How our court became a crime scene.

All the cases are no family court cases.

But the east Netherlands and North(Frisian) the Netherlands, and all other regions differ.

  • Especially because the court officially should never be the place where you are at. The normal route must be done and by your personal choices. And all dutch companies, and also who work for the gov must do all according to the law, and thus can not have conflicts. So, you would assume something went not by law.
  • Then the precise skipped law must be mentioned. And it must be something you had no choices on, by law.
  • Thus you must read what it should have been, and then the “administrative “ boss comes to explain with the exact law what you have skipped then. And only then. And explains the punishment the law has written down for this particular mistake.
  • Without that there is no court case and no court case allowed. You can only go to court if its a law, and if its something that particular court handles.

And also the higher court.

  • and they even correct all below courts, and tell them as a bigger administrative, the correct law, and corrects the below court. Thus here they had to mention the precise reasons when one is allowed to go to court, and by what law, and how precisely that original route had to go, and when that goes wrong, write out precisely what then went wrong, and what the punishments should be.
  • And thus on all sides the punishments for skipping the original route, and the precise law. Because they only handle what is exactly a law. So, if the route was free, and own choices there is no court.
  • The court even must be jailed if they would take the case. There absolutely no freedom in the use of the court.

And more laws and ethics and rights demand that.


Hijacking Holland

And thus punish this human trafficking! And my suggestion does also the original, official routes on laws.

The types show us what DSM types have.

Criminal law has the same way all the laws to jail them

The government must lock down the cases to court, and care and must control cops too and all involved.

There is even more duty, as all already know the history of the particular court users.




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Jiska Hachmer

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