Rutte is the covid19 red zone. Rutte lies about all related to Covid19.

note. I will keep adding all the articles in the references, although it is common news, so you can find them easily and actually are already aware of it all, perhaps need an overview, to look it all up yourself too.

Because he does mind fucks, you need constantly to keep track of all he does.

And keep track of all his network, and users of him, and the Dutch. That can be criminals from international networks, and certain people that target us, and it can be his “friends”, other govs wanting to use him and us, and whatever he considers friends in politics.

Also, the local govs in the Netherlands, schools, social work, justice, judges, and all working for the Dutch government. He is delusional who is his friend, none is, but this is a crime scene. “Friends”, we mean with friends.

Keep track of who he targets.

  • Years ago, families, about forced schooling. The party has a view, with lots of illegal ideas, and illegal friends in politics, and ended up with the black and white issues, and pedophile party as friends. PVV, pedoparty etc… All crime he friends. To target. He grew this network. A loner hating and using people, and kids, younger people, women, and blacks, and now just any. We need to find out the relationship between him and elderly too, as Dutch came from elderly exploitation. Rutte his age, those people came from studies from no degrees, all lower studies, and from the ninetees, with school frauds, and lots of school fraud and forces by institutes before that. Typical X and boom crimes, coming from crimes as kids. Bandura kids, copy cats etc, also the BPD group, and Dark triad, with causes from their childhood, and are experimented on, and used for rapes, sexual abuses, and physical and mental abuses. So the hate to families is a dark triad one, with lies, and hiding and planning. Years and years. note. And we just came from all women profiled, targeted, illegally, but its done, all tested again, at UWV, a few times. The gov felt women would have to toughen up, and skip their illnesses. They were enslaved, actually, and forced to leave kids at daycare. Women wanted to be home with kids, and get constant ill after labor. And none wants to hear them, they are exploited. This also set the tone of other crimes, in the systems, in the typical women jobs, hating families, kids, jealousies, bpd, dark triad behavior etc… And all neglected. We had bad health care, and frauds everywhere. Especially in health care. All workers are lower literate, and companies like GGZ, not at all what APA is and what psychologists should be. Also, with high ego they are better and more.
  • Then black profiling by cops was his start.
  • More pushes to forced living. Forced schooling, skipping school laws, skipping human rights, skipping ethics, skipping free will and duties of human rights, skipping development of people, and kids, and pretending development is forced schooling and to vmbo, extension of elementary. USA got all people on gymnasium by then, 90%, and gpa 3 , dutch on elementary and gpa 0.67. Because of the abuse. Proven also, homeschool is best, and Rutte ignores all sciences, he has hardly some. Dutch hardly have schooling, and sciences, and all low GPA and no degrees, mostly diplomas. Attempt to get all degrees, was underminded by UWV, and Rutte 1 2 3.
  • Profiling got into the news, in cops jobs now was crime, drugs towns, East EU came with crimes to NL. IS at the border in Belgium and in our country, even in the youthcare system.
  • Sending kids to foreign countries. This was turned back for some. Judges out of hand, no knowledge of the kids rights, and most workers NL have just opinions, no science, no law understanding, and pretend to be expert, care fraud is only gotten worse, schools now also fraud, with care, and with school fraud. Crime scenes at the elementaries, and in care.
  • “Toeslagenaffaire” About here he had frauded with belastingdienst, in the basic income NL has for certain payments, like rent, care, and kids. The older generation at work already was seeking for all our money for our kids, to use it, and to lie about our parenting to own that money as income. Businesses came out of this. Same time, they got money for being a daycare, parents earning on their kids with kids, enslaving the new parents to work, and themselves doing the care for kids, and getting paid by the gov for that. Businesses came from this in daycare, with abuses, and crimes, and in schools with the same, and then in youthcare, and in the end by the local gov. They control the kids. Toeslagenaffaire seemed so big, today that is “finished”, all lives damaged. People went through horrific scenes with Rutte and NL. But nothing compared to what came next.
  • Youthcare system changed to apartheid. IS even uses it, also full with low literate workers, with own DSM, and not allowed to work with kids, full with pedophiles, as they try to be a political party, and extremism everywhere.
  • Using this system to be fascist, even judges criminals, laundry as if laws are done, but all are trafficked and denied the real routes and laws, all ended up in human trafficking.
  • Crime out of hand in any job in the Netherlands. Local govs now also crime scenes, with youth care, social work, and schools, judges of family court and with “justice”, cops, and child protection. (And VT) Mostly x and boom out of hand with lower study majors, with social majors. More and more kids trafficked, families exploited. Care was already exploited, also elderly, and young, and blacks, now families in general and mainly kids. All for money. Some hunger crimes, and some dark triad twists, some pedophiles, some extremists, some IS, and some fascists… all a mix around kids, and lots of that. Using judges to traffick and own kids. They do not get kids rights, they are kept shut, and used, and trafficked, and abused.
  • Covid19. And the disaster you know.

Covid19 from the beginning

  • Rutte wanted to not treat this as SARS, with the known protocol and duty to this protocol. He wants to treat it like all flu’s. All viruses would be flu’s, especially this one.
  • Rutte wanted death, the herd. Immunity, with the knowledge from China that can not. More than 1000 people died, planned, so officially this is a war, he declared war already with IS, and an extremist and fascist, and these deaths he planned with covid19, is officially a war.
  • Rutte wanted still 1.5 m society. Never a real lockdown.
  • More than 10.000 died in the Netherlands, RIVM, and CBS show, he wants not the real numbers. He lets it be this frauding number, the few RIVM found, in the days, it did not want to find Covid19, thought it was the flu.
  • Rutte wants to be an expert naming country. Telling the codes. He is code red in many ways when we name danger, but he wants to pretend the rest is worse than him. People live used, exploited, trafficked, abused in the Netherlands, not only with Covid19. This is going on for years now. And apparently he could develop this criminal way, thus his childhood shows the creation of a dark triad, and thus was abuse and all types of crimes, and thus there was a past, for some in the Netherlands like that, as he is chosen as if he is a norm.

He caused Covid19, he caused false information, he caused death, he planned deaths, and many more than died, we all were logically against, and got it at least this “low”, with lots of work, as he asks lots of attention. He wants worse than he gets and tries all kinds of ways.

Research it and find even a better overview. And more references. (Ill be adding lots, over time)

We have human rights duty, thus must do ombudscycle per case.

You can get rich on this. All people have been abused, used, trafficked, exploited, frauded, been through all crimes possible, and lots, and daily basis. Thus there are lots of cases to ombudscycle per person, and about many years and many things.

Plus none in NL knows how to do this, well almost none, just me and? Whoever studied the topic. While this is duty. But that is Dutch, all low literate, thus none knows the real world, and science, and duties from the human rights. They make up ideas, and work with that, and force with that, even judges. But it is not at all what the laws says. And they cant know, they are raised wrong, coming from abuse, usage, and crimes. And their mind is damaged, and not filled with truth.





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