The ecosystem is also a service, if we do not take care of the ecosystem, we will miss its services, then we would die.

“The ecosystem: A group of organisms living in an area, living together through nutritious cycles and energy flows. “ (Wikipedia, N.D., ecosystem)

“Teeb finds these ecosystem services 4 core things:

  • Provision services are the products obtained from ecosystems such as food, fresh water, wood, fiber, genetic resources, and medicines.
  • Regulating services are defined as the benefits obtained from the regulation of ecosystem processes such as climate regulation, natural hazard regulation, water purification, and waste management, pollination, or pest control.
  • Habitat services, highlight the importance of ecosystems to provide habitat for migratory species and to maintain the viability of gene-pools.
  • Cultural services, include non-material benefits that people obtain from ecosystems such as spiritual enrichment, intellectual development, recreation, and aesthetic values.” (Biodiversity, N.D., ecosystem services)

Working on these things, creating projects, and teach people about the ecosystem and its services. Lots of jobs we can create from these ideas, so we can make people aware of the ecosystem, the services it brings, and if we do not take care of the ecosystem we die, we really depend on them. We can create jobs to protect the ecosystem and create projects from these ideas, and employ people. We can also put attention to the ethical side and human rights side, also the scientific side of this, which creates even more jobs, in human rights, ethics, and science. We can build this out into many projects, and lessons.

There is not much information on this, yet, so you can also see with this example, you can be a monopoly with few working on this now, and build this out and create many sites and ideas for this, with a lot of people, in the future. Creating information is already a lot of work, important, and the beginning of a project.

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