Learning from zero threats world, to get this threat level down to zero.

Jiska Hachmer
7 min readApr 24, 2020


Today people are abused because the past generations had a bad time. And they never understood we lived zero threats and thus know what that is, and what we should become. And we wished it on them, they never got it, and are like PTSD, mean, and hurt and abusive, and projecting, but also never understanding our peace and fun and happiness, and borderline as many of them are, jealous and criminal towards us and our kids because we are the happy generation.

We lived with zero threats, as a child.

There are differences in how to do schooling, care, the system for people when there is a threat.

You can pretend schools today can be like my schools when I was having zero threats, but it is pretending not reality. In reality, you need to change the environment and create a solution to threats and what will be changing for a child. And to create a normal childhood despite the threats. Adjusting like a lockdown plan or evacuation plan. A weather alarm plan. Etc. A logic.

Science and a plan.

Science on all threats and for each level of solutions by science.

  • Threat level 5, terrorism. to level 1, no threat. Getting solutions for criminals, they actually have gut microbiome issues, and other physical issues, that let them look like having DSM, and they had bad childhoods, etc. Solving by listening with empathy and understanding the types and bring them solutions, they want. Being good at work with people. Ethical, and solving with sciences, science, human rights. You still protect others from the dangers but can create a better world, by understanding criminals and create a good world for them, so they can become good people.
  • From zero to level 5. From literacy, and no force, and total freedom, to no DSM, and crime at work solutions and getting crime in hand, not out of hand. And get crimes of workplaces.
  • Who is alive? And causing threats, for example, the crime of x and boom attracts terrorists and other crimes. The drug abuse, alcohol abuse, pedophile, power abuse. It attracts more crime, thus they have a fault.
  • Grey, dementia starts from 50–70. Not let them work forced, no slavery, and be best doctors and scientists, with all the best science.
  • Power abusers, they are always around and seeking jobs and for power abuse, thus plans against power abuse. Plan so no power abuse can happen and solve like we solve criminals.
  • Kids, just the kid's rights and listening to the kids, and not influence them, protect parents to do their own extension of their home. Not peers together, not make them vulnerable. Do kid's rights science, thus adult world, at home, extension from home, and not create more crimes. Peers create crimes. And do homeschooling, and all options for schooling and let them be who they are. Protecting is not trafficking, trafficking is power abuse and crime, and part of all crime groups and from any above. Which will always use situations and will create chaos, damage, a war to get more kids from others. So, protect the kids with a plan, so parents do the kids, and that's already only what kids' rights is about. That kids get their will done. Not by interfering, but by listening. Thus when you hear a child you can bring it, and not interfere.
  • Plan for the complexity. As x and boom were raised bad, and no example parents, and not able to do this all on right levels and right ways, and are already known problems, we need to protect young parents from their power abuses and protect their kids to get their rights. Thus listen to both, young parents are the kids we need to listen to and see as “kids”, and their kids we need to listen to. And them too. All these complex things that we need to do, and put in protection plans, with no interference of the government. Same as we do can do libraries with no employees, it works, people get and bring the books and even without penalties, also when they bring back to late. The possibilities are there and duty to bring, we can, thus must. Same for many other things. The goal all autonomous, authentic, themselves, unique as they are, and never slaves, interfered, never used, etc.


We did learn all about threats, and we did learn about what grey would do wrong when there is a threat. And what x and boom will do wrong, because of their pasts. And overtime why we needed science and a better curriculum and GPA.

We were taught because they could, all religions, all government political parties, all possible ideas had the same understanding because there was no war. Because of threats, people become extremists and people will change ideas, from the fear and the threat.

We need science, truth and solutions to those threats and ideas.

We do not need stubborn all in school buildings, so we fakely pretend that's a science or a solution, no that's brainwash and what people were used to doing, and was already proven worst.

My kids are abused, trafficked by the dutch x and boom, and social work, with care fraud. All they needed was an adjustment in their education and was told by gov how to do that, locals refused. Were already big criminals for many years, and hating me for my work, and frauding because of my work, and discriminating us, abusing us, for who we are and what we do, which only criminals would do, when I am catching them, and when they can power abuse. Criminals hate being caught.

Homeschool is proven best

Typical things we were taught in the zero threat times because it was safe enough to speak.

  • Lack of news during a war
  • Abuse by gov during threats
  • Threats caused by gov to win elections and abuse the people, using fear, and fake promises.
  • Average Dark triad wants power and abuses, lies and wants to see who believes them, and uses believers and non-believers

All typical things in history, society, and dutch history.

We need to check X and boom and their issues, especially when Dutch.

Dutch have a low GPA, and they do not have degrees the way they should, they have old diplomas, and some master degrees on top of old diploma s and old curriculum thus lack a-z all curriculum and lack high GPA with that high curriculum. They fraud everywhere. And were raised with frauds and bad schooling, force, and experiments and are copycats and bandura kids.

Their frauds, their low GPA, low understanding and schooling and the abuse of experiments and a booming echo, and the DSM, which is complex with both, and their illness from their past. Abusing our children and us today, because of it. Lots they do wrong and logic from where they come from, but damages us and our kids.

And as only ones around the world. Need for jailing them more, and taking them away from society more, and worldwide. As they even abuse charities to rape kids internationally. They have more Dark Triad and were raised wrong, thus are logically more dark triad.

Threat levels