Lots of fraud around families in Holland

I was writing on this article about a year ago. We now know a lot more about this, but the past years I kept working on this. We need everyone telling what they live, to find all that happens.

But it takes some time before everyone works on this. We talked about it all the time, as parents. The schools changed, more kids got abused by school teachers, or people working with kids, just anywhere.

The news in 2013 or 2014 was even about fraud done by 1 out of 2 people, which was back then the people who were about 42, as that was the age of the average Dutch.

We were also told in the news, elderly at work hate the young, so we had to learn to stand up against them.

There is a lot of crime This shows it is generation X, going weird with the generation boom, mostly the last boom, because the older ones are now pensioned.

It is known X is abused by the ways of Boom, and it is known to be the name Boomecho to explain why we are also living those issues, “David Foot first used the term “Baby Boom Echo” (Ng, et al., 2010), while we had a good childhood without x and boom, lived with the better ones among them, only. We did not live with drugs and alcohol addiction. Boom and X lived together such life, without us. From their generation, we only got the best, we did not know as Millenials in this country about their problems, not the way it completely was.

When we grew up we could only guess why there was a gab, between our education, we got the 10th-grade like highschool, average, and there were no bachelor studies yet when we got from high school. So, why was this gab there? Why was there not the bachelor system, already? We came from a new high school system that had changed education so we could go to higher education more easily, but none had their studies ready for us.

So, none had made them yet, while it was the reason why high school was changed into this new style, to fit the university, and to go to a bachelor system.

Later on, when we got kids ourselves, we could only guess why our kids, and kids a bit younger than us, got abused so much in schools, nowadays, and out of the blue. We never lived that. We had that weird gab, were kept away from X and boom, then suddenly they fraud everywhere, are criminals everywhere and abuse our kids, even exploited them and human trafficked them.

The X and boom generation did get abused and abused our kids, but abuse to kids was illegal since 1800 in this country, so we were shocked. This is insanity, even when it comes from them being abused as kids, now copying that behavior at work, and specifically to our kids.

Same time people made the myth that homeschool would be bad. While it is our law and allowed to homeschool, local governments frauded together so much, hardly a soul got their rights. And with many tricky ways.

This is what I wrote a year ago. Today we know a lot more, now there is a lot more clear about how all have build up over the past years into a real war, the covid19war, with 1000+ (planned) deaths, which is the definition of war (Centeno, N.D.).


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X and Boom, childhood
Where they lived there was a world with abuse, and lots of force, and low educated and malicious practices, not the real education system, like the USA and most of the world. Totally low educated, and therefore in crime a lot, and having to complex DSM. Generation x 2 plus DSM, if DSM, and generation boom, 3 plus, if DSM, I read in research back then. They grew up malicious and in crime, and were used a lot, and forced to do crimes and malicious things, which means criminal exploited as we would say in Dutch, used for crime, exploited to be in crime, forced to. We knew this from everyone, as Dutch told a lot, but they did not work on this with ombudscycles, or tribunals. They told, they expressed, but they also did not truly solve it.

They are in need of our money, they hardly have degrees. And if they have “a degree”, they used old diploma’s as if those are bachelors, they are not, and got in the master degree only. Also, without the highschool needed. The old dutch “high school” had 5-7 courses, they choose, this could be anything, not the big curriculum America has, and not all those subjects down into 4 categories like life science, language art, social science, etc and then getting all the subjects under the name life science, social science, etc, or so. Which would be an American middle school approach to subjects.

No, it is mainly dutch, another language or two. Then perhaps a small amount of biology, geography, etc. Also, all on a low level.

Then their college was more like an associate degree, but lots less than that.

They also had not many academic skills, nor SEL. Also, not many ethics, sciences, and human rights.

75% of people working with humans are having DSM.

Well, 75% of psychologists would have been in therapy, themselves. Dutch bosses of social workers think it is about the same for social workers. I met on the Dutch “day for the youth”. They want to use this knowledge for their employees and try to work with that.

So when they wanted to teach us for degrees, as that became a new system, it took them long to actually create bachelor degrees for us. Also, they had not the right education to teach us. They were old style, and we got the bachelor degree system, which needs professors that have doctorate degrees, after having k12, bachelor degrees, and master degrees. Also, they actually never got to really good schools, not the world's best information they got and share. You rather learn online right away from the best, than in this country.

The problems were tasks problem and personal problems, they had. Also at the same time, they made rules for us and our kids, and never for themselves, since I was young. They started to exploit more and more families and kids in many ways.

Even the charity around the world by dutch got affected by pedophiles. We still ask the world to tell us about them.

Also at the same time, I was in teaching school in 2007 and got the mission with all new teachers to change this country in the education system.

We had to innovate, be better and sweeter, with higher grades, more knowledge, and more modern, blended learning, homeschooling, etc, teaching in many new ways, which were modern. Also, to be best in communicating, with empathy and reflecting on our selves, to have the best relationship with the students.

We had to explore all options and create the best system.

Same time, the x and boom generation didn't want to lose their jobs, and mainly had only jobs with kids, like jobs “for mothers”, like teaching, and babysitting. So, their strive against us got high, they refused to go do something else.


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History of kids in the country.

So it used to be kids could be raped, we now know. We had not those issues in schools, or sports, or clubs. But this was a bigger issue in the past, before us, and now again with our kids.

So they changed only that you now can contact someone if that happens. They did not change the entire system to the real ways it has to be anyway, according to science. They kept the systems the way they want and changed them into what they want.

They remain obsessed with the myth and pseudoscience a kid should sport, be in school buildings, and clubs, etc.

We now discovered many kids are abused and used by managers, in sports, clubs, and schools. The crime rate among teachers and people working with kids is higher, for a few years. Also, kids, now older, express what has happened, in the past years. The rate is very high for sexual abuse, these days. 1 out of 5 women, 1 out of 16 men(Rijksoverheid, 2019), but some regions showed 1 out of 2 women under 20, this was in the news in the past few years.

A few years ago even a gov party for Pedophiles was starting and still has its echo on the people (Wikipedia, N.D.).


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Past years

All kids had trouble with the schools, exploited, forced, a lot of fraud and lower grading than actually true, also bad education, and lots of abuse by the people working there.

There are not many studies in our schools at the moment, not truly the best learning, not the best ways of learning, also not many studying on how this should be done. It is just open, abusing, and using. This is not the way I went to school, and we did know homeschool was best, or private education, but we were going to school buildings, because who could afford to buy all the books? Also, there was no internet, yet, so, all parents relied on books, and none could buy that many books, to be like a school.

The teachers were also better, a lot of the time, they had studied on the topics. They were having a diploma or an associate degree like a college diploma, and that was the max Holland had with education. They were that Dutch top.

They did have fraud with it too, they treated the diplomas as degrees, and gave professionals the titles as if it were degrees from a Bachelor's system.

Looking back on these articles I tried to write, about a year ago, they are important, it is why I still will publish them, but we can see we had not all information, yet, to truly know what was up.

Now we see the total situation, with every year a lot of crimes done by the government. Also, how they created on one hand all the crimes, and a lot of crimes, per year. And, on the other hand, “created help”. To earn on the crimes they created. It is chaos and creating crimes, to further exploit. They even added more crimes to this, like illegal things made “legal “ in courts, and covid19war, etc. I was not yet, even writing about the “toeslagenaffaire”, a Dutch taxes crime, done by the president, which now had a tribunal, which proved he is a huge criminal. So, this time in 2013, the dutch slowly process, but lots of tribunals will be coming about years before this, and years after. Also, about what happened to the kids in schools, etc.

All have this past of X and boom to be solved, and all needs the better education that has to come in the country, without forces, without human rights violations.

We have a lot of work to do.



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