The birth of my husband (Part 18)

Don’t respond too fast (to other people, hold on for the one)

There is God's plan: You are born very simply with the one, so you can know your life plan.

Your existence has a nature.

Holding out for the one has a reason in nature

Stay true, don’t give in.

Living with the one.

We are all like nuns, who let us be that?

You will end up with the one because you are living within a plan.

You will bring their son.

If you think of that road towards each other, towards together, it is a pretty road.

Who you are when you meet the one is important, and the meeting can be at any time.

Also, there is the attraction to each other, the Gods arranging everything.

If your family did not do that, or the ones you are born with did not do this, remind you that lots of families did, so, it exists.

The chance to be in life is like: “2 million people rolling trillion-sided dice and all landing on the same number.” (Daws, nd; Justhappytobehere, 2015).

It is nearer than you expect.

They come at that time they come, but it can still feel too soon

Also, they can come when all is fine, but bad days come too, you need to remain together, through all.

It is way tougher to sit out life together.

When you go to your one and see the world there, and thus also the criminals, lacks and insanities around them, and the levels of it, it takes a while to eat that up.

The toughest part can be, starting perfectly together, beyond what you see others do.

Looking back two ones together can be tough for the others.

Some let their one 100 years alone. Sometimes you do not know what happened to the one.

The silent time I was given by my one is one of the most precious times.

If we ended up alone 100 years, it was what it was.

We now lived everything together, we shared everything together, but also on a way deeper level.

I will leave the honor with him to ask me.

(Dreamy Melo, 2021)



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