Stop crime at work. Know these secrets to spot and stop crime.

We need to understand how the people needed money and used a market.

But we can not end up in human trafficking, nor exploitations.

People need themselves and their own space to develop best.

  1. Bla bla, thesis and everyones own space to feel and think, and choose.
  2. Research thesis, theories, and everyone’s own space to choose, when not scientific law, no absolute, and space left to choose between.
  3. Hypothesis, and experiment, answering questions. Could lead after a lot of them and a lot of research to absolute, a formula, a math that always works, which all can do themselves too. These formula’s proof a situation and will always happen, like gravity. And the math and formula explain how exactly. That limits us. You can choose yourself with these laws. You can know how they work. You are allowed to walk, although there is gravity. You can learn to use gravity. You were never kept from walking, because of gravity. You were kept from climbing some high things to not fall to death.

Dark triad twists rules

  1. Rules, that are legal, means fitting these laws and truths, and not deprive one from their own choices. Well being is being autonomous and authentic. A person is unique and people need to develop themselves. Human rights protects these rights, and has same point of autonomy, as that is science, and the way human work. Human rights were like absolutes. Truths, because of scientific laws, for example basic needs, you need water, food, good temperature, oxygen to live, no one is allowed to deprive you from that.
  2. Dark triad twisting the true laws. Crime scene at work. And can turn into extremists, terrorists. And comes from low literacy and DSM/personal problems. Low literacy is linked to crime. People that create illegal laws for different motives.

You can puzzle out how everyone functions. We all can, it is just a job, you can learn.

  • management
  • psychology
  • human rights
  • ethics
  • law

You can find out what is right or wrong.

  • own self and senses and processing
  • no harm to self, by you and others
  • empathy
  • sciences, sophisticated knowledge


  1. thesis
  2. research thesis
  3. hypothesis and experiment
  4. share results

Rules can only be rules when they are true rules.

You can see what study majors are doing what level of education.

You can work on each field, and put all people to place.

  • you can report crime
  • you can work on protecting people
  • you can work on catching crime internally at work
  • you can work on educating people about science, laws, and dark triad.

There are 2 types of problems when there is a problem at work:

  • personal problems (DSM, dark triad motives etc)
  • task oriented problems (can be dark triad using the personal motive to do tasks wrong, and create problems in tasks for others too, but the task can also be done not correctly by not being literate enough and not understanding the tasks, and not able to do the task. Task oriented is about not doing tasks right, not able to do tasks right, and not a “personal problem”. )

You can make them aware all see them.

Spotting the criminals at work, shows us the amount of work we now have to do.

  • Get crime out of the work place, and after that there is more peace.
  • Create higher literacy, higher education, so crime rate drops.
  • Also, have honor codes.
  • Be the good one, so others copy your behavior.

Getting the entire twist, their past, their life, their schooling, their environment.

  • We need to find the entire network of faults and change them, so no one is criminal again.
  • Need to restore the lives of criminals. So their pain stops. And their twists stops.



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