Raping X is a worse generation then entire Millenials. And has their criminal ways with all they meet.

X had worse boom parents than us. And taught them to snatch us, Millenials. To add to their crime scenes, well they wished that but were shocked we are not raised the same, thus we say no, and only seek out and report them everywhere. And that we understand such a system. They are confused about that. As they were raped and abused in many ways, and only knew that world, staying narcissistically with their parents, trying to bring the biggest criminals all. Afraid of them, never developed, never grown, never loose from those insane. As we would never see those again. We are raised against crime, and raised that way. We had to become, and have become. They not. They use the people and systems and for that brainwash and crime scene, and even at work. It is the core of all crime scenes. Those insane elderly as their parents and the system around them.

Jiska Hachmer
12 min readFeb 16, 2020

They were young together, knew nothing about kids, and abused kids, also were alcoholics, cheaters, liars, sociopaths and to any DSM and very complex.

Not all were this way, but it was shocking any were this way. (And how they use the system and work, like any terrorist, and extremist, and any crime scene. )

We had no such childhood, nor ever such sick parents around kids. And these want to hijack people and regions in groups and are with criminals.

They thought to just hijack me too.

And raped me, and brainwashed me, according to my previous city, and they were right. (and they get insane by the types of studies we study, some they want and want to use, as a new crime scene through us Millenials at work, as we do better at work, thus are more “powerful” in their eyes, which gives them more “supplies”, they think. They miss we are taught to report them and jail them, and to tell on them. And that is a duty, we are never allowed to skip. And all jobs are your own, very personally, alone. None allowed to interfere. They walk for those parents and criminal families, thinking that is working. And show of even they are family people, but they actually are not alike normal family people and are narcissistic walking for these criminal families and their criminal friends and scenes.

And as we spot them, they seek for types and try to “friend” those, and expect crime in every job. That ill they live. Thinking crime is everywhere. Thus expecting us to be that. And we just never, and thus have friends. We see the other people, the more people, the normal people. And we friend profiling on ”are you good”. A good person is all we friend.

It was their ways the typical grooming, together with setting up a date and to keep ya hooked, while ya want out.

I constantly only wanted out. But made kids with me, and how, ripped condoms, thus rape, it was to feel like a king. But they all ain't that. But to pretend to me that is the reason, that that small was too big for a condom. Very narcissistic. And I kept demanding why that was done. And saw their crime scene around me. And left. Even psychologists demanded I should never see him nor any relative to him and his fam again. They groomed me, and its loverboy type 2, the twenty-year-old groomed and used, as a “cell”. As they seek for cells.

Related to the entire worst crime scenes, they were, I only wanted out.

So got protection there, right away, as they noticed the signs. Which this town showed they are a criminal, trying to get that out, so I tell. So, ya aware of these criminals. No matter what people after do, count it all out…

And the typical talks to each other, oh everyone does something, etc… me from better raising, no..and refused them…them all working on keeping me thus raping me and getting kids off me. Me just still me. Them abusing the system too where women must say they want the child, and then all assume you want such men? no, I want my kids and will keep them safe, but criminals no I do not. Thus we had psychologists determined he was ill and narcissistic etc and he had to leave, and his family, etc too. As they are ill and abusive and no good.

Why were all of them blocked, me never allowed to see them, that family and all around them and him. Them forever kept away… all those years. By those interfering with my family, by law, the government checks from then… and demanding I am never allowed to see them all again.

It is not, nothing we now can skip with criminal new locals, that forget all can puzzle out, what that means.

And why they said all those things. Else they had arranged us together. An absolute truth when gov interferes. And they did and all know and the proof is shown.

It was their demand, by the laws. We were said if you ever do them again, we must jail you, as you are then involved with criminals.

And that is how the talk is to a twenty-year-old groomed girls. And is the protocol.

And that is how we all see this region is the typical most raped of the world under 20 for women. Logical, as they skip this idea of protection and correct idea of helping people to their own lives and keeping the past away, just one phone call any cop is from you if they just understand to do the law and keep those away all are safe. And you ll ring, they come to stalk, etc, and to abuse the system, so locals were made aware by the gov, cause that is what criminals do, they do typical things, wanting you as a victim, an environment can easily keep women safe. So, cops gave advice on how to lock my home better against them too, etc. And do not understand it happens also after. So, when under 20 already is raped so much, what will over 20 be? Etc.

So change the region from criminals to crime stoppers.

Already an embarrassment I had to speak up, as these had the same duty as previous cops. (Plus investigate all last people there, when the region changed, as criminals then got active to change all in their work, and that same typical thing the proof of what was arranged with me, and the proof see he and all them was kept away from us, and not put with us. Understand how gov works, when they interfere else they put him with us, and they did not. And by their laws and rules, and duties, even forcing me that way.

Then when you lose your head on a change in the region, the crime apparently entered the region even more, also at cops, else ya instructed all by that simple knowledge on how you can know we indeed lived without him, and why, and punished then all forgetting to protect us.

As they now apparently showed their no will in keeping safe, thus criminal minds. (And in past also solved not enough apparently. So when chaos comes we all lose our minds and agreements? While I keep doing that what is said the rest of my life. Logically.

So gov knows the region is in danger, ya skip this simple case already, then all of them. )

But also the EU has promised we keep all arrangements with cops forever throughout Europe. So how European are you, and how safe are we when we travel? If you locally are already a mess.

So we see the locals as criminals at work, and gov has an easy case on them, but a big criminal case, because these are workers at work.

And the huge group of criminals at that work, and the huge group of victims.

Now count out this new region full of crimes and with 1 out of 2 under twenty women raped. That is all their fathers, grandpa ‘s and teachers, as our sciences say. That is all bad man here. And thus they also with pedophile party nearby, is what they are, criminals, not wanting to do my case well. And helping criminals they think. So my kids were trafficked. All political preferences of whores, girls made into whores, using their jobs, to take kids from all good. But there they locally fall, as the entire country was already involved all the years in my case, and the alarm bells rang, that they did nothing right, only trafficked and are the reasons for all the crimes in their local area. So put the judges even to jail is what the country demands.

As they had the duty to hear me and continue in that line with previously planned, not the last criminals that came there. But what the plan was when I arrived, till the rest of my kid's life, and with me only. That is a duty.

And as all jobs were hijacked by criminals, plus that dutch “ots/ uhp system” which only locally here is such traffick system.

Where these now showed to the country with who they groom and profile and snatch kids from, the entire crime field is now clear in the east and the north Netherlands. To all the south and bigger cities and all their traffick routes exposed. So we can expect even killings in the crime scene for this exposure the dumb ones did.

We now only see how hijacked they are and by who, and how dumb they all think. Not puzzling out the way things went. Hurting the people, trafficking along, working along with criminals, and not protecting people. So the cops are extremely dumb and criminal. And all know. They have years of these issues, where criminals use their work. And all seek that job from terrorist to extremist to any crime hoping to change laws that way. By pushing them. Finding their weaknesses and dumbness.

So, we only see who and where is the criminal, that dumb criminals always are. That is why we only ask laws as we already are not that dumb, we understand crime is dumb, just do the laws correctly, and understand all that and ya fine.

The good only catches them. And now know where they are and will catch them the even more.

The only goal locals locally had was getting my secret address known, to all criminals.

And to not give us our rights, and trafficked my kids away. That set the alarm bells on with every gov authority.

And showed they do not help people, else they know who every person calls when there is an issue, and what those say, and what they keep doing…

The X rapers is a good word for generation X at work in The Netherlands, as an extreme right, and part of pedophiles that are wanting to be a government party and us, just wanting out since I was little. And my kids and were protected against them, and now again within their crimes. As the rest of the country apparently were more criminal.

And where we only left there because all the crime has gotten there too and now all was a crime scene. That few years ago sweet town, with just bad schools had become the worst crime scene.

And again X. The new elderly X, and last boom, and the new X never ruling, all studied badly wanting to psychopathically rule. We were terrorized by them all the years we lived there.

And never forget how they look compared to the world, a nobody. Bad at all, and low GPA, and not ever comparable to peers around the world studies. All frauded, abused and thus psychopaths. Doing as a copycat simply what happened to them, to us.

Because it was very typical it shows the very typical times they were raised in.

X rapers are bandura kids. They now rape the mind, body, and soul and have ridiculously ill thoughts all dark triad twisted and ill and wanting to continue that. As the worst criminals.

Not to forget duty is human rights ethics and to forever leave us alone and catch them.

They use work to be criminals. That is X. With the last boom. But understand what those do… walk on the back of X and copy cat a worse style or just another style of the parents of x.

As they were forced never to raise us badly, we had a good childhood. X not. And then all bad boom part 3, the last ones, simply learned to be as bad as X parents, and abuse along.

So, to stop all this, do not do my/ our millennial bad parents. (My dad, and many others, I do not mean, they never sought to be like the badest boom, but I can not know what all other parents of ours are as bad as all these worst, doing the copy cat thing. So, puzzle out who was secretly bad, and used all of our families, or tried that and never got that power over others, as we have human rights and no interference and all raised fine, and they sought for the weak, which was X, and easy to use, as boom above them were worst, thus they show the user the backs, and abuse all, learn what psychopathy is, you ll notice them. But they can make X worse as well. As they pick on them and tell them to do things, they want to interfere and change them into worse.)

Dutch have now lots of work on the X criminals.

Then raised bad, given low education, and put in all abusive clubs, groups, churches, sects, and the typical outcomes.

Then trafficked us trafficked. We need a huge world group of psychologists teaching the dutch psychologists and people the true studies, as they also have pedophiles wanting all jobs, and fraud, and the extremists, and terrorists, and had already many ill x and boom cause of their bad raising, as dutch have different x and boom, than the world. And low literate. All in school frauds, and low gpa and actually no studies, and no degrees, or lots not studied and no degrees and low gpa and a master, that is not allowed on top of such no degrees. It had to be a-z degreed and high gpa and then levels up with a master and doctorate. So it then is really studied a-z .
And the crimes they were taught to do to the world. And to lie for this. So their parents and them have jobs and live. And the crimes they do to us younger people. It needs the world help to catch all them, and even judges.

Free us from them, and help them and us get human rights again. As we simply get it then back, they have it first time. So note their no understanding of them and had no kids rights in their childhood. We were raised with every article and every ethics rule. Them not. They just abuse.

All typical to criminals. Just the average criminal, but into big crime networks. And exploiting and abusing us.

F=m*a (will dutch x ever have scientific laws and understanding of development, thus the more we ask of them, as time passes by and becomes more detailed and precise and more studied?)

All good input will be good output, as it will be processed in the mind.