So worth it to get loose from the Dutch.

So, I know we had it better, as a generation, Dutch Millenials, especially the first ones, because times changed, free to choose schools, and schooling, and doctors and all according to human rights and kids' rights.

Plus an attempt to do the USA curriculum, where they started with us, from the Dutch idea of higher high school, where only a few got partially the USA curriculum. The Dutch were raised with only elementary level, and a very low level, and had built up any job on top of that as if they are equal docs as around the world. No, they had no bachelor's degrees even, but they used all the same titles in jobs.

They, all before us, lived with Charlatans only.

We got a low GPA too, like them, but a bit more education, more subjects and still not what USA Curriculum is, and not k-12. All are dropouts, and low GPAs and the worst idea of schooling compared to the USA.

Because of that, we had a gap between high school and university, so they made an HBO, Higher Profession Education it literally means, and is meant as something sounding like bachelors, but was not even associate degree level.

They remained in the Netherlands thus do not even understand both sides. They do not see how an American see the lack, especially when normally educated like anyone in the USA. They all have a GPA of 3 average, Dutch 0.67 and thus Dutch fail everywhere. Americans right away know, oh my God not even GPA 2, that is a no pass. So, Dutch would not even pass next term, simply because their average is not 2+ and most in the USA have GPA 3, not 2+.

Also, Americans have always sciences, all sciences, and k-12. Dutch have a GPA of 0.67 all-time in all subjects and drop subjects even.

USA Down syndrome even do college/university and Dutch are below that, and in the USA they are equal people, in Holland, they are seen as our lowest people. While Dutch are below that “lowest”.

So, it is all made up in the Dutch mind, it is all a myth and like a sect, they abuse all people with that common idea.

No one getting the right education, nor GPA, nor a-z curriculum, nor all ways to school, it is all only a sect and lies and abuse and against all human rights stealing of kids and abusing in that horrific school idea.

Where we as school teachers students back around 2007–2009 we studied against all this.

So, it is, even more, a gov sect, the way X was raised, not how we Millenials went to school, with the worse than USA high school, but higher than any Dutch generation before, and with the worse bachelor degrees, than the USA, but at least bachelor degrees as the first in Holland ever, and yes still low GPA, not USA GPA 3, but at least a GPA with a bachelor degree.

Where mainly I first had to catch up all the Dutch had done wrong, to me, which clearly is why I am against the Dutch and their system, it is only a sect, and total child abuse and child labor forced into the worst.

Where we have signed Human Rights and the same as their school fraud, they do any job with fraud, and also human rights, kids' rights, ethics, which they simply do not even know, they sign things they do not understand.

So, even today after all the year's Dutch signed kids' laws, the judges do not even do them.

So, then the pretty fake Dutch palace of peace, just to seem good. But actually all is bad. So, this has become a world job, because the Dutch fraud and traffic and are worldwide rapers in many jobs they had worldwide, and causing many crimes, and have international crimes.

Where the bottom line in any crime is, low literacy.

This means if they were just studied, without force and all according to science the best ways, doing Human Rights, Kids Rights assigned and said and if ever understood, with ethics and empathy, they never were causing so many problems worldwide. So, it becomes, even more, a world job to address them.

As it will solve lots of world crimes, and networks too.

So any study of mine, I keep explaining in all journals and theses, etc, that I must be aware of all the Dutch told me.

Literally, as all coming from sects. Always mind your thinking and behavior.

It is exhausting. Getting rid of them is way easier. Also, because they stole my kids even. Just to abuse me and them, because we do have higher education higher GPA. As from any sect people coming with revenge that is Dutch doing right now to my family, my kids, and me.

Proving, even more, they traffick and exploit only. And even more, they skipped all the things they truly had to do, and signed for, but never even learned about and thus fakely show they can, but can not.

I am English, not Dutch.

My DNA showed me I am not Dutch at all. None ever is, as Dutch do not have their own DNA, but I am 40% English, less than 40% Western Europe, thus German, French, and all Western, which all assume is Dutch too, but remind you Dutch do not have DNA. We live in a region where no new DNA happens, and thus we all remain the ways we are. New DNA only happens in Eastern Europe and South Europe. We do not mix enough with new “types” to become a new haplogroup. 20% Scandinavian. 1% Middle Eastern.

My DNA further away from 5th cousin I am more mixed and Southern, and English till 3000 BC, and American. English/ Irish already traveled to the USA since 500 and probably before.

And 100.000 years before mostly Southern, and Asian. My family is more from the entire world, with many tribes genes. I am also Aboriginal, Indian, Chinese, African Subsaharan, Native American, etc. Travelers around the world. My last name also means that. People at sea around the world. We change the letters to the color of the sea.

(So Hechmer means bright sea and is American. Hachmer, means from the Dark Sea, the dutch have a darker sea. Hochmeyer is a high river/lake. Something like Bach means creek. I am bach as well. My old grandma is a bach, on my dad's side, on my mom's side changed the name Bach to a Dutch version. )

My YDNA (I am an XY female) is African/Asian, from the first Homo Sapiens.

I never wanted to live here. My skin is even Fair Australian, as my family is also from the big moves, and traveled with all the people around the world, to even Australia. Where I am not only aboriginal but also Australian from the big moves.

Something like that is me, and with all those tribes and moves, and all regions around the world. So, why keep us trapped in a small country I never wanted to be? They earn on us, that is only how Dutch earn, since this gov. And they did that before too in the childhoods of this X and boom in our country. And it is so strange as we are Victorians kids, not Hitler's kids or any world war trend of that time. Mainly Dutch were French, German, English, always. And Friesians are Scandinavian, German, English, the way English always had strives with Scandinavians and Vikings, and French came to live there, and English is very Southern and Scandinavian mix. With world routes to Asia, just like the Dutch. So, we are indo-European to be precise. Eurasians.

So, we all are English we could say, as they keep the mixes more honest in their history books, and all is the same.

That is who I am, even more, I am English for thousands of years. Also pro-celt etc. All from before. So, the Dutch only live poorly and keep all poor, in mind, body, and soul. And lack of knowledge. And do fraud lots.

That is so against all I am. I love my genes, I love to be actually English and love to be actually American, and love to be actually Australian, and love to be actually from any other country than Holland.

But it is actually what they are too, not Dutch. So, they live a complete brainwash, that is super sad, as we all know the world offers so much more. And everyone is trying to say, see us, see us from the world, see the wealth, but Dutch are so low literate in reality, can you explain an elementary school kid, that needed all their high school years to get a bit of GPA in that what the world is? No.

So, I learned all myself, and the locals abuse all people.

I thank God I am from the world and understand where the world and studied all from the best universities around the world. And cum laude, but it is funny, that is world norm, Dutch do not understand the average USA GPA.

I was always actually Dutch top in class since I was very little. But as all Dutch kids start that way, all get abused along the way, end up with a low GPA, as our teachers are worst educated and traffickers and exploiters only. My region as a child was the best, but it comes down to anyway using kids in force, although we had the best way through all that, still, science proves homeschool best and human rights keep telling it was and is child labor, to have schools and force kids to it. (And more shocking I did a survey and lots seem 100+ — 200 IQ, not at all low IQ, none responses that way. In real IQ measurements, as a baby. And their average wire through life all were smarter at the beginning than Dutch make them in the end. So, all start with high baby IQ means potential and true IQ. Thus the input is low and not delivered and logical because all are forced to abusers, that do the worst environment for kids. High IQ ends up best with self-directed learning, homeschool, intrinsic learning, etc like anyone. )

So, Dutch created a strange myth with abusers.

The more losing them the best.

Finally high GPA, high grades all time, and from way better schools, way better understanding of people, and thus more and more sure I say the truth and things correctly.

It would have been most fair to never have met them, never have lived here, never was raped here, and never had kids here. Just these same kids, but living somewhere better, as the entire world is better, that remains that way.

And they wanted that too. So, to get our rights and get rid of criminals.

To be human finally. And just be. As live is simple without criminals, just happy.

Dutch just wait for the next apology…




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