Overcome setbacks, do not give up! Turn a setback into a comeback. — Who I am and the setbacks

I can be drowsy, exhausted, feel pain, will not be able to do things for a long time, but those are moments. I need to simply understand myself, the setbacks and set myself back, constantly.

At the same time, I need to catch criminals, as there are always exploiters around the disabled.

But despite also this can cause exhaustion, I should not give up! And, just understand it's just a setback. We overcome setbacks, go back to our own routes, solve and become.

“We can have many setbacks, and set ourselves back, to who we are, despite the setbacks. “- Jiska Hachmer

You can have setbacks

You can learn that you will have setbacks in your life, and those are unique things in your life, about your body, mind, and soul, and your path with the Gods. Also, it says things about your environment, friends, family, and country, and national, regional and local government.

It says all about what happens to you. Still, you can solve all this and be who you truly are. You can adjust, find ways to still be who you are, and overcome the setbacks, setting yourself back, constantly.

Setbacks can be:

  • disabilities
  • diseases
  • moments in life
  • the things people do wrong in the environment
  • or lacks in the environment
  • crimes in the government and at work


I could be set back, it is what does happen. — The body has limits and I am disabled.

Since 2003 I know I actually cannot work anymore. I did find ways to overcome it and still work, but then I had more physical setbacks and had to think of this again and find ways again, to set myself back, so I am not a setback.

I did have very good people around me, very smart with finding solutions. I am too driven, too passionate, too young, too smart to not work. I always worked a lot, and I cannot, not work. I will always find something to work on. It is also, naturally, as there is still something within me that can do something, but it needs to be adjusted to how I can do those things, there are limits. I was lucky to be very gifted mentally and to have those people test that out, although I knew my IQ was at about 14–16 140, and I was invited by Mensa already back then to do testing. In those days, our Dutch Mensa still showed numbers of IQ.

The insurance I had, which was then in general better in our country, more modern, than before. Also better than today, as it fell back a lot, nationally, and especially in some regions. I moved to another region with lots of crimes in that same insurance, I was not used to that. I had a very good region and smarter people truly good at their work and finding the best plan for me, so this new region with crimes in the same jobs was very weird to experience. Smarter people always find better solutions, and are better people to be around, despite I actually without this IQ could not work anymore, so, it is also a bit of luck. But criminals never get to the best ways people can be. So, I was lucky with the better people, in the better region and the luck of my and a lot higher IQ, so my IQ is what creates more options to find a job. I can do work on higher levels, which will not ask much from my body. Also, I can study more studies and also combine those studies more, so I can adjust my work more, the way it does fit. A higher education, more IQ, more talents, more possibilities create more solutions. It is easier to adjust to such a situation than if I only could rely on my body.

In any way, everyone is different anyway, and we all are unique, thus we in any way should focus on our personal plans and adjustments, we all have different bodies, minds, souls, wishes, and plans in life.

note. I do use the term disabled, as I am limited. I like the reality of it, as I would skip my disabilities if I do not really say I am disabled. I can understand other people not using the words, for themselves, as they found ways to be included as normal. I am normal mentally, but I do have these physical disabilities. I am not wheelchair anymore, but it is almost the same, but with a very strict situation, where I do walk, but can't walk much, and need to rest constantly. Where others do not even know their maxes, and also live within their own limits, and just seem like average, so do not think of it, but also they are not the world top in sports, winning in life because they can run the longest, the fastest, or so.

So, there is this logic in my disabilities, where I can do things, but limited. So, I do seem “normal” but just can't do it all that long. For me, I am happy to not be wheelchaired anymore. It is a good feeling to look normal, but it also is a problem when others think I am the same.

This happens to all, everyone is different and unique, so all will have to come up with, sorry I can't run now, or not anymore, or not as long as you. I just have that very fast, compared to others, but I am not wheelchaired anymore.

So, I also, feel very happy, I have overcome that, and with luck.

Also, at the same time, over time all get disabled and older, and more handicapped. So, I fell back sooner, and look physically “older” or am sooner in that stage, but my mind is not.

I am also very happy because my mind is fine and smarter and I can study a lot and have a lot of fun, not even moving much around, but just online, in studies, and climb a lot in the ranking by studying.

Everyone can feel happy, because of the gifts they do have:

  • Talents
  • Lucky with the environment or people they live with
  • Having adjustments, and solutions
  • Having dreams come true, despite their handicaps. Or had dreams come true before they got handicaps.
  • Having kids and family.
  • Having friends, online and in real life.
  • Having a good job, despite all adjustments, changes, unique solutions.
  • Being your authentic and true self.
  • Be autonomous, in the ways you can be autonomous. Including getting the true adjustments needed, and still, count.

Yourself, your authentic self, your adjustments, your own wishes, your own decisions, it all makes you happy.

The core of feeling good despite all is, I think:

You, your dreams/wishes/ preferences and adjustments in life, being your authentic true self, and autonomous in the way you can be.

Also, having the luck, and gifts you have, like talents and success in studies and at work, which always simply means:

  • your wondering
  • your questioning
  • you finding answers to those questions
  • and you using the found information in a job or hobby
  • you sharing the found information

You will always have your preferences, adjustments and will just find the best ways for you!

This how any person works and how any study goes and any development in any person works, it is how nature and the nature in human functions.

In science, we wonder, ask questions, research those questions and find answers with research, then using that information and share the information.

It is what any job is, it is even how any job is done best (Stanford Medicine, 2014).

It is what any person does in their development, it is the basis of child development and human development (Hachmer, 2020).

These physical illnesses can setback, also the criminals that want to exploit the disabled.

It is like stealing from the blind because they cannot see you and what you do.

I have these setbacks:

  • Chronique fatigue makes me exhausted and a lot of the time. It is torture to force people with exhaustion. It is torture to neglect anyone and pretend all are not ill, are never ill, and never have personal issues physically. As if the illness cannot be real, cannot exist, it does, so it will setback. Also, every day. It is not a made-up disease, it actually makes you exhausted all the time.
  • Fibromyalgia, before the definition was made, my physiotherapists already noted I miss veins in my arms to my hands. I came from a very busy life and a life full of sports on a higher level, as I was planned on going to ballet high school, and had auditions since I was 8 for that. I was in classes for older children already, on higher levels, and planned to be a ballerina. Then, at a point, I quit, because the high school was far away and it meant I had to live there, so I changed my “career”, became a singer, wanted to dance, act, sing, and song write. Also, wanted to become a music manager, so studied management. Still at another point, not that long after, while I was very successful and only performing, planned to be a karaoke host on cruise ships and in theme parks, and not have a bookkeeping job on the side in the future, but totally work in music, and performing, I couldn't do as much as everyone else. Every audition I noted already my body was not as strong. I seemed to not change from teen strength to mature strength. Then, suddenly I couldn't even do my jobs anymore, and my physiotherapists noted things like missing veins, and the rheumatologist diagnosed me with rheumatics, Fibromyalgia, as it was then a rheumatics, later on, explained as missing veins and rheumatics. All other things were excluded, and the science of that time showed I have this, also it was clear in my case why. People seem to change the ideas a lot in “science”, or do not process all information, or do not place all information best and have different ideas of the disease. Or continue the study to make it more complete. But in my case, it is clear that, and missing veins, which is in a lot of research the cause. So, there might be different diseases in the end, or the same outcome and different causes. For me, it's clear I have it, and “control” it, in a way like my pelvic instability, accept the true “balance”. What is the time I do all without pain and problems, and what is the rest needed and take that rest. Understand the disease and constantly listen to my body and do what is needed. This is the same trick that keeps me out of a wheelchair, for my pelvic instability. I do have limits, but I listen to them, so I don't damage myself any further and rest and create the best time when I can move. This does not exhaust the body, which would otherwise let me end up in the wheelchair constantly.
  • Pelvic Instability, I got this since my pregnancies, early labor, and bedrest of 6 months. Over time the pelvic disability became severe and we could not solve it, I was pregnant and had to rest. So, I had lots of medicines during that pregnancy to not feel the pain as much, in the end, my child was taken out because it was damaging my body too much to keep her in. I was wheelchaired another year after. I never truly recovered but had the best doctors, revalidation in the hospital and with physiotherapists at home, later on, so I got out of the wheelchair.” The balance” is the trick, besides all the therapies. Also, not have a wheelchair, but to just let me be limited, so, I do not further damage my body. So, I truly listen and make the body strong by moving myself, and by resting on time, and also laying on the sides 20 minutes, each side, and every time. And keep changing sides whenever I sleep, rest, etc. Also, any person should not sit longer than 4 hours per day. So, I learned to lay and walk/ move, and stand, instead of sitting, and constantly when I sat, lay again, and move again.

All of it comes down to “the balance”, resting, not damaging, simply being limited.

I couldn't cycle 5 minutes a year after my labor, but over time I could cycle about 7 km, max. Then need to lay down and rest, so, I just simply even lay on beaches, or the grass, etc. All see me as she is always having fun, instead of seeing its cause I must lay. I still can't run more than a few miles, after 5 kilometers my muscles rip.

I was back in the wheelchair when I started running, so, I am not even allowed to do running as a sport. Well, the therapist had a plan even if my mind would be wanting to run, but it would mean a slow pace of gaining kilometers, and actually never run much more than the few kilometers I can. I had no need to continue that sport, so, I do what I do like, instead.

We need to move in life, sports are fun, but not a need. I was doing lots of sports in the past, so it has been very weird to not be sporty.

I also had more setbacks during these disabilities, I was amongst others physically abused by a doctor in the new region, for that insurance.

I could not even walk or cycle for months. I never got back to the level of movement, before her abuse, so she left me more disabled.

My kids were stolen by in a new region, the locals with criminals in the local government, just to set me back. They even openly admitted they only seek power abuse. I just asked for an adjustment by law, for my kids. They refused to do the laws and wanted to intimidate. It is as sick as any blind gets stolen, it does happen.

My disabilities and my kid's disability, and the situation at that time the new locals wanted to fraud with. While that was always known and handled perfectly in our birth region, and in the previous region simply with criminals in the insurance and schools used by those criminals. It just showed their mental illness and crimes at work, how bad they are. But the new region even got worse into further exploitation and human trafficking. So, all files they wanted to skip, and fraud in, and create new files, to bully and lie about us.

At the same time this happened in those last two regions the government got extremely criminal, and in war even.

But I am studied better than then all together, see my resume and check the dutch low diplomas, and GPA and lack of knowledge, etc. It is easy to see, and they only get jealous and bullying, not normal and themselves as smart, to be “friends”.

They are not good at being socially normal and friends. It is their lack, so, they also forget I am disabled for many years now, same as my child, and we already have been through all better health care and people solving.

So, we can look normal, do many things, normally, and need a simple adjustment, not how their minds work with care frauds, exploitations, further exploitations, and human trafficking.

So, we simply found their crimes, and recover, as we already were raised better and treated better and are known with criminals and what they can do.

So, they added their crimes, abuses, discriminations, further exploitations, human trafficking, refusing to follow the laws and normal routes, but are simply found, and worked on.

Crime at work “sets back”

Because the country where I live has many problems, and fell down hard, there are many jealous, dark triad, with complexes and damaging, criminals trying to create a setback, and profiled, particularly to all disabled, “looking different” although its just a variation of the norm, etc. They even profile all women, all kids, and families, and try to pretend we have no human rights, are slaves, and should be exploited and human trafficked, in child labor and crimes. They even create criminals and further exploit them, and with systems at work. Also, they give you only two options or you become a victim or a criminal, both will be exploited. You do not become yourself with them, nor get your human rights, ethics, sciences correctly. They have hunger crimes, dark triad, many with DSM complexes and within the crime spectrum, and crime at work, also out of hand into extremism, terrorism, fascism, and war.

All comes down to lack of literacy, and damaged people in the past, in the years, not when I was raised. So, they lack the good life we had, like all my age, which would logically go out of hand during their lifetimes.

They focus on creating the same for us now, and our kids.

Life is about being who you are and simply do that.

Who they are matters not much. I am me. So, we continue being who we are. Solve the setbacks and become, the way life has meant it, not how locals want it. Everyone simply now knows what the job is to work on, them. It is just a job to solve crimes, criminals, and crime at work. It is just a job to solve the discriminations and abuse they do to the disabled.

Also, whatever they tried to change, we remain who we are, also with these disabilities. You cannot wish the blind to see when they cannot. Frauding their files is not going to change that. Forcing them to do things for the seeing will not change it. It does show the crimes done to them. The slavery, the abuse, the human trafficking, the exploitations.

Normal people work against criminals, never against the people, also never against the disabled. We have duties to be good for the disabled, and to not neglect, fraud, be criminal, exploit, etc.

I will become an MD/psychologist, besides all I love to do

I am an environmental psychologist consultant, with my company Essence, my academic field: Big Humanity as part of Big History, translating scientific laws into daily life. My school for the ombudscycle and One World for the Ombudscycle (OWO) divisions.

Where I have projects and work on the best input, processing, environment, and output. Being most sophisticated and find the scientific laws and translate them to daily life.

Also, this solves damages, and crime, also at work, dropping the crime rate with honor codes, higher literacy, and good examples.

The core of learning, and becoming the best. Finding the essentials and own authentic and autonomous being, so there is also well-being.

I also, still sing and was always and a musician, scientist, and do the other things I do, write, manage, lead, research, etc.

I come from an environment that was very well with the disabled, and people in general.

More wealthy, more authentic, letting people be more authentic, their true selves, and their true authentic self. We had a better input, better processing, better environment, and thus better output. This led to more wealth, more sophisticated people, and a more sophisticated and better collective knowledge as a group. Schools are not the main place where you learn. You learn everywhere, all the time, and become yourself. So, all the information processed will be output in that environment. There is the constant input- processing- output.

We could do even better compared to other countries around the world, and think better.

We Dutch have a low GPA, we have forced schooling, we plan way too early a child's future, and its forces, in a secondary world, not the real world. We do not do the real kid’s rights, and not the real duties from the kid's rights, nor the communication model. We also, do not do the science correctly, to naturally do it all the best.

  • So, I had a better environment and time in the country, locally a better region, better at sciences, human rights, ethics, academic skills, and SEL, also working with more honor, higher literacy, and good examples, so a lower crime rate at work.
  • Also, a better time in our country. Everyone was better with children, at that time. They had found how previous generations were raised unethically, also without children’s rights, so, in our time everything was changed to these better ideas and sciences.

This led to being authentic, autonomous, and thus with more well- being (Santos, N.D.), and studying in a new system, compared to the previous Dutch kids, with a better curriculum, and more subjects to study on, more fitting the bachelor system, which was new for us.

This also led to more knowledge on what to do with disabled kids, with disabled young people, creating better plans. Although this was locally also done better than in the other regions of our country. Some, constantly lacked, still, and did not get all the best.

We still could change a lot,

  • The same good USA curriculum we need. With the same science proving why this is the best curriculum. Also, how to teach that?
  • And how to teach it freely, doing the correct interpretation of human rights, and providing all options. So, all children can choose themselves how to learn, and on what topics.
  • Where they over time do the correct curriculum for the jobs. So, also from the best moment in their lives. Always without forces, interferences, and influences. Always finding the natural functioning and doing the human rights.
  • Creating a higher GPA. This includes stopping the force to school and making education free with all options. Also, stopping the force to choose, and too early, on what job one wants to do.
  • The Dutch could create even more options for degrees, so everyone has a bachelor’s, master’s, post-graduate degree, and P.h.D degrees.
  • Then, the Dutch will share all their knowledge, and even more over time, in even more ways, and even better, as all get better over time. Also, when they get even more people with degrees to the highest levels and with even higher GPA, the input is even better and even processed even better, also that results in creating even better environments, and leads to even better outcomes.
  • Then, it leads to even a better new input and processing and output, and a continuous process of even more good input to process, and creating even more and better output. Because everyone’s output will be other people’s input, and this gets also only even better.

See this example:

This shows how we can let all be free in education, also in their bachelor degrees. For medical school they do, sometimes, need certain requirements they can add to their degrees. They also focus on variations in degrees, so we have more medical doctors with different backgrounds, although for the medical school all the same requirements and same curriculum as a doctor. The beginning is a longer study, also on a higher level than the Dutch. So, more mature people get into the medical schools, but also with more variations.

In science, it is proven we solve problems best when we have more people solving the problem and with different expertise. So, it is to ensure we truly solve situations. At the same time, it does not lose the true curriculum needed, and the people have higher GPA, thus grades along the way, from kindergarten until the bachelor degree, but also, all have degrees when studying Medical School, and are mature people with a fully developed brain, able to chose for themselves. This also leads to more freedom, thus the correct interpretation of human rights, and no slavery, no forces, no interferences, no influences, even, a focus on variation, inclusion, and one's true authentic self, dreams, wishes, and true passion, over time, to be sure one truly wants this job. Also, because one loving what they study, will do a better job (Stanford Medicine, 2014; DeRue, et al., N.D.).

(Stanford Medicine, 2014)

So, we can change our schooling, to no forces, no interference, no influencing, just truly the correct curriculum before one will work.

Because kids can join, have the right to join, but we have no right to force, we need to see more differences among all people in life, a variation of the norm, the true nature of children and people.

Also, more variations in the jobs, but still, at the same time, not low literacy, lack of knowledge, low GPA, skipping curriculum needed, nor academic skills skipped.

We need to understand the true science of people, and the brain, and their choices, also on success in schooling and learning.

All kids are competent, we must interpret them correctly, and they have the right to join, but we have no right to force.

So, we need to change a lot in our country and find the true science on learning, we must do the true interpretation of human rights, ethics, and all sciences, and learn to do all jobs better.

So, everyone has the best input, processing, environment, and thus output. Also, so everyone has that best output as their best input. So, we get into continuous learning and processing best, with the best output, and keep creating better output together, thus have better collective knowledge.

This includes, understanding humans are not allowed to be forced, everything must be done in freedom, but everyone has the right to join. Also, this includes understanding the learning process, how things can be done best, and how to get everything absolutely true, using the scientific method and process. Also, this includes understanding the universe always changes (Christian, and Baker, N.D.).

This includes letting all children, which are competent by law (Ruggiero, et al., N.D.), have absolute freedom in education and understand how giving more freedom for a longer time results in a more wealthy society, with true decisions, capable of using the sciences correctly, and finding a better place in society, and a more conscious place, more conscious choices in choosing a job (Stanford Medicine, N.D.), which leads to better results in their studies and jobs, and thus creates a better collective knowledge.

What can the first kid do? How can they join?

  • What can the smartest do sooner than other kids? We can research who is the fastest? We can research and find what are the possible things kids can do already. We can find what is the average, and what is the latest possibility. Also, what could be a preference, or what could be their physical and mental development. This must be the absolute truth, to not have frauds, criminals, lies, twists, misuse, abuse, etc. As people can abuse children because they are born depending.

So, we can make this more true, more correct, more complete knowledge on children and humans, and solve the problems.

  • How can the children join? All kids have the right to join, how do we create everything for kids to join? Including without being unethical, or having just opinions, which would be violating human rights, ethics, and note be the complete sciences knowledge, it would be untrue. So, how do we make it true, correct, and free?

Yes, the best can change things. — The entire world can grow and get even better.

Also, the best can grow. They could find all the best ways in all states and make that nationally available. All gaining ideas and ways to do all even better. Creating even more options.

We can always find things to do better, especially in a great environment where all study a lot, and everyone has such a good high school diploma, with high grades, a very good curriculum, and science knowledge in general like Americans.

  • They could create even more options for degrees, so everyone has a bachelor's, master's, post-graduate degree, and P.h.D degrees.
  • They could even create an even better GPA, even more people with the even better curriculum in those programs, leads to even higher grades, thus higher GPA.
  • They will share all their knowledge, and even more over time, in even more ways, and even better, as all get better over time. Also, when they get even more people with degrees to the highest levels and with even higher GPA, the input is even better and even processed even better, also that results in creating even better environments, and leads to even better outcomes.
  • Then, it leads to even a better new input and processing and output, and a continuous process of even more good input to process, and creating even more and better output. Because everyone’s output will be other people’s input, and this gets also only even better.

So, yes all have ways to get better and better.

In the scientific process, all can continue studying, and redo all studies, making all even better, adding new inventions, and finding new inventions. Also, find every variable to study on, in any question a human could think of, and find all the absolutes, the scientific laws on each variable, how they function, and work together, and find more math formulas for it. So, there is “an end”, but still no end, as the universe always changes, and we are just humans in the universe, not God, thus always finding new things, that were there, but we could not see yet. We will discover more ways to look at the same already found, and add new insights, and find more hidden things.

For example, finding DNA was such a process. From the moment it was found, everyone could change all their ideas, and continue the research on things found in the past, and the new DNA.

The core in creating a better collective knowledge is everyone learning more and more, and on higher levels, and sharing their results, so everyone can learn more and more and on higher levels, and within that process invent, find out, learn, become better and research even more.

At the end of all studies we have the scientific laws, the absolutes, but the universe also always has new changes.

Also, so we can place every person, and country in the total.

We can know what the level is of everyone. You can know where you are at in the sciences, with your thoughts and studies. You can see with research and science what everything means and how to place everyone and everything. You can see what one lacks, or could change, or could do better.


Santos, L. (N.D.) The Science of Well-Being. Yale University through Coursera. Retrieved from https://www.coursera.org/learn/the-science-of-well-being.

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Lee Richard, K. (12th of February, 2018) 10 Conditions Often Mistaken for Fibromyalgia. Health central. Retrieved from https://www.healthcentral.com/slideshow/conditions-often-mistaken-for-fibromyalgia




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