Success is there, but how will you process this?

Success, we all can have, when we have the right environment, and process all input well.

We will be what we can be, at our own time, at our own pace, with the right input. We can make all of it, the best we can. We can decide to work more on faster processing, or less fast. To learn more at once, which is limited by our max processing capabilities, but we can do some tricks, to it, to be smarter.

We can choose to slow down, to know ourselves more, or temporarily to be a bit more with what we have learned, to make the input we have gotten a bit more our own.

We can control input. We need to know what input there is and we should have, to have a better outcome. We can control ourselves, by knowing us. By knowing all the tricks and what works for us, and knowing what we want.

Do we choose and want to be better, ourselves, in processing, first? Or do we want to be with better input, now?

It is constantly about:

  • you, your will, preferences
  • your senses
  • good input
  • processing the input

So, you will have good output.

The input has to be best, really good for you, and given on your own pace, and must be for you something to make your own. To be your authentic self with. To be your autonomous self with. And to be your unique being with. It is “you”, something of you, something you sense, understand, and use, yours. And best of you. That input you will process and will give you the best output, the best of you, the best you can be, with that.

Read and learn more on processing input:

So, unsuccessful? Where are you?

Who did it? You? Really? What is the GPA, of all people at work, in the jobs around you? In your country? Nearby? And what are all their studies about? All done the best, and what you need? Are you the first one discovering a thought? Feels so? Cause all that study the same as you are not there? Not near you? Or not doing the same things you study at the best level? So, actually you have no one else to do these studies with? It could be just all of them. And where you stand with the knowledge will determine the output. Also, for you, if you know all about it and the rest of the people not. They become a big problem, for you, too. They are now, a lot of work to do.

You lack something to be successful? Who said it? You? Someone else? How did you find that out? In a system? By yourself? What is true about it? When all is done the best, you can know best what this really means? So, you can learn to know this better. So, you can decide what this really means, to you.

If the environment has really the best, the best input for you, and it goes through your senses to your mind, and you process the best you can all of it, you can only get a good outcome, unless…

  • The input was not so good. You need better to be better. And sometimes you need time to be better, with the best, too. You need to grow and make it all your own work. You have to learn it. It can take time. But it can be there is somewhere else better, and you have not the best input, here. Then you do not get the best, and will not be the best you could be. You could change the input, to get better input.
  • Not at your own pace.
  • Not your own preference.
  • Not your own will.
  • Abuse/abusive input, or mixed with that, by others, somewhere else around you.
  • Your senses or brain has problems. Where all have their own maxes, are unique, and all outcome will be unique, made your own, in any way. So, what do you define as good and wrong? It will be your own work anyway, which can not be what you expected, but still be good. You will not just be a copy, a clone, you will be you, also, when you learned the same things as all the other people, you will be yourself with this. An autonomous self, authentic and unique, able to do the same, a variation to the norm.

Why does some down syndrome become a Ph.D., and others not?

  • Does your country tell other things about Down Syndrome?
  • About female? Males?
  • About other discriminations?
  • About disabilities? Do they exploit? Or let people be who they are, with their own pace, preferences, will, and own disabilities and abilities. So, there is a logical outcome of you, or exploitation, or keeping you from doing things, you actually could, or if something was arranged?

So, there are you and your input. And a certain level of it.

  • There is who you could have become.
  • What is not given to you? What is making you less good at things? What is making you better at things?

You can increase the good input. And can work on the processing of the input. To do all of it better, to get a better outcome.

How good can you process?

Why? Can you do better? Do you understand all of you and your processing? And what environment could give you input, best? So, what you could be processing? Do you control the input? Understand the maxes of things you could be processing? You can work on the control, knowing what input you need, and how you process that best. That is control. You can give you the best. You need to find the best and can be working on this.

Critical thinking, or opinion.

  • critical opinion
  • critical thinking, critically researched, knowing “the truth”, placed in science between opinion and ideas, and absolute truth.
  • critically thought a lot and found the truth, tested out, and found out it is really true or not. And shared/ published.

We can not have judges with just an opinion, or critically thinking with some proof, it has to be absolute, the formula. In most cases, all is an opinion, and thus for the person itself to judge. Not allowed to judge others or others.

See the scientific laws and how not so much all have to go to court about that, as it is absolute, and solves itself. So, courts have to be empty. The absolute speaks for itself, all the rest is an opinion, and for yourself.

The judge should say, as it is a duty, this is your space to find something, not mine. And to this far, I can handle this case, lawfully, and with that proof, to be absolutely true, and till this far, you have an opinion on this, and that other person on that.

Judges: The administrative to the truth-finding. Thus has to know:

  • Human rights, thus what is for you and yourself to find.
  • Ethics, to make that even stronger, in the jobs and tasks, why one has nothing to say over you, and you decide yourself all for you, and at all times.
  • Sciences, that proves you have to do this by yourself. And how far the proof people show stands from the absolute truth, thus a logical sum, with the outcome, about you must decide yourself, and none is allowed to judge that decision.
  • Empathy, the understanding of what this does to a person. The logic understanding of feelings of other people, and why we should never take someone's rights away and must fight for your personal rights, and thus help you achieve your will and rights.
  • Then, the law people came for, that has to be, at all times, in line with this above, always. You actually only go for the administrative part, to hear who has what to say, and by what human right. All the other laws are only made according to these human rights, or else are very much so, always illegal, as there is the duty none ever violates the human rights, and they come first.

Life is about your development, for you.

And your decisions. And your senses, and maxes. And how you process things. What you want, what you prefer. And we all must help you achieve that.

Success is there, you need you, your senses, the right input, and processing. All the best, to be the best you can be. So, it is not about will you be successful, as if success can not happen. But will you get the best, so you can be the most successful you? Success is possible and possible in the world, you need to get the best things too, and process it all, to see what it does to you.

And you will need to make your own choices with that best, so it fits you, and you can do your own will, preferences with this, and can be your authentic, autonomous, unique self. Your successful self.





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