How to learn? Best methods.

Becoming is a process…


Growth mindset (Dweck, 2006)


Also, SEL helps us learn better. First, the teachers doing SEL, then the kids, then any program teachers want to teach the kids can be done better.

Learning, best methods.

  • Discipline, keep doing what you do when no one is looking (Eric, 1996),
  • set study goals study with purpose and set the time you need to accomplish tasks,
  • improve concentration with mini-breaks, minimize distraction, manage your time, set goals, make priorities, say no, make to-do list and schedules. Before study check your daily routine and how much time each task cost, and plan, daily, weekly, monthly to-do lists.
  • Forget learning styles, work in more ways,
  • determine distinctiveness, unique concepts, and similarities in concepts,
  • make meaningful connections visually, don’t memorize isolated facts,
  • make questions about the text when reading,
  • make a summary in your own words after reading,
  • teach what you have learned,
  • repeat the information,
  • enhance your wellness,
  • read critically,
  • evaluate sources,
  • cite sources.


How to be an effective learner, evidence-based…

  • to use memory improvement basics (improve focus, structure study, and avoid cram sessions),
  • learning new skills (to gain gray matter (You need to keep practicing to keep the grey matter)) (Dranganski, 2004,),
  • learn in more ways(This will pull up more bits of data collected) (Willis, N.D.)(Krasnova, 2015),
  • teach what you learned to someone else,
  • use relational learning and previous learning to understand the new information to learn better, gain practical experience,
  • lookup things instead of trying to recall things you forgot, and then recall(Warriner, 2008),
  • know how you learn best, Gardner's multiple IQ, Jung learning style dimensions, VARK learning styles, and Kolb learning styles can help with that, test more to gain a better long term memory(Chan, 2006),
  • stop multi-tasking (Rubinstein, 2001).


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