To save you from criminals, think.

What should you know first? What should you do from A-Z? What should you do at the same time?

Jiska Hachmer
5 min readOct 13, 2020


You need to study the entire situation, of human development, the state the countries are in, the state all the jobs are in, the state all schooling is in.

Also, you need to study all sciences, ethics, SEL, academic skills, and the human rights, to understand criminals, and how to not have criminals, and to just live free with your human rights.

Our future depends on how well we do science, evidence-based arguments, and making informed decisions.

We can not just imagine how to solve things, we really need to know how to solve, we do that with studies, understanding the scientific method, and academic skills.

“. Large fraction of our environmental future depends on our ability to understand and evaluate evidence-based arguments about the environmental consequences of human actions and technologies, and to make informed decisions based on those arguments.” (Doršner, 2020, p.5)

Understand human development, to know how we study naturally, so, everyone is involved in studying, if they follow a curriculum, or if they are naturally living life.


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You have human rights.

We could start from the point of view of the criminal, who that is, and how to stop the criminal, at the same time how to not create more criminals.

  • We can look at the threat levels, and measure where we are right now.
  • We can look at dark triad professions and search for ill and criminals in the workplace.
  • We can raise the entire country, including raising everyone with all solutions to all the found DSM and crimes that are around. We can study all the types, all the places, and all the details of the crime and how they became criminals, how to stop them, and how to not have more criminals.

You should never be exposed to criminals, and anything making you a criminal. We need studies to know when that is so, to know what we have to do.

You must get your human rights, everyone must get their human rights. So, this comes first, at the same time we study criminals and solve criminals.


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Duty is:

  • Human Rights
  • Ethics
  • Sciences

And we do this with SEL and academic skills. So, we need to do these, always, it is an essence, essentials one should always do. This is done at the same time one lives naturally in life, and when one studies, also, when one studies on criminals. It is a basic study on what humans need, are, and what rights they have, and what duties they have. There is only one real duty, human rights, but ethics are a logic duty, knowing right from wrong, and these come with any job, and anything we do in life, we have to be ethical, ethics can be seen as one must do the best, this is a part of the human rights. So, it is more detailed a study on doing the best. The same for the sciences, we must do the best, and the sciences help us do the best. Science helps us find the truth, helps us to continue our studies, and to find absolutes, the scientific laws. Science means to find nature in things. So, naturally, when we live our lives naturally, and in our jobs, we do science. Science will help us use each other's thoughts, it is a system to share our studies, and findings, so others can work with our findings.

SEL is social-emotional learning. “ It is meant for when one works with other people, they can not be selfish, without empathy, emotion management, conflict resolution, responsibility, and perseverance (Extension Center for Youth Development Training and Events, 2016). It is a basic one must understand first before one works with people (Liston, et al, N.D.)” (Hachmer, 2020). SEL is a detailed way to understand how to be and work with people, and is like human rights, not downgrading others, giving others the best information, in the best ways. You can find in the human rights SEL, and in SEL human rights. SEL helps you train those skills, and work well together.

Academic skills, we all must do when we work, but in our daily life, we also have to use these skills to express ourselves. In sciences, we use academic skills, too. The academic skills are development and a more detailed idea of what one needs to develop well.


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We need to know what we should do first, and at the same time.

We need to study what is the priority, and how all aspects affect each other. To be best at solving crimes.

Think deeply, study all details, and get wiser. Think about the egg and the chicken, what comes first.

How to create a good environment for the people, so no one becomes a criminal. Also, how to stop crime, right away.

Get detailed on what all parts do, and what parts are actually there in this solving crimes.