The vanished social workers, changed into sociology, becoming psychologists. Thank God.

Jiska Hachmer
22 min readFeb 12, 2020

Welcome new sociologists!

Setting straight is working. Finding faults and address them is science duty critics, academic skill and being professional, and work. Service and the work all must do. It is part of our studies.

You recognize a studied person by their good in finding faults and good in setting that straight in the best ways.

There is a huge pyramid of working people, where one is more talented than others in being professional, critical and setting things straight.

It is how you enter a field as a student. There are so many people studied on a topic, you have so many colleagues and friends just because you developed into an idea you want to study. There are many people interested in the same thing. You can find their research, and together you stand somewhere in humanity.

A developed study or not. And you help to further develop that study.

Psychology is changing too though

And diagnosing is only allowed by the official diagnosers. So, it was a needed shift. And you see all social work vanish, also the studies for it, and make a change into sociology, which is logic. They were no lawyers, and no cops, and no judges themselves. Like none of us, and none of us is allowed to start human trafficking, a company that will go straight to court to influence the market on who to traffick. A short cut and influencing place. While all professions are independent. And the court is for just a few strict regulated cases. There were other routes they simply hijacked patients from. And they started to “treat” with bias and gossip people. What doctor would do that?

So, it was a huge care fraud scam.

Also, they were not studied in human rights that well at all. Else they started ombuds cycles with their professions. They skipped the regulations of faults in society, and of those cases needing help with human rights.

They also were no managers, they had ideas, but management? Etc.

So, from an idea about people they came, thus changed into psychology. And with their favorite topic, social life. And now they are psychologists they have science regulations and rules. And ethics, and must understand how far they are from scientific laws. Only those are absolutely the rest is a theory we still work on. And like a religion. A possible truth.

Welcome to psychology, the study of human thought and behavior and try some popular psychology to set some myths straight.

These new sociologists will need a bit of help to get away from the old ideas of social work. Where laws and rules apparently were skipped. We are very strict and have been through ethical problems before and that has worked out into strict rules about the treatment of humans. Average IQ is higher in our field too, so you will find a lot more text, and more deep thoughts and expectations that you understand how we would place new knowledge. And we shift into neuroscience and biology, as that is already a duty today, and we shift into more chemistry details and physics details about the brain and environment and the role of that in human thoughts and behavior. So we go deeper and deeper. My Big Humanity, translation of scientific laws into daily life is logic in our field. As all is getting better and better and more detailed, and it will be more like big data collection into a new field. Like big history and to comprehend humanity. Where brain scans are the future of DSM. And psychology itself is a big field with many types of psychologies.

Being no Dark Triad in life and work is important.

Lifeguards tend to have the least of that. So, power-seeking people in the power jobs need to be like a lifeguard to let the crime rate drop.

Because higher education drops the crime rate, plus honor codes we can think of lifeguards have less crime, are trained the better way, a higher way, and are not in a power job, criminals do not see the power in it, although it is very important to have lifeguards.

What is it that makes them better? What interest is different within a lifeguard?

We could use that to solve the crime at work and change all fields into such service. Create the workplaces into lifeguard places. But does he or she traffick? No trafficking is allowed. So, we need to keep eyes on that, that such now best profession, with least dark triad, will not change into something else.

But you recognize the study someone does, the interest, the mind, the ideas, the will, the soul, the saving ideas, and helping ideas, and preciseness. Able to work precisely to save a life at sea. And able to use all the protocols correctly so that works. And able to find the cure, to find the solution and really saving people every day. Able to give the correct boundaries and not close the sea, and be scared of drowning, but fairly, where no man can help it is “closed” with a flag.

It is an example. And where it seems like low IQ doing this volunteering or paid job. Which is not paid that much. But it takes more knowledge than just being social. Or just having an idea. It is a health study and understanding the body of the human, understanding nature, like the sea. And how people enjoy the sea. And how to be a kind of a doctor at sea.

They had a long history of working at sea they could study, but it never ended up that volunteers now send people to a judge to traffick them. They call the ambulance, and the real problem is found and quickly solved. And the patient will be home soon. Or even right away. There is no secret trafficks away from home, with judges suddenly deciding about their lives, to sell you to a social worker. And if that now starts we see the sensitive narcissist seeking supplies and now found a new branch of supplies. Thus we psychologists would notice such change and see the mental illness.

Thus we need to keep dark triad out of this profession and keep it a good example for all jobs. So all do the tasks rights, have right motives, and never a twist sick moment.

And when problems are found we change it…

See statistics of how rare dark triad among lifeguards, so faults are task-oriented faults, not personal faults that much.

And of course, find also the logic of staying with your kids, no matter there is someone helping to watch for your kids.

And how important rules are, and sciences and how to stay true to that. So no one dies.

And the lifeguard problems and work is a great example for all jobs, especially the old profession that now vanishes social work, with self-made ideas, and chats about people that lead to damage. As their beliefs are health beliefs that are myths, bias, etc. And not what we are studied for. It is their political preferences they want to rule people, instead of doing our work, as they can not they are no psychologists, nor doctors, no lawyers, etc. They are self-made, sort of a wannabe of other professions, have self-made ideas, and are not correct. And are damaging and human trafficking. With gossips, lies, and frauds. That's such a huge crime.

And see if one dies here with the lifeguards, we are already very strict. The lifeguard kid, as they are young would get punishment. So, imagine the punishment for people skipping human rights, and not doing the job well, and trying to be someone else, and causing damage, etc. It is a longer list, plus human trafficking, plus exploitation, etc.

And see the logic of all people interfering we do the rules correct in jobs. So, we do not interfere with families, but we do interfere in jobs, to correct the jobs. So all can have the service and choose to participate and when they participate all will be fine a service.

There is a problem and you solve it.

That is the service, the work. I set straight too, where people are not sophisticated enough. As we all need the best only. So, there is this logic of all join, but also of the pyramid and there is someone best at it, always.

Where you can have many artists, many writers, many bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers, singers, dancers, actors, etc. And we choose what we love, by our taste, feelings, entertainment, love for someone or something they do. Etc. These are friends, family and you can be a fan. You can adore their ways, their work, their love for things, their special techniques, etc. It is a loving place.

You can have doctors, professions for health, society, as services. Where the service is very clear, and the techniques to heal you too. You will know what will happen. But this can be the worst technique and then all of us solve that. By telling what is better we are done, automatic the service can or do that better way, and study for that to be better, and just like that better technique and use that as the new service. Or it is closed down, as there is the need for the best. In between, there is a clear moment of science, an opinion, or real absolute truth. And all sciences learn and will evolve into better, thus we improve our companies. Jobs get even more regulated, and all must do that truth. And clearly from symptoms to cure. And only those symptoms will be treated and with only that cure. That is how the companies, doctors, and services are registered and that will be controlled, to check if they are doing all correctly, and being correct is demanded all the time.

Almost everything for people is like that too. Science rules them. And thus they are controlled. It started with controlled testing to become a cure. And it started with natural phenomena studied. Like illnesses, and symptoms. And then if a cure is found there is a company with service and technique to solve it.

And I do the design of the environment. All have their jobs, I have this one.

And found how to reduce crimes, and increase higher education, and how to have no DSM from raising as a core of society. Where being most sophisticated leads to better survival as well, but also to less crime, and more development of people. So, if you design for society and start from a core, like human rights, basic needs, how to not have crime and DSM, and how to be healthy, smart, developed people you have a good society. There is a lot of details to this, and the well being (Santos, N.D.) being autonomous and authentic. Your unique being needs development and will become autonomous and authentic. There is all the science about the best schooling environments, like homeschooling, and the best-raising styles, being authoritative, etc. You can do a lot in the core of raising and development to create “better people”. Science is very far on that, we just need to seek for it, and have this interest and find the best things human need, to be best off.

Do we end up trafficking people? (But social workers and judges started to do that)

And from their weakness at work, powerless feeling, so they had to be addressed, as that is not allowed, nor the logic way and mentally ill. From many reasons from Dark Triad to helplessness, and not being developed enough to solve the situation better. Etc.

No, we normally studied, we know how to move people without “force”. It is what our jobs are about. People with symptoms and they will find us.

And we are even studied to create better forces within the people so they do the work and develop. So, they change behavior and so they get healthy.

F=m*a. Thoughts have a little bit of mass.

But it would be so detailed, you would have to find the studies on it, they are there, and you would have to understand physics, and want to know the forces. It is measuring with the higher sciences. Lower majors skipped it, and could not comprehend it. While the real studies on higher levels are there.

And like all studies, does your study cover it. So, it needs a big history alike approach to have all studies together and to more easily see what all scientific laws do to thoughts.

That will be the absolute truth though, as scientific laws are absolute. It is why I made Big Humanity. I studied Big History and wanted to connect psychology to big history in the thresholds about humans.

So, I found already F=m*a.

And see the science about f=m*a in thoughts.

Forces are needed to learn, but not force like a court, or punishment.

Little instruction is best. So not school buildings with lots of instructing. But little instruction. Even unschooled have very easily little instruction and a homeschool type of schooling. As we all wonder and research and learn.

Homeschool is proven best of all types of schooling, and especially with little instruction.

Engaged parents are best too for kid's development.

Well, studied people learn that in their studies. We move people with motivations, inspirations and lead them. Without pain, force, etc. But that is a force and creates an outcome.

We even have the duty to never go to court. And we have the duty to share ethics, and to make all aware of our science, and teach people the truth. And to solve faults. We have the duty to inspire all to be ethical too. So we will express a lot, that is our job. We will explain a lot, that is our job. We will tell all the time the same things so you all understand, that is the job.

See human rights duties

And see all studies about how we create a force within kids.

And find the best forces. Remind you of no interference allowed, and no “forcing”. Meant with creating a good force, is good input, will be processed and will become output. Thus is a force within a person. A good force.

Where the episodal memory leads to what will go into the mind, and the person will decide what will be remembered and is important to that person. Where the will is what we need to help express, and we also have the duty and need to respect and we only are allowed to let the person get his her will. And with the most sophisticated ideas, we address that.

Authoritatively. But that means with science etc. And not with our will, to rule, or just because we think it is best.

There is a lot of social work used to skip. While it is sciences and duty to do.

If you are not yet good at that and found some problem, you do not go to court to get clients, and to skip even more the studies.

To just randomly choose who you think needs you is slavery. We also do not marry people that way, nor get friends that way, to let the judge decide, o my god where did these people come from? Indeed. From not such great history in life and not so much understanding. Their average low IQ in the lowest study major did what all books say, become criminal.

So if you are not yet smart on this. And want a change in health behaviors, for example, study…

  • Social epidemiology
  • Health psychology
  • Change management (but you do need to know the sciences first to know if you need to change something, and what that is, and into what. So it needs to be like health psychology, or social epidemiology if you want to change society and behaviors. Where you need a BSc. health to understand when something is unhealthy or healthy. )

Managers still need science too. They are managing, addressing ideas they have created in their bachelor studies. It is all the knowledge they have and could be managing. So, you can not suddenly manage, something, simply because you can manage. So, managing illness how if you are a manager, but not a doctor? You do not know what the patients need.

Find the studies that teach you the truth of the subject you care about and take only the normal routes to people, not a court, to force these few you find your opinion on.

And the court has the duty to protect us from that, thus they have been very criminal. Falling into lies and fraud and human trafficking. A judge knows better than a social worker, how bad that is for them. So, do they now need a social worker, to explain this crime? It is exactly how actually no one needs a social worker.

It is more like a religion, you need them when you want them.

Same as with therapies from psychologists, we are not so important neither our therapy, it turns out, the patient bond with a therapist matters. So they choose a “friend”. One they want. Then it works. We do need to give our best, as we have a profession and a service.

Same with teachers, and any other wanting a bond with “clients”, “patients”. We can see them as patients, and clients, but they need you before there is a bond, and without that bond, there is no bond, thus no learning from you. And it must be real, not forced a bond.

Also, we do not force marriages, etc. It just is not ethical, and it does not work. And the goal of humanity would be skipped with force. We live free and have rights.

Study health BSc. And study all these ways we change wrong health behaviors. (Without any courts, because this we do all days, this is our job. Social work tried to be us, but they forgot the real studies we do, and how not allowed to be our wannabe with “treatments” made up, and forced onto people, that only sounds like experiments from the past going wrong, being unethical. Like Mengele. )

What is society? Letting human life live the way they are.

Random people together, all with different wishes, ideas about society and we create a place for them all, to respect them all and the service is about letting human life live, the way they are.

The people got random together. And with just who was left. (Many died young, and all traveled.) And there was love…

Science, the study of the truth. You find the truth within the stories people tell. That explains the natural phenomena they carried for generations. This is how they live and what humans are.

We do not judge that, we accept that. That is the nature of people. We do hear if they were ruled, and who they would be without, and address to the least direction in humanity, so they can simply be again when they come from dictators, dark triad, rules. As nature of humans is about being yourself, and the way you function, and the way humans just are their being.

A social starter…

Please study humans, and understand what humans did with storytelling within the family.

Go back to your family stories, and recognize how well they did that compared to the average human family. And see how all would use your story beside theirs. And thus it has some duties. Some honor and duties from honor. To tell precisely, and to understand how we mix the stories together when people come together. We fill the gaps in knowledge and do not disturb the functioning story.

You can study family histories and stories families told. And can compare them together. And research what the families expressed, appealed, did for businesses and the style had for relationships.

  • What did they demand of kids, and other ages? And about jobs? And about marriage? And about tasks in the home and in life? And what did they want from others? And in what style? What was expressed, and what was not expressed, or private? You can study all the sides of all they communicated.

Schulz von Thun.

Just by listening to people with empathy.

You hear so much. And you might understand helping as a listener. Which is very effective and helping in communities. Just whoever wants a hearing, you give your ear. And you train yourself to help them with simply listening.

A volunteer can do so much and can be so helpful. And where the boundaries are, you follow the rules, the laws, the profession codes, and thus do not diagnose as a doctor, and do not even give advice. Just listen which is very powerful a tool and helps people. Learn to be one to understand and to not make mistakes. And see the long lists of self-help guides, for you, as any person needs to help themselves, and to understand what help there is way before we all see psychologists, doctors or any “professional” that diagnosis. A lot of situations do not need diagnosing, but the ears of someone or their own mind to think. And even naturally healing. Like trauma needs some weeks to heal. You then simply get absolute rest. You know that when you have had that and have ringed around for some help. They say take absolute rest for a while and leave the source that causes trauma. Then they have steps for you to take when you do feel iller. And you simply follow that, get better and will not need help. When you do, you know that after a while of absolute rest. And then will come yourself to the people that can help. It has some options for where you go. And only you know where to go, as only you will express what is up, and can know what is up. That is a rule in all professions, patients are the only one deciding and knowing what they have.

A psychologist only goes through lists with DSM or does exactly what their practice is for. With rules, tests and an exact way, which will be the cure of your symptoms. So, you already know beforehand what will happen, what technique the doctor will do, and it will never just talk. That can be damaging. For example, trauma we do not use talks for. The ones with the talks were worst off compared to the ones with. The ones with no talks were better. It is why our victim help service changed their styles. Because science explained to them to not start talking too much about the traumatic events and to stay practical.

So, see the example.

And followed their hearts and had unique stories of love, family and being well.

If you come from normal families you have a family history with your grandparents and ancestors. And even explained correctly that if others miss this story, it has a solution too. We solve each other by telling what, they who did have this together, had. And get the game going for the ones missing their ancestor's knowledge. It was the common way humans expressed and kept telling each other's generations-long about life, and how to survive, and how positions were in the families. Including this truth of random together, and with love.

You can hear in your family history if they were alike the normal Homo Sapiens with such old fashion talking way, with no phones, TV, media, just expressing this way how the family would do things. And even with all new inventions, they kept this up. So in the end grandparents got a telephone, and also explained the family stories by phone. And when there was money for mail, all send each other a lot of letters. When there was TV or another invention you did not share that, to watch it, and use it to learn things, as there is a lot of knowledge spread through TV, thus you can hear even more families, and connect more, but also to work on it and spread your stories.

Same as with the internet, and any media type. Tools to share they are, only.

So, you always got back to the core of what the family is, and share that again, in the ways inventions come along. Using new techniques.

Our grandparents already had the golden times and lived through that, and already knew these things, so we do not even have to think about it much, they already had inventions processed into this common knowledge from the family.

They would keep using the new inventions to explain the past ideas grandparents and ancestors had and would keep the normal ways of telling stories alive. And would explain clearly how much they meant to them, and how that worked.

You would add their knowledge with the sciences, and new inventions. And use this as basic common knowledge.

There was this common game with kids because they were trained by their parents to be good with kids. And along time, when the kid got older and grown-up, which was at 12 in their times, they got a bit more serious. But all the years you could ask as much as you want and were asked to ask all you want, so you could collect that knowledge. And the trick was the answered with all the knowledge from their grandparents.

See the next letter about this game, which I explained in a letter I send back online to someone.

We need to change the curriculum even more to the best curriculum so you can understand all about being social, and do no harm, and miss no information and can study. As this is a field, and about doing research. You have questions in this field.

History of sociology and the old social work (that now is vanishing ) starts with…

  • Big History
  • Human Development
  • Biology

And thus the random being of the human.

note. I add psychiatry which explains humans can not focus, thus there is no ADHD, etc. All illnesses in DSM are theories, so we can discuss real issues if the patient feels ill. We need to change deeply the ideas about the mentally ill and the way we measure that. There has been a lot of miss diagnosing. And brain scans solve that. Also, I will be an MD/psychologist to help find the physical illnesses and to have DSM away from the person, because we need to fix the real health issue. We can not type you with a DSM when a physical problem makes you look like having one.

And add…

If not able to explain, you do not know and have no illness known. That is psychology, we then do not type. Only what we know we can type. There is a strict duty of using the lists to type with DSM. And even those have mistakes, so we miss diagnosis even with the found symptoms. But gossip as a basic diagnose, no never… So, sociologists will find this the hardest part, we refuse to gossip, we even check the gossiper on mental illness.

And children are not ill. Childhood is no DSM.

And like religion, you do not choose the religion for a child.

You are an extension of the home, but all have their own religion.

Also, own believes and will and us the duty to help our kids express their will. Which can also be not to join and not wanting to express it.

So we study

  • human rights
  • ethics
  • well being (Santos, N.D.) Autonomous and authentic

And because of your development as a professional

  • science steps
  • sciences, chemistry, physics, math (finding research, detailed understanding of human, and scientific laws)
  • academic skills

Because you work with people there is this:

  • basic understanding of Health
  • biology, MD alike knowledge in BSc Health.

Where you are having boundaries, and no force with judges is allowed. And are taught what work you do in the health of humans. Working in a community is simply working for people like doctors do.

So you need to be the real doctor if you want to decide about healthy or not. And no human trafficking, nor exploitation is allowed.

And there is, of course, the science of what should be in this curriculum

The old social worker tried to be a health informer. And used all files and trafficked people.

These two things were clearly criminal

  • Going into fields, with no rights, using people and trafficking them even. No doctor has a right to get patients that way, so it was of no use either, nor would I ever treat patients from that route, but the creator of it, as it is officially criminal, and against all our codes, ethics, and boundaries of profession and sciences, there were reasons for the normal route, and freedom of patient, and to be patient central, and with the duty of letting the patient be, and letting them choose, and letting them think, and serving them when they want, and then if I can. As all professions are restricted from what they officially can. You can not solve cancer if that type can not be solved yet etc.

Understanding of science will place the old workers into new jobs.

And with peace and understanding why their old job vanished and had to vanish, and why it was unethical. And how it was simply just build up from volunteers which means volunteers are no doctors. And with the logic, all professions develop. Psychology will become an MD too, all professions change over time.

The old workers meant different work, and needed that bachelor and further education and restrictions of the job from that particular study, and could not stay this unprofessional and even criminal.

And we had the too low IQ in that major developed. It was linked to crime and out of hand.

It was a logic to happen.

But now this changes the even more all cases must be checked in science and set straight with the real routes that had to happen, and the workers punish for every crime. And all involved. As there is this public duty of equality, human rights, and ethics and codes. And boundaries in professions.


So, if one starts from no knowledge and just being a helping volunteer they can not further develop, and remain a volunteer.

All professions are regulated, thus they needed regulation as a volunteer.

We need to forever stop such development, as well. And change the professions with faults into the better ways they have to be.