The hypothesis about the crime rate rises with hurricanes and bad weather.

Crime has a correlation to weather.

Jiska Hachmer
5 min readJan 24, 2020

Hypothesis: Nitrogen + virus + depression schizophrenia etc a sum leads to murder and mass murder.

Could be simply nitrogen causes higher murder rate, thus in hurricane season, as that brings nitrogen, especially when taking nitrogen out of the ground when the hurricane fills up with elements and, later on, let lots of it out during the storms, so people than have suddenly a lot of these elements in the environment.

Could be simply some are mentally ill, because of Illness that comes from the hurricanes season, the winter season, the cold-weather season, etc. The illness can make them not themselves, like people with high body temperature. And perhaps because of many aspects, as illness can cause DSM, and then the name is not DSM, we solve the cause, but if we do not treat the illness it comes out as DSM.

It could be simply a complication of depressions, like a winter depression going bad into schizophrenia.

It could be a virus complication, like getting rabies from bats. As bats cause viruses in human.

It could be all of it, as a sum.

It can be all of it and pressure changes. It can be simply just pressured changes, during storms. So, pressure in brain changes. Or the water in the body changes, the shape changes of things in the body, the way genes must keep the same pattern to not get ill. Like with FFI, Fatal insomnia. The shape changes create insomnia and death.

Crime rate rises when the season is there

Crime rate rises when there are hurricanes, shooters then have more mass murders. The nitrogen would be the cause. I already thought water does something. Also pressure change in the brain. And then what if plus virus, complications, no rest, like depression too can lead to schizophrenia, even parasital schizophrenia when having parasites leads to differences in behavior. We have this total sum why some do and some do not.

And then especially all when hurricanes come, when the “winter season” is here, there are also viruses. And can have the same complications mentally. Ill people have no DSM, but we could see it as DSM, but the cause is an illness. So it is a DSM coming from illness.

We have weather changes, things causing illness thus mental changes, and we have that in the same season as hurricanes. We have bad weather and more illnesses. We have more murder cases with the weather.

Input processing output

f=m*a. Velocity is the change on the road to the goal. The blocks, the longer around to the end goal. All these things can be velocity. And are the force within, we add all influences to the brain, and the process in the brain and an outcome is created with that. We need good input to have a good output.

We have to study this too with all the above. As we can change people and make them stronger against influences too. We need to make the best environments to have the most healthy people.

We also have the moon as an influence, to the moods people have. People also sleep worse or better with some weather types and some moon positions. And perhaps with other planet positions. Also, with more or less sunshine, mood changes.

Also, other things from the universe can influence people s behavior. Astrology, but also feng shui can teach us more about the science of people changing behavior. The more we study, the more we know. And about who and when will respond, to what.

I love all these environmental studies, and very broad, as long as we, in the end, find the scientific laws, so we find in the end the formula’s, the math, the real truth.

But I know how long that can take. So, I encourage all these studies, anything about the influences of the brain and mood, feelings, emotions, development, and behavior. And, we have to place all studies into near or far from scientific laws, to know if it counts for all people, and how.

Also, science now knows how much music influences even movement problems. We can find a lot, also in music and influences on the brain.

Also, love creates certain moods and behavior.

It is the season again, and crimes go up again. Be aware.

The cold did this. Germany has extreme cold. It makes me hypothesize what cold does with the brain. Changing shapes, from liquid to solid, and more pressure? But all the above I already had hypothesized. This last I am still working on. Depends on what water does with the weather, changes really into different shapes within us? When we get too cold? Etc. And we do know ions are less high in weight or heaver when water gets colder or warmer. The weight changes for ions, so it can be an important part of the brain and functioning, as with the weather water gets heavier or lighter.


Germany crime situation recently in the code yellow, for cold weather.

Cold and shrinking brain

I will keep adding sources. But for now the hypothesis.