Human rights not done, thus we need a new place, a new court, and everything correctly… and not done small, but done broadly.

The Dutch are the worst place to have a peace palace, as we are full of fascists, who are denying these human rights, thus they must lose the spot. (They hardly know these laws, and have bad education, low GPA, and pretend they work for these laws, they do not. They pretend to get your money, and feel a status, but are simply dark triads, and thus typical criminals. They twist the most with pedophiles, criminals, dark triad should be acknowledged, like a rainbow. No, because they are not allowed by human rights. They do not understand why they became criminals, which is only caused by their bad raising and is no gender, and not “equal” as they downgrade the rest, and want narcissism. They seek slaves, for their own “feelings”, which are even made by crimes done to them. Thus they need un-brainwash, healing, and never near other people because they already want to attack them. These “weak” people, abusing human rights, are punishable, and thus should never have such court to run, but all others must be led to the better court to finally get free of these Dutch. ) Human rights are something else, they do not know what it means. So, they do not get them done. Real work they also do not understand, they understand facade, not the competition needed to get the best place for such court, thus that you have to do them the best, always, and for all.

See their low GPA, and their forces to schools, and the way they have apartheid, “ots”, “uhp”, “jeugdwet” etc, and overall low literate, abused people. Also, the crime center of the world. Attracting more crimes. That is not a good place for human rights. They even have pedophiles using worldwide charity to have sex with kids. They are sadistic, criminal, and never solved the x and boom generation problems. It only got worse. They are no example country, thus this court must be gone, and placed in a country way more wealthy and doing the rights precisely. The Dutch want fame, but have nothing really, so they used these things, typical the way Dark Triad does, to look good. In such a place, none should ever be, getting human rights. Do you want to get your rights walking through a Nazi, or Hitlers home, or cannibal city? It has to be fitting and this is not.

From a-z it needs to be a place with a high GPA, high literacy, no force to achieve that, no brainwashes, also lots of homeschooled, and all the human rights done. The wealthiest country, where rights really are done right. No facade, no dark triads, all on the highest level done. Truly.

The laws, that counts, not self-made ideas of it. The laws that are only not understood by brainwashed, damaged brains. Any normal raised, got the right input, and got no forces to learn, and got their own rights, as this is for any person born their rights, to create their own life, authentic and autonomous, as only that is well-being. And got their own growth, preferences, and all of the rights, and to choose in life without interference, only by themselves chosen.

Authoritative raised, know already all human rights from all sciences, as it is only logic, collection of absolutes. And authoritative use sciences, and are sophisticated. Not a trend of fascists, as the raising is about all people are equal, themselves, we bring the best only, but all process themselves, and decide themselves, and become wise. The people can be themselves, and with others. Will become equal mature. Not an idea of that, but yourself mature, and equal, the way you are. And got only the best input.

So, science is understood, scientific laws are done naturally too. So, they understand we wonder, we research, we find out, we find our idea of it all when we have done a lot of research. And can test that out, but we are ourselves, not brainwashed, forced, shaped. This is the core of humanity. A human is this way and is respected to be. It is not impulsive, with drugs, and alcohol now, after too many impulses. Also, not, small-minded neglected a copy of all it got. Also, not, scared, and ODD after authoritarians, that feared them, trying to rule them.

No, themselves, human. And logically with the logic of human rights, sciences, ethics, and empathy.

But one not understanding these laws, and the science of it, shows they had a bad childhood, a bad life, not naturally have lived this good life, so they know about what it all is, thus with not the possibility to naturally understand them, correctly.

When they are done right, the bad is gone. Especially when you understand the nature of it. None needs court when the nature of it is understood and already done in life. In this logic.

With software exactly the right way of interpreting them, as a human can not do their own laws when it is for others, it is biased a mind, always. You need the precise answer, and personal, and without interference. But you do need people to get criminals out of these jobs, and need to catch hackers, and all around that. So, you need the system, out of the hands of criminals. And need this as insight, from a-z, about the human rights, what they are, and how to do them, and what the science is, what the ethics is, why it resulted in the human rights, and what the punishment is. So, all can calculate, understand, and know their whole life these rules. And no judge can go around them, or first time interpret them, as this is old news, all already know them and can put that into a system, a software. Every person has to know these laws by heart anyway. So, we need to see the shift to the logic in any detail of life, human rights. Just the cops catching violators, so any other civil judge actually never is the right judge. They all must obey the law, thus are for cops to be jailed when it is not done. But they are not deciders on them.

  1. You need to find the precise laws, not just the by human-made, idea, and thus myths, bias, wrong schools, wrong curriculum, wrong understanding, DSM, frauds, dark triad, etc. Long list among working people that use the money to be a computer, and are not, and never can be one. But you do need the human to set the computer straight when wrong.
  2. You need to know the scientific laws proven them, always. These are meant to be precise what human need, not just a right we wanted once, and now all should get it. You really die, when you are not living as a human with the basic needs, sciences, etc. Empathy is key in how bad people are with people, or how good they will do human rights.
  3. You need these most simplified ways to right away see their crimes, so all jobs get clean.
  4. So, no one is a dark triad. So, we need to find the bad things done to them in the past and start ombudscycle.

And this way is how any new child learns. Learning any science goes this way, finding the science of things. Finding what that means to you. And to others around you, and recognizing violations and how to solve them. And then translate them into work, and daily life.

Learning about:

  • The standard.
  • Cumulative, from one to another case, and situation, and with all the sciences. How we got to the sum of this all.
  • And to bigger complex. From this logic, and learning about the reality of it in your own life, to the bigger complex, to the world. And also, how to solve big, not only nearby. As the duty is to really solve, and not stop at the borders of your city, or country to solve.

Also, from its own experience, and senses, and thesis, the opinion, to research, scientific method, wondering, questioning, finding what others have found in research, and finally to a hypothesis, and finding the truth of it all. Finding the experiment proving all this, and finding what you now have found out about it, and translating it to daily life. That is just how any person develops and does science. And shows how far you got in your own development, where you are. And leads to how much help one needs to get the will done.

The goal is your own life done. We have a duty to help kids get their own will done. And are not allowed to interfere, to influence, to decide for them, never, not even for babies. We do have duty to interpret them.

The courts not allowed to be involved, and logically because we are not on the market to be sold, and to be used, by one able to play the courts.

We must get human rights, everywhere. So, all products and things made on the market do must fit the human rights and are not allowed to be “sold” with judges telling you should buy this or get this done.

That is already slavery, exploitation, human trafficking, denying the real rights, your own choices, and own life, without interference.

  • Scientific laws duty
  • No crime
  • No DSM/no personal problems
  • clean the jobs, using sciences, human rights, ethics, empathy.

And the past generations X and boom abuse because they were abused, none ever gave them the kid's rights, as they had none. We did, and they now abuse us all, after we always lived fully in human rights, they suddenly deny them, abuse every job, and “gang” through them, using the jobs, and traffick our kids, these new-old, worse than the old before them. Copycats, bandura kids, now older, and still at work, should not be in any job anymore. As they have not the right education, but from a-z in their live fraud they are, they officially are not degreed, the rare that is, and started later in life this degree system, mainly have old higher education and then a master of the new system thus is still not equal. They refuse laws, are fascistic and abusers, rapers, killers, groomers, extremists, terrorists, criminals in any way in any job, and ganging, and with international crimes. We need a threat level at 0, they raise them to 5.

So, we need to get through unethical behavior again, and why they do this, and what is not solved. Ombudscycle duty, per case.

The only luck for us is, we all are raised with human rights and better than the generations before us, we can not give into crimes. We see typically only our low literate sometimes give up. And mainly the lowest study major, social work, family court judges, cops, and local gov. Using schools, and schools use them. All with many DSM, and personal problems, and not the right education, and creating secondary life for us. Apartheid as a common. While this is so old a type of crime. You see their age go up, creating old unethical things, already in the past solved and made punishable, done now as a common. So, we see right away who came up with this, only them, their last wish to have this again, trying last time to get it done, while it is extremely punishable. Feeling the kick out of this, as fascists, that they could suddenly come up as fascists with courts, and trying to laundry the things they want, with judges.

With hope, we new kids will fall. Them dumbly, to be honest, forgetting how old we are. So, only showing they could be fooled at their forties, they were little kids after 18? We not, we worked in better jobs since teen years, and working young is not the best at all, but we came from grandparents adults at 12, officially by the law, adults at 12, vs people wanting us to be kids at 40. Who falls? Especially we were taught human rights as little kids, we know nothing else since birth we have kids' rights, as every person is born with them, always. We are no kids and for a long time. We are also, more studied. More developed. Ourselves. They never achieved such, they only wished apartheid. The typical small-minded world they come from, from brainwashes. Not able to be with humans.




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