The new data of my network.

(And all the people are known for so much. All work on something.)

I will make a fan day soon in the next period of time. A fan day isn't that amazing. But I have fans since I was little. Like everyone has that. So what to expect and know about that? I am processing all in my mind, to make the best of this. And to make it fun. And fitting to who wants to come. Or would want to come and if I ask that in the best ways they come.

My book, about this topic:

(I made this to remember this and to explain what you can do with this information as many people I know are having successes themselves, and love to know things about selling. )

So the new data is so cute.

My sweet n1m, thanks to a friend/fan from Canada asking me back. If I did not have her. I would not have noted n1m as a place for me.

Everything I ever did was always requested by fans/ friends, suggesting me to go. I had a German friend asking me to come to IWBF, owners in Las Vegas with the world online contest. (Now Biggest Talent.)

I am on way more pages, and with lots of listeners. Some closed down, but the most is still up, only you need to search smartly for it to find it back, as google made me a famous known, with my own place online, thus they only put up with my name now, a few pages they are sure of is about me. So, you can find all about me. But in reality, there are so many pages online with my music and about me. I saw that last year. I asked them to show that again, but we will see what happens. I do have now google messages on there every week, on my google search, as a musician, and a famous person. For me, my life was that way my whole life, but now I see those things happen, it is so sweet and so cute. It means so much! It does.


I pray to get time to respond to all requests, as there are a lot of friends requesting collabs with me. And I love that. It is internationally, so I need to find my way to get around the world for that. I also have APA requesting me, to the USA and I want that too. So, I will be more global for everything soon. And I think of combining that.

The love and attention from all was a huge lovely wave, I just adjusted too. And the same time the locals stole my kids away, thus we have been through years of abuse and thanks to you all we still are standing and getting through. The best for me and them is to travel with them. It is way more fun to share this with all of us.

So data has been crazy.

In one year I got there, and literally when my previous home was such trouble and all the extreme exploitation had just started. I was asked back on n1m. And had not uploaded much yet.

And suddenly millions of plays and my releases of 2 demo’s I had made in 2014 during IWBF and my Berklee studies.

My social media filled like crazy from around the world. And I got my fan page. My fan club page to fill more places, as my Facebook is full.

That was simply a year of 20.000 plays and 30.000 views per day. And about a year before millions were there, plays and views. And on CDbaby thousands of plays of the songs. And around the world.

Now after not yet my new music released this is the bottom

But I know it is the next phase to the next step. I will tour. And I will have new music.

  • I have 1800 + subscribers.
  • 5 m+ views
  • 4.5m+plays
  • 500 per day listens, they do without any n1m advertisement. (free) is highest already of all on n1m if I am not mistaken, many have just a few plays per day.
  • With a few shares of others, their music I have advertisement. 5000 per day then listen. I did not even promote my music then. And this is with the “old music the demo and bad quality covers”.

So, I expect all from past there too, but the messages are from producers, fans, and n1m friends that found me themselves or through friends' shares. People share me a lot thus I am 1 a lot and 1- top 20 a lot in #holland. And worldwide have many of my songs in the global n1m top 1000. I am now a lot of times between 50–100 to discover them all. And was constantly top 20 when I had 10.000- 20.000 plays per day. (When my songs are promoted too, I do get that still.)

So you a bit of who stands beside you in my network. I knew only…

me, and my past.

  • Parents, family, and their branches as all families had, and the functioning of the family as all had, and all knew those stories, but do we know the fame of it? We always listened to each others fams stories. And shared ours, do we actually know how famous our grandparents were for performing at the beginning of 1900? And then if people because of that still know you?
  • Ballet was a bit big. I started as youngest and in groups with older and youngest through auditions for ballet school highschool/ dutch vwo. I just quit. I could not at 11 or till 17 stay in Amsterdam alone was my point, I did want to be a ballet dancer and then had to live there. I had no such feeling for that. And after 17 I learned when I was doing other dancing auditions I did not gain the strength for the bachelor ballet. So, i would have gotten out before 19. Feeling lost. I did at 19 audition of theatre too and did not have the acting, overreacting. All the rest was good enough, I had the main part mainly till then. I was through rounds, but not the last to overreact. I would get in next year, in that Amsterdam theatre school, if I learned to overreact that year. I was not through rock academy either at that time, as I sounded too much alike Leann Rimes. They searched for the most original sounds. I had these people saying, years, I am to mature for school. All school was for what I already had reached, was their opinion. I was somebody, simply had to make music. I also was to big in the scenes already, so I should simply dare. And could only train daring things even more. Then as a host, I was on radio and like any kid sometimes a year, and my brother owned radio stations and worked for them, and I sang in his studio, and I was too young and shy to host things. Cause all pushed me that way, he tried to train me. And was trained but could not do it. Not interviewing. Well not that way, as he got his radio jobs. I was allowed to interview the world's biggest singers though, the superstars. But needed to have the questions I had to make, and then ask them. I could not, I was shy. So, I said no, I can not. I did have my own radio show at 1 pm on Saturdays, when traveling for a few weeks, at 19. (Regional radio in my brother's show). I was a singer. I was to be a singer only. With own music. Own producing and management too. So, studied management. I should do contests as I constantly won, all agreed. I sang all days with the karaoke shows we hosted and was all days doing the disco shows and the theatre work etc, and had a job, as a bookkeeper. But I felt no, I am a singer. I wanted Berklee. Travel through Canada and USA. And do small shows. Indeed I had the working mind already. I thought only let me work. I did get disabled around there. Right before we would do tv work as a drive-in show. And with more things we were into those things. So, we knew many people, and they knew us. We had many friends.
  • I do not know what theatre/ cinema sound and light technician work did. I knew many people like me, and we together had some drive-in shows with friends.
  • When I was on TV, millions watched, and my mom got ranged by strangers, noticing me. I was just in the back.
  • Singing at school, and at home, and in town winning karaoke contests (to half of national), and singing in the family led to the just mentioned karaoke hosting and writing music and winning songwriters price. And would be a karaoke host on cruise ships, but I was too young, thus they had to call back after hiring, the law said when I was 20 or 21 I could come back, because of alcohol on board.
  • I do not know what theatre class did, I was with lots of friends, we all had no idea what all our friendships would do. We knew many that got famous, and many of my best became famous. And the biggest. They had the acting locally, win prices, got on TV, and made their own TV/movies. Some of their networks, and also mine did theatre, and had locally, regionally and nationally as the same idea of growing. You just work and get somewhere in the next stage.
  • Schools gave a big base, also singing in the country every day, and doing disco shows, and karaoke shows and hosting them led to national TV. And I left that type of work, as I got disabled, and my brother got the same time on 3FM. And all the famous radio. So, we knew work locally, regionally and nationally and you just work anywhere till you are the top. That was how that life was. And they had already the big radio numbers of 24000 listeners a day with campzone and gamesfm. So, for them this biggest next was logical. I did still sing jingles, just a few, to stay a bit in music, and try to get back despite my disability. And try what I could still do.
  • I was out thus thought I had lost them all.

I noted all days of my life the many friends, endless many friends, and groups and love from them.

All sweet. And always all days everywhere asking me about me and my things, and dreams and us sharing our lives. All hoping soon I had music. And me hoping they had whatever they wished for. They showing their things too. All successful people. We had a great region, with great people.

I got international friends and a lot.

Not only from traveling. Where I sang to with other people. Big groups sharing the same music and friendship. Dutch were not around much, at the beginning of the internet.

I was still a “to be”, but got disabled.

Thus was lucky with the many many many endless many friends. Fans? What did that mean? I had the idea of friends only and we watch each other. Which it always had been. We had friends making shows and had fun. And our friends made music, and our friends made theatre and movies and disco’s and put the movies on. We were a huge group of friends, with successes. Who had fans? Perhaps the biggest? But they rang to our homes, and say “Hey I know your daughter, I just saw her on TV”. So, like all parents with kids, all parents were ranged on those things, so it felt more like people we all knew, and when it was big they rang mom.

Also, on the radio of my brother, which were more stations, all friends and known people rang, and new people became our friends. So fans? Fans were for superstars to me, or friends loving that word for our work. All fine by me, I still know them as a friend. And our friends went to see each other, thus we had an amazing time.

Then those became friends. Those biggest.

We had worked for them years, and many people new them through their work. And our friends and us did the same things as them and us, but they were international “friends”. Now near, because of the internet.

As for me I would or interview, or just friend them already back then. As all did the same things, and all work together, but they go around the world to their friends, to even some more friends. I wondered how can someone understand the word fan? They just have more friends. Even more. Imagine the energy you need for all that. I thought.

Or I would collab with them, as today I am still asked by people to do that. That hangs above my head every day. But I got a handicapped. So how to solve all that I thought. Now it is easy. But then, without the internet? Or the start of that. We never knew what the internet would do. Making us all equal, and letting us have fewer problems.

Then lots turned out to be my family, cousins. The world even smaller.

I knew one thing, how each of them got famous here. Us together as friends, and all working in those scenes putting the music, etc up. Their friends and fans worked hard, daily calls to radios and etc. To get that up, so our friend, a famous friend could come along. It is what they all worked so hard for. And we had a few of those friends. And some had to pay for that, so the big companies, which all had friends family working there asking them to sponsor the biggest events. So our international big superstar friends could come.

We tried with other friends to make such events too.

This was Holland, and every new thing came that way in the country, through friends groups.

So cute, the most turned out our cousins. So, it all was like grandparents' parties, where all of our fam had become someone and we all played our songs and did our things, for the fams.

We grew up in a region where you made things for fams, friends, and fans.

A region with not that was new to me. I lived there for some years. That did give me the time to create though. And to be online a lot.

And we knew already selling things needs the billions of people as friends, so even with million views you sell just a little.

But the money came from shows and all the products. All advertisements and sponsors too.

So, I knew in time, I friend many here, but they miss the world we had, as they kept telling me that. Obviously they had fewer chances. And I knew I just need to continue all I make and make it for many people. Someday it 'll be something.

The radio did a thing we now know.

Radio at home, since I was 3. It is the story I grew up in. Truckers had a radio and listened to my brother's self-made radio shows, every day, all day. He was 8, and also on local radio a DJ, I was sometimes too on the radio s just telling things or showing things. Those all, his fans, came back when he was on 3FM. And all the time, they actually had never forgotten him. Many fans.

We knew most other fans and friends, a while after that. And these surprisingly came along all the time, without us knowing.

So, around us now, all fams, friends, fans did not vanish either, I have friends from my entire life.

But I got simply thousands more friends and family that gotten added to that. It was a lovely huge wave. I had to adjust too.

The DNA times also, only make it a bigger world that is your family, today.

I love sharing my things with the huge family, all have become.

Then communities came. (Note I even did not yet start that much. )I still had the friends and family that also are fans.

And that gave me already with my demo’s millions of plays. Which fits what I did. In the past, I had hundreds till thousands a day in shows with my friends. No matter what we did. Or those amounts were watching the movies we put on, or we were doing the light and sounds for, for weddings, and parties, and events Etc. Just anything.

Plus the few from the schools of my kids.

Hilarious small the teachers are. When I went to teaching school I noted my god ya have not such life as all I know. It is so hard to imagine such a small world. I do love teaching, and homeschooling, as that is proven best. But I learned I respected their position way to much. As later on other regions abused kids. I should have never given so much credit to that profession. Officially it is the human right of parents, and parents do teaching for kids fine enough, even better. They have fake fame, abuse, and kids and families. What we have been through. Omg. Really. And then the ego. And the shallow view of families. And are simply abusing positions. We would never. We worked so hard for all we did. We understand development and friends. We would teach kids as friends. Friendly. And understand their worlds. We have been kids once. We started with that fame, each of us in classes. We understand such a child is important and will be a hugely famous person. We honor the families, friends, and kids a lot more. And I know not all have such a bad country as where I live, and not all regions are as bad. But what happened in teaching, is a phenomenon to study and change.

So, indeed all kids had their fames again.

Not just TikTok, youtube channels, social media and kids making things they sell online.

Teachers respectless ignored that truth. And abused even more. Narcissistic, wanting attention.

I would never, I would what my great teachers did, add all good so the kids develop. And create those places to show their work. Helping them to get the highest grades and success, only. I do my political preferences somewhere else when I vote. And I never abuse. Never need this fake fame. I would go make things and work hard and know all will get its fame someday, whatever ya make.

All these kids will be like us again. Adding more friends to the families and thus more people to share with.

So, the small groups that I added, will become a big group that knows us through the kids as well.

As they gained many many friends as well. Like all kids do. And hilarious how abusers never see the real world, and always as always look ridiculous hurting kids. Just the way we all already in our lives have seen such bad people lost in their minds thinking only what their minds think. While kids grow up and become famous. All of them. But the sick abusers.

They got lost in their local groups, thinking they know all we know, they do not, they have missed a development within themselves.

I can laugh my ass off with the millions I know. We do not show all day who we know. No.

And it is similar to when the new CD is out of a famous, all know that effect. All buy again and go to the show. And we know all the fans, thousands that go. And internationally. We talk to lots of friends we made during our lives there too. Just those fans/friends from our lives, only those we already know. But plus all the above. And just all the people in our daily life. Nowadays how can you not know people, locals? How can ya just know ya locals? How?

But as I said in waves you take the moments. As then some groups create this, the market does that. Etc. And we grow and develop, thus only add new friends.

The number of watchers is higher than registered.

And the number we ever saw is not to put in science I think. We saw all day people and all talked about us since we were babies. And always when you create things, the strangest things happen, people, you never knew, while you tried so hard to recognize them all, tell I know you since… It's so cute. Even more, friends, than you can know when you just develop over time.

Are registered your fans?

Not only, not at all. It is them all. But it is like sometimes you do not buy a CD yet. Or sometimes you had too many things in your life going to not have time for everyone. So, also not for me.

But I do see from the registered, could be die-hard fans. Although prepare, we died hard for all of them, when we did things together. All singing the karaoke contests. All dancing for the national ballet. All doing auditions, the people you see shortly. All is something that later on becomes things. And then all the chatters you shared days and nights with. All the shows you made together and saw together. Or all you have put on for all, with groups of friends. All died hard together. I for them, them for me. And all of us together.

But I love them registered. It is very cute. I send them emails. And I think about what I will say. And they stay updated. I also love all social media friends. I love to see what everyone does. I also love all in the past ever watching the things I did. Thanks to them all I had all the chances.

Update 19/3

About my twitter views past year. Note, at numberonemusic people listen seperately, they do not go to twitter to listen to my songs, they share them on their twitter, from my n1m page. So, on twitter I have people that are my friends for a long time, and all people checking out my name and things I do, and lots love science, music, concerts, dogs, technique and things like that. We share the same interest. Really 2700 friends. You can join me there too.

I have on Facebook also near 5000 friends. They are friends from Xead, plazilla, my entire life, IWBF, and all their friends and family too, and people I know from meebo, and from school, and just lots of friends, and my music, but those that are on my fanpage are from all these groups, and really friends and fans.

I know ofcourse more people that are not on there. They can, but we all have big groups of friends, and people we love and do things with. So, in total this is a huge network. Very interesting to study our total network.

My n1m music has a total of 1850 subscribers, fans that I email. And 666 influencers, and 2 million of people in my network.




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