Solve the no beds. Covid19. Sars. Coronavirus. Hospital is too busy, how to treat patients?

Jiska Hachmer
11 min readMar 12, 2020

I tell everyone what I am telling today to you. And its my mission with my bsc Health of science, and MD studies, to work with this idea after my studies… But you can already too, because some hospitals already do. It worked out so great for myself and all patients where I lived, it can help anyone else.

So I will work on this idea during my studies as much as I can, to know all science about it, and to change health care. As I am already entrepreneur healthcare, as part of my environmental psychology, which I studied about same time I studied social epidemiology, this no beds COVID19 leads to me to sharing this idea.

I am an environmental psychologist now, and all these environments can be done better. We can make a solution for the no beds.

(see my linkedin, I studied a lot of studies. I want to be an MD/psychologist and work with fmri and mri. And continue my work.)

How to do healthcare from home

You do not need to be in hospital a lot of times.

You do need good docs there, instead of (only)GP nearby the homes, you need a general practitioner that understands all specialisms well and send you super fast to the right department, if you need so.

They could also send away to the right other people you should see. It could be a building next to the hospitol with GP’s, as entrance to the hospital, that help you go to the right specialism.

And not to be just a GP, but to be really looking at can this person be treated by someone in the hospital and explain all steps and procedures of what is possible for you.

  • What is scientifically known about you and thus where you could go next.
  • And checking up generally
  • And helping you understand choices, with CAM treatment, and hospitol treatment, studies, research that is out there. A bit of a teacher function.

Besides this the normal routes to the hospitol can remain.

  • GP
  • Emergency
  • From specialism in the hospitol, to other specialism.

You can control all care as a doctor in the hospital

You can also as doc use GP, and GP can do the work the hospital orders.

Its about the total science. All databases together, all research together, and accessible. The top always understands most and will order around the most.

But from your specialism you can too. You know when bedrest is needed, and can see if that could be done at home, and who you need for that. And what has to be done. And can order them.

You can know besides the databases and all research possible, the all possible treatments known.

And we can have one pyramid, of who should see who and why and when.

And how much choices should people have themselves?

This understanding from top to bottom and control makes also the market clear, what needs to be done.

And the bottom can send to the top. Where top can decide the entire pyramid again.

And when all this is clear the curriculum to become a worker in this system is clear, and the levels they work on.

So, for some it doesnt seem much different just an add to the home and the bed at home, and arranging things to the home. So one can be treated at home, as much possible, and keep the beds empty in the hospitol, making care cheaper and nicer, at home, and still have quality and control.

People at home become helpers of the doc. Including all care around the home, that might be used. The doc is the boss of it all. Which solves lower workers trying to demand things and carefraud and abuse patients vulnerability, and avoids making mistakes. Also all care is done faster, and there are more people doing the work, not only hospitol people. Also other care people. The pressure of the hospital makes them work better, and could make them feel better, as it is for the doctor. Even a “cleaner”/ simple nurse, in the home, is a part of the docs plan. But they feel “free”. They follow the plan, to the work they can, and only that part they can, and have the responsibility. They can do it, but it feels more responsible, as it is for a doctor. And the doctor hears from the patient if all went fine. There are still check ups now and then. And those can be done by one of these care workers, a GP, or nurse, or by the patient, or someone in the home, or simply over the phone. And the bond between patient and doc stays the strongest. That is the one it is all about the most. The others do the work the doc has said. They all do bond, but the patient is not made less important. The doctor lets the patient choose things they can choose, and orders around what a patient can not choose from, as it is doc orders for life and death decisions. And the doc knows when that is his/her part and when the patient has freedom to choose from things. That can go very naturally. If one doc cares about instinct of the patient then the doc even more listens very well to the total situation of the patient, and the patient will feel very much cared for. So, it is an ideal situation. And at home, all done, and listened to each other, and a strong bond with the doc and patient. Where only science and good doctor’s work happens, but the doc has simply more people doing the work, and outside the hospital. So, the bed remains for who has to be with the doc, nearby.

Use technology we have today, and all is even more simple.

Also the patient can be docs helper

And then the “ask the patient if they could wait, with emergencies, or not, and no opinion comes from the doc”- moments.

There are moments the doctor is thinking of letting the patient come to the hospital for safety. But more patients are coming over, because a patient is planned, most doctors let the planned one come, or if the know for sure that the planned one can be delayed, they delay that person, because there is an emergency.

But my doctor did something else, she rang me up. She said she would not decide, as the hospital listens to instinct of us all. She was clear my tests were good, but in the past sometimes people died when they delayed, and there was no clue that could happen, and they do not want that again. So, they ask all patients themselves if they want the spot planned. As that is a faith as well, not just a decision. It could be secretly a patient feels an instinct to take the spot, without feeling anything new. So, it was kind of a check up by phone, about the situation, and I was asked to feel deeply if I needed the spot, and then not hesitate to take it. But it was her last spot, and the other patient was dying with her baby. And they let me decide. And she ensured me I would not be judged if I took it, and I must take it in any way if I felt I needed it, or if I sensed something was wrong and off. Any gut feeling would be fine. No matter the outcome. Also if it means I was not so intuitive and afterwards all turned out i could have waited some days, and then she had died and her child. Because no one really knows for sure, and it is my spot. And they were not sure about the other person surviving in any way. And not sure if I
might die. She did ensure me, she had no other clues of problems for me. But in the past that happened before that people suddenly died. And she kept telling we think of the babies first, she was not wanting to put my baby in problems.

That was such good experience. I was thinking by myself, can I live with this? I had no clue my baby or me was ill. And I did not want her to die and her child. So, I choose to wait. But honestly had no new clues, thus felt I could try this. And trusted I d be fine if I get labor, I d be going anyway to hospitol emergency then, and then someone else could deliver, because even GP’s can. They even love those experiences, those are rare for them, but special. So, I trusted I was fine enough for one more day.

Next day I came, I had turned out to be naturally in labor, and delivered. And laid next to the other woman and her baby, they had made it too.

But a little note. When my labor started it was the first day we found out I was dying too. So, we were lucky and it was exactly what the doctor had told me the day before when I told her I could wait one day. Unexpected I was ill. Deadly ill. So, the nurse said, good you are here and already in labor, you had to in anyway deliver now the baby, this is deadly if you werent found on time. So, I was forever happy we all lived. I now also knew what it was to be the other woman, dying. That we never expected.

I love the idea the doctor decides where they can and leave the rest to God, nature, instinct and the patients. And to take time to call the patients for such decision. That I now made it my mission to tell about this and work on this in my studies.

If I had gotten ill, I would have gone to the hospital, they would have found me ill and had cut me open. So, I do believe in any way I would have been saved, and my child too. Ofcourse this could have gone wrong, but why should it have been the doctors choice? She did not know at all anything more than me at that point. And I did give up the place, with no pressure actually, I felt comfortable taking it, but I wanted to let her live and her baby, and me and my baby. So, I hoped God let this work out this way, and it did. My mind is clear too this way. I could have lived with death of me in the end. I did not want to go before them. It would have been such small chance of death, so small, because there are to many docs in that region, even labor in a car will be fixed by ambulance and cops. I just trusted the many doctors. Although I wanted the calm way. But I thought what if all goes wrong, we still all are saved.

And, I think I also knew how that hospital had done all so precise, this was a very precise call. To be sure of all was checked, the doctor really did not know anything wrong to happen to me. So, that same precise she had arranged all before. My body was wheel chaired a long time, but she had saved all of my body as much as possible, and better than many have it. I do not look handicaped, until you know me better and longer and note I can not walk far, long, etc. And need a lot of rest. She had doctors teaching me to balance my life, so every few hours some rest, and I do not have a wheelchair. My body just rests constantly 20 minutes each side, and sometimes longer, and then I can do things some hours. And I can not even run 3 miles, then litterly my muscles start ripping, I had some other therapist for that. But I look ok and can do some things. And it is something a lot of people should learn about too, because when you are so precise, all is done better, and also then, you can do such call.

And now it can be used for these to busy days with COVID19. We can do this. We can learn to solve all.

I also think we should resee the many hours docs are at work.

Medical school must be hard to have the best. Best curriculum. Best thinkers. Best being responsible and still do best things under pressure. It is logical.

We can see how we can change things for all people. How can all learn a lot more about the curriculum doctors follow from the beginning till end. How far can the rest come? To help the doctor when one has problems, so the doctor controlls people at home, and some that need to be in the hospitol. We have people at home smarter, we can leave them there a lot of time longer. So, the doctor can rest more in the end as well.

But also, more people that really understand the same curriculum can help in the hospitol where we have who really needs to be there.

We can change home building into places where you can stay when you are ill.

We could see how far we can come on creating better homes. And changing existing homes in better places to be when ill. So, the doctor can control the patient, and the group around the patient, but the patient can actually be home. If you have the group of people the doctor can control, but not the right bed, nor the right place, people can not stay a long time at home when ill. So, if we could learn to create better homes for that, and create space for those moments we are ill, in advance, we have a good extra bed for a patient.

This is my mission because I had once bedrest for 6 months, that was done at home, and was so good, it is something to think of, to do more, and to change health care with.

I had bedrest before, of a few weeks in the hospitol, my son could be born, and I was 32 weeks, so medication was there, so, I needed to be controlled 2 weeks in the hospitol then went home for the next weeks till 39 weeks of pregnancy to do labor. (Which took some time, I ended up in labor at the docs office, in another town than the hospital, and was there on the appointment, because all the days since the hospital had felt the same. He said your baby is coming lets move to the hospital, he’ll be born tonight. And then my son was born in the hospital after all as a grown baby, thanks to these few weeks in the hospitol and the medicine. )

The second time, I had labor from 19 weeks, and then no medicine works. So, I got bedrest, and at home. Some other hospitals keep women for all the months in the beds of the hospital, but I got at home, and the doctor arranged all the care, even controlled the GP, in town.

And that worked untill 38 weeks, when they had to take my daughter out. So, the care they could give, and the rest at home is why the kids lived.

I was blessed with the 2 best doctors ever. The hospitals were both different, and the last was best. In the first I had a horrific labor when the labor was done not by my own doc, but someone else.

But the 2 docs that controlled the situation were both good.

And the second time of bedrest I learned how much a doctor can do, in controlling all people, and how they can give space to patients.