Saying goodbye to authoritarianism, and all deaths and damages.

Healing, after staying practical for so long. The frauds, the insanities, the lies, the twists, the dark triad, the insane, the bad, the worst. Some died with that as the last thing on their mind. Just some people raised bad, some years ago, now worst leaders, damaging people. Even worse than all bad done to them, as we lived between then and the moment they started leading with a better world. But apparently, secretly bad raised remains bad inside and gets worse over time, typical the way dark triad is. From 45 you notice them the best.

Jiska Hachmer
3 min readApr 26, 2020

The same way, about Rutte. What an insanity! RIVM too.

And the deaths don't let them get away with that.

We all understand each other around the world. 85% want simply kindness. All always need the best input, human rights, ethics, and sciences.

Real science is now finding out precisely who has done this? Who to them? Why them to us?

We all had such a good world without them.

Not forget authoritarians create ODD and fear, thus DSM.

Only allowed style authoritative. Thus authoritativenism.