The Psychology of Judging. Answering a question from a Harvard Researcher.


We need to study this and it is a puzzle.

  • Theories can not be laws, as they are no laws, no absolutes
  • Absolutes can be laws, but we are human, thus we always leave the option open for new truth, and the laws are proven, and everyone can do the same and will get the exact same answer
  • We must cite, always
  • Laws, we make together, with science. (We need software to know the truth, and it must be A-Z correct, leaving all theories open as own choices of “religion”, leaving the scientific laws with math formula as everyone studies and we can reproduce this, a jail is like a learning place to not be brainwashed, not human rights skipped, but to learn these lessons, as a society already had to bring that to you, and has the fault you went wrong because it was unsuccessful bringing these lessons normally to you. We leave open the chance you will with a better law, as science has inventions and is not knowing everything, always yet, although with laws we suggest we do. And actually must do ever rule something for someone, as we are not allowed to rule. Thus we need all the science precisely on when we punish and jail people, and why and how. This must be collected in software with the absolute truth and predicted outcome, which must be evidence-based too. And we must have the database to back this up, also must be checked on faults in science, and frauds, etc. All must have access to this knowledge. And this restricts us in any decision making. As the truth is told there in the studies. We do need lessons to search for absolutes, and without forced schooling, but for the ones willing to work and working. So, they understand how to search for better questions in science, so we keep finding the truth better. More precise.

Keep also in mind: Every new person on earth goes through the same questions, to life or to die?

With the understanding, we can puzzle out.

  • If one ever did, thus the Homo Sapiens can, somehow, some of them, or all of them.
  • And has the possibility to come to that. Some are kept from development. And development must be done without force. Free will is key to human rights and the true development of self.
  • It is math, do we have such a person? Can we have more of that? When does that happen? How often? Why?
  • We also, know people live within themselves, guessing, we need computers to overcome bias, every sense has a bias, we only detect with computers.


So, study this puzzle, and you find out the next step, of what type of software?

We create (scientific) laws, and with that scientific process.

  • Humans can only compare to each other, and learn as much as they can. And need to cite sources, as all are taught and learned together.
  • A judge is a homo sapiens, with speech, art, handling of the same specie, with inverse problems, and thus bias, and a memory selective.
  • Plus a judge has all the same moments to an illness, and like anyone can have any illness, all illnesses, like any sportsman, can suddenly be injured. So, we need the human development sciences and understand the human inside a judge, it is no God.
  • Plus use of a criminal judge, does not make it legal, it remains a crime scene, and simply shows more users and criminals, and a network of crime, same as a fraud in a school, and fraud in science, does not make it legal.




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