Lesson: What is Science?

What do you think science is?

Jiska Hachmer
3 min readFeb 23, 2020


A body of knowledge, wisdom, techniques with the discipline to do science steps. Learning, enlightenment. It can be a movement of changes because the truth is found and that truth can change all we do, now we know better.

Being enlightened is being sophisticated, wise, insightful, civilized, and literate.

The instruction that always leads to the truth.

You can find words for this. How would you define science?


Intensional definition: word, phrase or other sets of symbols that state the sense of the meaning.

Extensional definition: listing objects that describe the meaning.

Science=Scientia in Latin and means knowledge.

So, you must find knowledge when you do science. Would knowledge be true?

Knowledge means facts. Information that is meant as factual, truth. Skills that are collected by experience and education. Modified by truth on a subject, with practical and theoretical truth and understanding of a subject.

The core of knowledge is truth. The core in Science is truth. Real truth.

Science, the studies that seek the truth, and must find the truth, to be named true.

They do that with a hypothesis, that will be answered with right or false.

How would you define science?

You need to write about what knowledge is. What the practical and theoretical parts are in the finding of truth. And need to understand the bottom line is truth.

So, think about:

  • Truth, how do we find that?
  • Are theories true? How are they true? When are they true?
  • Is what we are taught to do practically true? And if we understand what we do, does that help us to do truthful things?

What are knowledge, truth, theory and practical understanding?

Then, make a definition of science= knowledge.