From our “Baby-mind”, on what level are you?

How to know our “baby-mind”, and how to know our level we are on, from that level? How to clean the mind from DSM and crimes, to have just our sweet “baby-mind”? How to keep this clean mind clean from DSM and crimes? How to keep the environment only good, with only good influences, and good input? So, we keep our “baby-mind” and simply grow into a child’s mind, youngster mind, adult mind on the topic we learn about.

We need to learn, without force, and with our preferences and own will. We need to wonder, and if we wonder, we need to create questions about something we “research”, explore, want to learn about.

The level of research is k-12, or college/university, masters, or Ph.D. The topic we learn about is on some level.

To grow IQ we need simply harder tasks and a “growth mindset” (Trei, 2007) (Anderson, 2016).

Lots of people think to be smart, but they are not, they are wrong, and they can not be smart on a topic without studying on the subject, this is the Dunning-Kruger, effect (Wikipedia, N.D., Dunning-Kruger).

You can check your writing level

You can write on a topic and copy and paste it onto these websites and check what level your writing really is.

You can grow IQ

So, you will do best with learning any program (Liston, et al. N.D.)

  • Always, we should do SEL first, ourselves
  • Then, the people we work with, so we need to make SEL assignments to do first, for ourselves and then for the people we work with, but before we do the program we want to do. So, these people do SEL, then the program we planned to do with them. But after we did SEL ourselves, first.
  • Then, we do the programs we want to do with them, they will go better after SEL, after we did SEL, and then the people we planned to do a program with.
  • Self-awareness
  • Emotion management
  • Empathy
  • Conflict resolution
  • Responsibility
  • Perseverance

It's like a baby mind, it did no crime, has no DSM, and we now do SEL, first. It is like playing with a baby, to make the baby happy. We do SEL games. And to be successful we need to do ourselves first, then the baby, and then we do programs with the baby. We do all kinds of learning activities. Engaged with the children, they learn.

We do listen to their will and preferences.

Notice we need to solve DSM and crimes to when people are older if they developed that. Not misdiagnoses, or care fraud, the real pure DSM and crime.

So, check:

  • miss diagnoses
  • care fraud
  • Pure DSM and pure crime, which comes from wrong raising styles, and wrong input that made them criminal, and thus also change that first, so they are not with DSM and not with crime, then we have the only ones with real DSM left, which we must proof with MRI, and real tests. Not just theories. We can do the theories, like a church, some love to go. That's a personal choice. But if we mean real damage, we need to prove that in the brain, as miss diagnoses happen too often, and is logical to happen, we do not have proof, thus not the correct scientific steps done to prove what the situation is. We need to get also to the gut-brain problems, and to all other illnesses that can make us behave and think differently, and is no DSM, but is an illness, physically. We then fix that, and the DSM, and “wrong” behavior will be gone.

Left, the real damages, which can have a DSM name. But we also caught criminals, and faults. We are cleaning up the work floors, and the bad input.

Blanco, new, did nothing wrong, and will do nothing wrong, and has no DSM, and will not develop DSM, as we now approach the people correctly.

The pure DSM left, not caused by faults, bad input, nor crimes, nor miss diagnoses.

The pure natural human.

  • And we can see what is the person's pace, for example with the IQ to the grade conversion chart (Bock, 1998).
  • We can make tests, to see what a person does better or worse than average, thus we can explain their IQ.

We let it grow with the best input, on the topics we want to learn about. The more authentic we are the more we know what we want to learn, and we can use that as the door to all learning. The more we are ourselves the more we can wonder and are not brainwashed, but just wondering people, guessing within themselves (Purves, N.D.).

Just like a baby. You need a good start, with your clean “baby-mind”, a baby on the topic you will learn about. You need to take care of you like a baby. Also, you need to take care of the knowledge you need, and ideas you want to grow, and your IQ, levels, wisdom, and all topics you wonder about.

Also, you need to nurture your senses. All sensations from the environment, you could sense through your senses, will go through these senses. You need to be good to your senses, so they will be functioning best they can, and so you get the best input through these senses. You protect the senses and your mind from bad input, so you only have good input, and good processing, and thus a good outcome.

From this good start, you can learn any topic. Just keep learning!

  • Human rights
  • Ethics
  • Sciences
  • Scientific Method
  • Academic Skills

After this, you can learn you can really learn anything.

  • Kids, we are not allowed to punish. This could be til 28 years old, as the brain is done around 23 years old, but needs more time in decision making until 28. Also, all humans must be free, also children, so we need to work on their freedom. We need to keep crimes away from them, so they do not have bad influences. They should not be at work, they should get all the basic needs, freely. They should be studying or being free. Remind you, K-12 adults do in 1.5 years. So, when someone is 28 and starts K-12, it is done in 1.5 years. We do need parents engaged with the kids, so the kids do learn 28 years and lots, but at own pace, and according to their own will and preferences, and we must help them get their rights and get what they want and prefer. We do address the mind with “researching”, this can be done naturally. Understand science means to find nature in things.
  • 28+-45 years old. It all depends on what happened as a child or happens now. But they are not yet the dark triad, not clearly noticeable. That will be clear from 45, Dark Triad keeps getting worse, and worse, and especially after 45, we ll see the crimes, they were criminal also at 15 and 18, most likely. But do we have proof? Dark Triad can hide, but from 45, we ll notice them the best. So, 28+-45 is this still a bit unclear what we got, but also not the worst, not yet, building families, and independent taking care of depending. As Dark Triad is when 45+ more clear, they can have issues with those. They can be used, suppressed, abused, trafficked, exploited. We do need the extra protection of their freedom. We do need to understand human development from A-Z and need to give the best input, but if we did the first part well, here they only are independent and just themselves, authentic and autonomous. Low literacy is linked to crime, and thus mostly the criminals, thus we need to help them be higher literate, with honor codes and with good examples that never go into crimes, to drop the crime rates. And without force, all authoritatively, naturally, and with natural forces. We need a curriculum for jobs, but we need the preferences, and the personal will to learn things, to have the best results, and no crime. The smartest people will design the best environments, so this solves itself. Smart people create the best ideas to get people to higher literacy without force. We simply need to study this and create the study field this way, so we find all freedom, and most freedom, and highest literacy, and least crimes. That will be a spiral upwards. More higher literate people and best raised, and thus fewer crimes, and thus even more higher literate people with no problems, and thus no crimes. etc. If things do go wrong, we need to focus on who did this to them. We need to see the right from wrong and need to find the core of the problems and solve these, and also with the ombudscycle, so this never happens again.
  • 45+, the number of Dark Triad depends on how bad the generation has lived. So, we need to be best to all kids, and their entire lives, and need to solve all problems we find and use the ombudscycle, so we hardly have Dark Triads around this time. If we do have them, we have to approach this wisely. We have then, people that hardly change, and people that do change. We need to see the differences wisely and study on this. We need to study on finding the solution.

The goal, to solve the real causes of crimes and DSM in society. We need to study and use the ombudscycle, so the faults never happen again, and so we do really the most sophisticated ideas to really solve problems. So, no one gets the wrong influences.



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