people be authentic, they are born unique while having alike DNA, as much that we can be named family, but all of us carry unique parts of the elements used by our DNA pattern and uniquely we live.

People need to be autonom as well to be doing well.

Unique, autonom, authenticity, raised most sophisticated with the only right style : authoritative raising, while getting our basic needs with the human rights makes us happy, doing well and able to develop in the best ways.

We are products of our environment, with this best environment design we can live.

Plus some surprising elements to not end up poor and to be healthy while Growing up.

8000 a month per person as an income and a basic need to close the gap op poverty, which is needed, cause poverty is the worst thing we can do to children. They cannot close the gap. Born poor lets people end up poor. They can only overcome max 50%, study says. So money must be given.

The average income of the country with the highest average is 8000. To close the gap we all must get the highest average, to all have the same average.

You must read to your child at the age of 5 and ask at age 10 what they want to be and must be an engaged parent their entire life to let them not end up poor at 30.

Ages 12–14 need total science lessons to create a healthy mind.

And homeschool and selfstudy. These give the best results.

Children and grown ups dont need status. Status gives the worst outcome in life. People must be likable to succeed. One friend is enough, being likable is the succes, not friends.

To end this story i will conclude with we need math. Science is math and all science research results in formula s. So all left is a formula for this sum to live.

In science nothing is done untill we have found the scientific laws after experiments. Where we are sure the formula will work for everytime and every person.

So lets get further to get the formula. I already know one thing

Formula ‘s

Input will be processed by x ( with each x their own max to process what gets through the senses and gets within the memory ). Input will become output and during the input processing and creating output speech develops within the working memory.

The episodal memory decides what he she it finds valuable to remember and is the door to development and memory and learning. The will is very important.

The scientific law force also works within the beings. If there is no push, there is no move to growth. But it must be the right force and type of force.

Children in 1800 kept in basements didnt develop and missed the right input as push to develop. They could never catch up. The push to development must come on the right time and in the right way.

The experimental time shows us how children became problems during unethical raising. Where seeing killing, creates killers, but also abuse in early childhood that creates dark triad personality.

We can trick the episodal memory with development by showing ruling ideas, but that creates bad personalities. The development must be authentic, the real own will. Else we create dsm and damage the will/ person. It is why we must be patient central and let the human always decide him her itself what he she it wants.

Development must be only with most sophisticated ideas. Where neuroscience proved the human always only guesses within the selve about all in live and is never sure about anything, and can only compare itself with others if it believes to have sensed that and dares to believe its the truth, which he she it can never be sure about.

We can say:

Forces go through x and create becoming, but it must be the right force to create the right becoming. And always is x a product of the environment and turned on by a force.


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