How do you feel about your mom?

How do you feel about your mom?

We do not only have moms as the mom, but we are also brought up with grandparent is the grandmom, the great grandparent the great grand mom. So, we lived with all the moms. And mom was the one grandmom taught to do better, as she was young. And grandmom was taught to be better, as far as possible, as a grandmom is grown, by the great grandmom.

And the greatest and grandparents taught everyone to use the mind like a book. So, when you would find your one, as you only had one love in life, and you had to search for him, and endlessly till you have only him, you put the books together. Your minds together, and wonder what all moms and dads, all grown and your own would do. And that together suppose to mix, or to be chosen from what's best. So, your book, your mind would end up knowing all the best things to do.

So, I knew my mom was the younger mom. And would not be finished her growth. And grandma was also the mom for all of our family. And when I was a baby, I remember great grandmom, she was that center, for even more people.

So, there was this pyramid of where all stands. There was always your home with mom. And the family with grandmom and she ruled, but mom decided the things for her home, and grandmom loved to see her kids be parents now and just helped out. Great grandmom was happy to have more grandmoms and granddads now as kids. Her own kids were grown with grandkids. And the kids that were grown had some more tasks to help the family out and to teach things.

All was taught and centuries this way. The good thing is, as a family together all was good, always and for centuries long. And if one child found it hard to be a parent you always had all those others. So, mom is therefore not mom, as if that's my only mom. And we felt the centuries of moms.

She is Irish too, her grandmom is. And all those other DNA we did not know yet. We were very English, as I turned out to be English. My Irish family remains Irish, but in my DNA I am mostly English, so my DNA makes them look English, but I know they are Irish. Also, on mom's side, we are Scottish, etc. Lots of Great Britain. The names show that. And I am extremely happy to be their family. To have that deep love they all share for centuries.

I have Australian fair skin my DNA says, and I am from the world, they all traveled, the big moves, and therefore most of my family is American. I also do share DNA with tribes etc, but not until 5th cousin, but a bit further away. I even have 20% Subsaharan DNA on some chromosomes.

I lived naturally my life that way since I was little. I spook English with friends, and we all loved English as the language, and it's my best subject. And I expected to be African or so. I wondered my color, why I was so light, where did my color go?

I knew I was more southern. My mom felt she was more Irish. Grandmom was sweet, all the other great grandmoms too. My Friesian family on my dad's side our my other moms too. And I saw they all share DNA, and our family in the end. All similar DNA and great grandmoms, in the end sharing some family.

So, we did not live as a mom is a mom. Mom was a mom for us in the home, and had her family tasks, and had to be a good mom, all checked on that. But we had many moms.

The feeling is not about did she do well, we all understand people, as with problems and things that happened to them. So, we can see the difference between all things happened and an outcome and love for kids, or bonds with people we like most.

So, was mom my best bond, no, but mom was where I was a lot and the home had a feel and the home was made by her, as that was now her right and task to do the home the way she wants. But we had all the moms in our lives, with the tasks they did well.

My mom loved my grandmom lots and wanted to be like her. I wanted to be like grandmom too. We all. So, I saw my grandmom very much, till the end. I love we were a big family with all these moms, and ways they had. It was smart. So, all worked out fine.

The space between my mom and me now is, therefore, a respected place, we had the right to leave and be ourselves, and do our own family good, and they knew all ya mind knows is what the family and environment gave you so they worked hard on getting the best, each person the best they could, and that would be the sum in your mind. Not only what one person did, they knew that. So, they gave the best of them, on all sides of all the family, all the moms, worked on doing their best. Also, on Dad's side.

The respected space makes it easier to be now yourself as a mom. All in your book you take and that is what you have to work with, and you are forever seen as a child of someone, grown, but grandmom and granddad would say I still have a mom although she, they, are in heaven. They watch over us, all the moms and dads, and they made us. So, you are theirs too.

Are then people, my mom or anyone else jealous? On the other moms, no, I think not. Could be a mom is, but I think we are used to these many moms, she had that too. And she had her time with us, it is now my time with my kids.

I love this way we were brought up. All people are very authentic in my family. Very much developed into who they are. So, you are a while their child, with all the influences of the entire family, living and deceased as we speak of the dead and the way they were too. All the great grand moms and dads I never saw, were talked about and how they would feel and solve. They might have the best plan. But you knew the end goal is to become who you are.

I think mom tried that too for me.

And it is smart to not think in best and being wrong. Was it best? It was about did she do her best. That counted for the older moms. And is all that counts? The system works this way, that despite all we become. And the best God brought. Because they all knew so well, all worked hard with their blood, sweat, and tears. Life is not easy. You can do things very wrong, and we all can try to keep all good, by understanding your roles in life and bring all the best you can. You might be important in that role you have. God planned this all out they all believed, so is taught to us. And we don't judge.

The task was to stay with all that is good for you and be best for your kids.

Still, things can come on the path that will be hard for you to stop or change. Then the purpose is to find over time what it all meant. Judging mom is therefor not my task. It is my task to live the best I can.

So, I like how I am taught to be this way, it solves so many thoughts and things that could happen when you only judge mom. We end up being the best we can and others might use the things we make.

It is deeper a bond than if mom was the only thing I am or have.

So, if you understand how this works, you know some can be far away traveling with their kids, and all other moms are happy for them.

Some are at home doing what they found in science as the best, and they enjoyed how then any child of them is different, doing another theory.

It is cute, and their child's right to be who they are. And they knew these kids of them, will do the same after their childhood, they will choose their best things and best life and we all will respect that. All cousins respect each other forever.

We all know our moms are different and from the same, and we all are who we are too. We never judged them.

So, the further a cousin from me, it is still the same way, we respect. And at some point marriages happen. It is funny how many are actually far cousins. I think because they create together a good life for all their kids while doing who they are. We all share these older great grandmoms etc. And somewhere Europe and the world shares all the same. They knew how all moms are the world, at a point. All are family.



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