Tumors since 2007, I am still alive.

I gave my life for my kids, after being raped and brainwashed.

Suddenly, I got pains more extreme than my hell of labors, and wondered why it felt like I was in labor? And not the feeling in the right place, it was high in my waist on the right side. Went to the hospital at night and got the most shuts they could give, and finally, after that I felt no pain. Got scans, and a long ultrasound, and more scans. And the silence… Well to me it felt like silence, and not much was said, as I do understand, what is to say, it was a guess and looked bad, really the worst shapes it could have, but shrunk a little, so that looked good for these bad looking tumors. After a diet for me and more family members, as we turned out gluten allergic, and a little while I moved to another region.

The locals in the previous region saved us from the abusers when I moved there. Then their world became a crime scene, and we had to move again, according to all help services, which helped already many years, because the schools had lots of abusing workers first, then the rest of the crime scene became obvious.

Then new locals, in this region trafficked my kids away and made us victims of human trafficking, they turned out the worst region of the country, and for many years.

The total country is in its worst state too though, everyone is going through crimes and is not understanding why. We were raised not this bad way, suddenly the new older workers put us through. They hate young people and are raised, criminals.

And 45+ thus in the worst state of Dark Triad behavior, as that gets worse after 45. As the only DSM, psychopathy keeps getting worse, all other DSM is gone by now. And new DSM, is new, not getting worse from a young age. Thus dementia is new, and all other elderly illnesses. But these workers are old, and have complex DSM their entire life, like BPD, and now are extreme in their psychopathy, and care frauds and crimes, and add dementia and other elderly diseases.

If they were simply raised scientific, and a-z better schooled without institutes, forces, and simple science and extension of their home, respected, and able to truly develop themselves, authoritatively raised, they would never be this way. So, there is a sad part for them, they are noticeable and typically by the book, they just never read those books, they were busy in the crimes they were put through and kept dumb(this is the exact copy they expect us to have, and they try on us, but we are the opposite, and they can not understand us, and thus are mad and jealous and mean and criminal, and using us, at the same time, as they were only made this way, this criminal way as they are. They are like sects, with crimes.), but we see them, we understand them, and they can not understand us.

They are the last on earth falling into thinking age matters, instead of wisdom, science, and truly be smartest on topic. They are raised this way and expect their diplomas to be equal to degrees, but they are not. Their entire schooling time is not a-z the correct curriculum, nor level, nor degreed.

Dutch crime is out of hand many years, now. And mostly x and boom using the jobs, criminally.

Started by using the schools criminally, suddenly, after many good years in schools, also that region had better years before this happened. So, all were surprised by the extreme crimes, suddenly, on kids, and families.

Then pedophiles tried to be a political party, Rutte, the president accepts criminals as political partners, like the PVV and other criminals, together they skip human rights, ethics, sciences and have no SEL, also lack academic skills, and create lower education than it has to be. All are used, abused, trafficked, and exploited. Every Dutch goes through crimes, and previous kids, then teens, now in the twenties were criminally exploited, used to be fellow criminals. It is a big crime scene.

Jobs used for income and crimes.

Carefraud might be the start before the schools became criminals. Care fraud has been out of hand for a long time in our country.

We do can change lots.

Every day is another day to change the world, and we must.

You can be suddenly a person like me, with the news you can not understand, tumors? Not able to cut them out? No treatment? I got lucky for every day after those 3 weeks, and its been 13 years now.

Nothing can be done, when it ever goes wrong.

We need to take this moment to change:

  • Schools, schooling, school buildings
  • Freedom
  • Working fields, workplaces, and how we work, and when we work.
  • We need to change the input, to natural and good input, to change to human nature, get to know ourselves as humans, without brainwashes, just the true selves we are, actually, and process correctly, naturally, and well, and think of best environments and best input to the process and then output is best. Our output will be someone's input, as well. So, this cycle of input and the environment is very important. The human specie needs to get some rest, some peace and freedom from crimes.

I could have died as a child, what would I have known.

I could have died as a teen what could I have known. I had to become 30 and only knew life until 26 or so when I was a child. I dreamed of being 26 and knew nothing after, only my future husband could be divorcing and then finally find me. I found it strange kids hardly imagine life after 30. I did want to become old. I did dream of being 100, but what it really had to mean, I had no idea. I just wanted it. I want to get old.

Old families, I have, many death already, they would only see a part of me, but gave me their families stories in my mind like a book, and thus I do know all I asked and they could tell me.

We did have the games, in the family, of asking everyone in the family anything, now you still can, and talking about the family's histories together, telling together the stories and check if everyone still knew each part.

Explained by ancestors, and told by the eldest alive, talking together will complete the stories, sometimes each hold parts.

I got 2 tumors in my liver of 3 cm each, I know since 2007, only cause 1 shrunk about 1 mm so, suddenly it would be “ok”.

But these tumors can always change to bad, and then I would have just 3 weeks to live. I got that news when my second (alive and to take care of )baby was born, who had to be breastfed, the cause is allergic to lots, and could not eat anything, until 14 months old. She was fully breastfed, she was just a few months old, the silence came in the doctor's office after many scans.

Then good news came, we just needed diets, and one tumor had shrunk 1 mm.

They only had found these tumors because I had internal bleeding, because of being allergic. And my baby couldn't eat anything too, and my mother had been ill months and never recovered, also grandma couldn't eat the way she always did, but grandma was old and soon died after this, so, we got the diets, and she was seen as old. “Refusing” to eat, is mainly a diet problem though.

Later on, DNA proved we indeed have certain allergies, like gluten.

Internal bleeding was worse than my disaster labor, with pains.

They found just a few blood cells, little blood, and that amount of pain it was hell.

If you know my labor stories, you are more shocked, those were not normal pains, thus knowing the story you would understand how strange something can be worse than that.

I could have been dead in 2007, in some weeks, all the days and years after are my luck.

I could now not just want to be 40 but I have to be 40! I feel beyond I might get 40, and praying for getting 40! I must be 40! But then after, is another luck, every day it is, anyway, especially then.

I knew many people already died, also young people, and also parents, since I was about 16, and constantly some.

I also, saw in my kid's classes constantly some parents die, I know 40 is something. The ego of 50-year-olds today in my country is insane to me. Always has been, because I am no Dark Triad, and do not get worse over time, and have no crimes. So, I can not relate to them. But this ego, as if they live forever, it is sad to me. Destroying the world with dumbness.

No, when you really went through things you end up happy to be alive, I think. I will be a happy 50 years old, happy I made that. I can not imagine, today.

The ones stealing those kids from me, they are so cold and ill, they are the illest society knows, and they do not know life, society, people, they only steal.

Imagine to be them. We all know the pains in life, we know the truth, we saw them all, we know how often people go through all the things. They just use people and stay alive this way.

The biggest goal in life is getting those people out of any job, and making privacy the biggest thing. It already is, but you catch them, the back crawlers by being strict, at all times on privacy, own development, being truthful about how short life is, and how people must be themselves, and develop themselves, themselves. As human rights already demand, so it is mainly jailing them for skipping human rights, ethics, sciences, and the SEL. They are so cold, dark triads, and mixed with many DSM, as criminals.

You have to be abused extremely in childhood to become any of them. So, we must turn this around, jail them, free all kids and free all families, and remind all none is owned by anyone, also never by a country, that is even punishable to act if they are, and all must be set free, plus these workers are ill and criminal, they need the help.

They hid behind our backs, while all saw their illness, they already were in care fraud and in hunger crimes and any crime scene, and needed an alibi to survive, needed money, and this was made simple, to own people, to abuse people, to use people, to have new victims.

I did all for my kids, and according to laws, they hated that and refused us to give us the laws.

They just did not want, and as locals wanted to intimidate and fraud, as they had been doing that some 20 years with their locals, we just moved there and got totally abused, trafficked, exploited, used, etc.

They use “local friends”, the local judge earns this way, with local criminals in care, they all fraud and already many years, together. They also use schools in their crimes.

They are a circle. Remind you pedophiles party live nearby, also they are PVV minded, extremists, extreme rights, and VVD extreme rights.

And hating us, they literally asked our political preferences and who we voted for. I just asked for the law, and what the services of the government had told me to ask the locals for, for my kid's schooling as they have EQF 5 diplomas and they had trauma from the child abuse in the schools. It needed a quick, correct fix, they refused, all warned thus these are criminals, and I even had to report them, even the cops were criminals in this case and frauded in all our files, and refused to report. They help criminals and abuse everyone. They are part of the circle.

I keep the duty to tell on all. I, as a mother, as someone normal with normal feelings and a normal mind, but also in all my jobs, and on this level.

And the ombudscycle must be done forever on this case, and all the cases as the lists are long, these criminals, have done crime a long time, perhaps their entire lives, and to many people. They are raised this way, we now know, and they are old by now. They use some less smart young people, intimidated and mainly their own kids, used and abused, and trafficked and exploited and not understanding a healthy mind, they never got to there, they only know this crime scene, we don’t. And they are in a sect brainwash mode, using other kids, and all young. Our alarm would go off, we would grab science, ethics, human rights, duties, and SEL, and all academic skills and never participate. And we would jail them doing these violations and illnesses. And we would solve this. We would never drag them into these circles the ways they do to others.

So, yes also for them we recognize the crimes they have been put through and how they are used and ill. It is by the books, thus we just look it up and understand.

Because their schooling and situation are bad, like any sect, they expect we are a sect too, and thus strive. They cant see differences between right and wrong, and truth, myths, abuses, frauds, criminals in all ways, and any other difference. They see attacks, like a BPD, and dark triad minded, and use the jobs, like those “parents”, the new older at work.

They also lack how x and boom use them against Millenials. Never giving them a place, as they are criminals, would solve already most of it. They abuse, age, power, and others to get where they are.

They see everything as supplies, and then think to have a status, yes of a criminal only, and lacking knowledge only.

I got to see this part of the country, never wanted to live in the Netherlands.

And they keep us here, they keep trafficking with grooming, abuses, uses, and lies and frauds, etc. Total human trafficking within the country, and like any terrorist group, where the terrorists mainly are first bothered by their past country and all they knew from there, and then these constant stalking people create the crimes, through them. We know now extremism, and fascism is like terrorism. It is about the same, as dangerous and as not allowed, and works the same way. They abuse our passports and use all with this Dutch passport.

Never forget how scared I was for my kids in 2007. This dead I could not have handled, if I died there, I know I had to get old.

note. The tumors are most likely medicine related.

I am 37, this year 38, and in 2 years 40, the year after my eldest is 18, and my youngest 16. Can’t wait to be 41, and them this old, and me still alive. Can not imagine any day after, yet.

Millennials are now 40! Youngest like my son, soon 15, or already 15. I gen is younger, like my daughter, but they are almost the same, same as Xennials are like Millenials. Who some call Z, today are Millenials 2, and 3, they are Millenials. Z is I gen, after 2005, actually. But I see the point you can relate to them. Xennials relate to us. They are not so X. X is ruined by the boom. And X and boom, are Millenial Seaculum too but raised differently. All alive today, are mainly Millenials.

Millennials now lead the world.



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