Merry Christmas! Talks will be fun with your thesis, research thesis, and hypothesis and results. Lots to share this Christmas! Merry Christmas!

That is the best table, developed people, talking about their latest research findings, the talks deep, about real truth, and this amazing friend, family member, or child found it, and talks about it, shares the secrets of life with you. Real celebrating. Well done! All your hard work all year, is now fun!

So, I suggest, show this Christmas what you got.

And if you did not study yet anything, like many Dutch in my country don’t have degrees, so you are not alone, an entire country is almost completely degree less, yet, just pick your study.

Simply pick your study, so you can share this Christmas, your chosen topic. You can think of that from today, till Christmas Eve. You can keep yourself obligated too after the new year. So, also at New Year's Eve you have a talk, the best news of the year, and the best to yet come next year.

That topic you choose, is already a great start, well done. That is one step. The first step to building, building your knowledge, and life and even more friends. People love smart people, people talk about topics, people adore you, knowing great secrets, they can learn too. So, next Christmas, as we actually, already all know, you’ll have more on this topic to share, it will bind them to you. And I want to hear too, I know the whole world wants to follow up on this too. So, please also share online on social media, be careful, you might get famous for your topic and ideas, the next world fever. You could say, well its the Christmas fever, that’s this phenomena’ s name, I once, started it at Christmas, just to have a topic.

Growing every Christmas.

We will follow your growth, nothing cuter than development, and seeing your friends, family, and children grow. So cute, the first ideas, and the first development towards a thesis, then soon the research thesis, or maybe already today a few of that, as you did think of your subjects. Over the years your idea will grow out, with all the studies you put into this. Your table filled with more people, interested in your ideas.

Results and more, this cycle never stops.

And, then after a while the results of your own experiment. The next top, of the next cake. Every year you feel it coming, just some more research thesis to go. Every year, all enthusiastically felt it coming either, where all the years were a growing conversation, they were part of, they want to hear if their responses are in the results.

What about all your talks next year? Well, the field will keep growing. The conversations will continue.

Merry Christmas!

So, who is alone this Christmas, or feels bored, try to mention your chosen study. Try your first worked out thesis, your opinion on why you choose this topic, and why they should know about this. And try to add some research, now or soon. Merry Christmas!

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