Starting a youtube channel, you'll need just 1 mln followers and views, to be super famous.

50 mln followers, and 20 mln views is a top vlogger, although the most-watched on youtube has a few billion views, and does not make vlogs.

Jiska Hachmer
6 min readNov 29, 2020

Someone with 1 -10 mln followers on youtube is extremely famous.

Vlogs views with 10 mln are their top videos, with some rare ones with 20–50 mln views.

Music videos rarely have billions of views, also music channels rarely have that many views and subscribers.

Even Justin Bieber has only about 60 mln followers, although we all can be sure the world knows him, thus 7 billion people could know him, but they do not follow, they do listen to his music (Wikipedia, N.D.; Youtube, N.D; Thrillest entertainment, 2020).

Maybe we can say, someone with half of that is super famous.

And another half, with 250k — 2 mln is a lot famous. Another half also pretty famous, they have 100k- 1mln, followers, these and channels with more followers count as the world top.

Then the next 50k -500k and 25k — 250 k are close to the world top.

Perhaps, 10k is big, they earn year salaries when they upload frequently (Ghone, 2018).

1k is something, 100 or with 10+ followers are starters.

So, you'll be someone, with a small channel. It seems so small, but it can earn a lot, already, from 1k followers, and uploading very frequently.

Social blade, explains, there are 37 million youtube channels.

  • Channels with 1mln + followers are the world top.
  • Channels with 100k are very famous.
  • Channels with 10k followers are pretty good.
  • Channels with 1k are something.
  • Channels with 100 or 10 followers are starters.

(Funk, 2020).

I have about 5k followers on youtube, I had 10k before, but youtube deletes sometimes, the channels that follow, and are inactive. When one has 10k followers, one can go to the youtube studios and use the studios to make better videos. You do get invitations before you have 10k followers, to learn from 10k+ youtube channels and their YouTubers. You can visit all the youtube studios worldwide, there are a few around the world, to use for your videos. I get invites from Berlin and Paris, already, a while now. I would love to make videos everywhere.

I will also use the studios to make music videos and new songs.

Youtube will review all that is made in their studios and will approve or not before you publish what is made in their studios.

Without the criminals locally I would have been lots bigger. I had to deal with those criminals a few times, in a few regions, because I have kids, and they exploit kids and families. Also, because our government got so bad. X and boom use children and families and exploit them, human traffick them, and project on them their myths, biases, own DSM, like a schizophrenic idea all internet is bad, and people on the internet are no real people, etc. It is not sophisticated a thought. Internet used to be mainly a place for universities, sharing research, today we have many communities. And someone known like me is logically also online, but not only because of that, also because we all are raised already with internet in our schools, since 22 years ago, or so. We had to understand and use it, daily, to pass for our high school diploma. So, their issues are made up and showing their own no development, no understanding, and bad raising. Plus, how criminals develop after being raised badly, they attack new families. It is like a sect, with many types of crimes going on in that sect, all profiling kids and families, but at the same time, causing income issues, development issues, which is known in science, thus it shows they did not study well, as real scientists would never shape the jobs the way they did. Also, their time is gone now, we are now the leaders and having families, as new elderly, with already such bad past they had, they should be focused on themselves, and become who they are, after all the years they never did that. This includes to finally study, themselves, K12 on the right level, like the USA level, and high GPA, which they can online, and is a gymnasium level with all subjects, not the “new dutch style high school”, with just a profile with some subjects, where most don't even ever get K12, nor K11. A lot ends up a lot lower, anyway, plus a low GPA, but their own highschool was even worse and is full of Dutch ideas, myths, bias, and not so correct in science. They need to free themselves, from the Dutch sect, they grew up in, which changed all jobs into crime scenes.

They need to study human rights, understand all are competent, by law, also kids. They need to understand how badly they were abused by their parents and care workers, which we all know, and has been unethical. So, they need to wake up and address their bad past, become competent and aware we all competent, and find their own development, instead of being a badly raised person now attacking all, that is so not sophisticated.

Then, they address that with the best studies from the world, with all real BSc degrees, until Ph.D.’s degrees. A few are better, at that age than their first one, and again, not the Dutch ones.

You need to be ok, yourself, A-Z, that's the goal. Then, you develop best, with the best input, best processing, best environment, and will have the best output you possible can have.

Not understanding this, caused everyone to attack us all, also me and my kids, and to human trafficking my kids away, violating all our rights. Not doing the normal routes we should have gotten, also with many just bullying, abusing their jobs, and simply being care fraud criminals, and crime at work criminals. These built-up past years, since our government changed.

Crimes everywhere, how do you think we all work with that? Not as good as we should be. So, I could have been a lot more. Also, because my Dutch gov insurance plan was about all these types of things, and I worked on that with them, the few good ones, lots are criminals, too. But those few good ones were the rulers over my plan.

I have been through so many criminals their crime scenes, just cause I have kids. But the kids too, each would have had now big channels, with their personal interest, and friends, as they have many of that.

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