Recognizing #covid19 Is it Covid19, Strep throat, flu, HAPE, HACE, and RVS?

Or other types of pneumonia, viruses, causing heart attacks, organs falling out, trouble to breathe, coughs making the body so tired it gives up. Loss of smell and taste seems most easy to detect, but people with diarrhea and nausea come back for Covid19 tests too, and very common have it. So there are more symptoms. We need to understand covid19 to stop it. We need to understand the difference between all that looks like. Also, we need to catch care fraud and other criminals in care, people are dying and we can’t let that happen. We also need to test the young and care workers.

You can hear 3 stages. Outside and inside of the lungs you hear differences.

Looks like streptococcus?

Some have or flu, or strep throat, or covid19, the doctor thinks, ByStephieNics(25th of March, 2020) and Happy Travel Vlogs (16th of April, 2020), are an example of this, also Alie Brooke(7th of April, 2020) with kids they add RVS. Tests are out for flu and strep throat too, sometimes. And some patients come back after having diarrhea and nausea and then test positive for covid19.

Lots of nurses and other health care workers are not tested, and can not get tested, which is strange discrimination, they work with people, and they must be sure to not have Covid19 (Happy travel vlogs, 16th of April, 2020). Relying on the tests might not be good enough though, also not to the only test when there is a fever, “When it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it's probably covid19.”(WebMD, 30th of March, 2020).

People with covid19 died because of the lungs. Also could die from blood clots in the lungs, multiple organs falling out, or just because of pneumonia in the lungs. They get in a state of shock, not able to pump the blood around anymore.

On a ventilator the patients got confused, they can not respond well to things asked to them, this is in ICU common, not per se covid19. No damage to regions causing lack of smell or taste. No blood clots in brains, no vasculitis.

Only in 3 patients, covid19 was found in the brain. All patients had not enough oxygen, thus brain damage to that.

Olfactory nerves can be infected. Also, isn't covid19 then, not lots like meningitis/ encephalitis, also the confusion it causes, and, brain-gut related?

While we always must come first with any virus and kids, especially babies. Teens too with meningitis, etc.

Their gut-brain is more important than one old gut-brain, to be honest. Also, young people, their lungs get damaged without knowing. They have a life to come. We also, teach them all wrong, for the rest of their lives, and need to show how we do take care of them, so they will take care of themselves and others in the future.

Dutch does the same, fraud everywhere for money. In schools, care, social work, judges, gov, local and national…all is a crime, hunger crime, dark triad, dumbness, ignorance, but the human rights, ethics, science duties still count, so we do need to catch them all. When they can put their hand up for money, they fraud, that is a core of the problem, with the government teaching new kids, from schools to do the same.

So, that this happens is “logical” for criminals. And like criminals they get mad when you tell on them, lock them up, etc. They are like TV thieves, but then with people, human trafficking, exploiting, lying, twisting, frauding for their constant urge to get money.

A few get pregnant now, and never got tested positive before. It can be an interesting story.

  • Between 2003 SARS and now SARS 2, lots of seasons were tough with flu.
  • Pneumonia went up past years.
  • Kids disease can look like SARS too, like whooping cough, and R.V.S.
  • Needing more water than normal fits more diseases too, typical for some diseases.

We might better test all viruses a lot better, to know for sure what we have. Especially because SARS looks like flu, strep throat, HAPE, HACE, whooping cough.

  • Lots of people together causing diseases,
  • mountains have an impact and look alike illness, like mountain disease, also the cold, covid19 can survive in freezers, snow, and ice,
  • pneumonia has more types, and more types we see with covid19,
  • heart problems, kidney problems,
  • cough,
  • needing more fluids,
  • weakness,
  • blood clots,
  • heart attacks, sudden deaths.
  • headaches, malaise
  • drowsiness
  • ill with low temperatures
  • brain-gut related problems
  • meningitis/ encephalitis and other brain viruses.

We might find more on this in the past, to track down SARS 0 or before that some more, and between SARS 1 and 2(covid19) there might have been some cases we missed, causing in flu season and in until summer for some illnesses we thought were kids diseases or flu.

Anyway, we should test all viruses a lot more, I think.

Now we have strange symptoms, no smell, no taste we can find out differences better. We might find some more differences between all these illnesses to recognize them better.



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