Do you have a male twin? Or alive DNA from a male? And thus a bit y as female.

Find your DNA and did you secretly have a twin brother?

Jiska Hachmer
6 min readFeb 14, 2020


  • Less DNA related to the parents is made from a twin.
  • Y as a female, can be from males. Twins, sex, your brothers mom had before, all male DNA is alive and remains and stays within the woman.

So puzzle, your DNA shows you are made from a twin, and then you have Y. Your twin was a brother most likely.

- Vanishing twin, made from your twin

- Men change you.

The amount of y within a woman can go up during life, and it means she had more male DNA in her body, from or sex with males, or had more male siblings, before themselves, thus mother still carried it, and all male DNA is alive and will stay within your body and mind, and will forever be there, and change you.

DNA changes during life because of the environment

I have male DNA about 4000 snps,

And have brothers, and my mother had more kids, could been brothers, and from alive brothers, one was for sure a twin, I think the story was he was a male too. So, after me more male DNA, and before me some male DNA. And perhaps as women had more sex in our parents generation than our grandparents generation she had more male DNA already there, still alive within her.

I had just a few men. And felt we all were just dumbly put together, and lyers promoted sex. So, we as millenials thank god were late with sex, and developed people choosing men, more carefully. But promoted by X and boom we ended up being used and abused a lot, as they lived still the illness of the times of free sex. And simply rape women, and traffick them, and keep them, and exploit them and with families, and groups etc.

They live mentally ill and forced, while we live developed and with science, and ethics, and human rights, and thus profession codes and rules that fit the ethic codes and rights. We are understanding more and think deeper and wiser.

We have more empathy, and respect, and they accuse all of no respect, but mean their narcissistic will, and wanting to abuse and use others, which can be happening after the free sex, where the dominant male DNA took their will over… and so they aint themselves, but do the crimes others did, and by the alive DNA trapped within them and their families, after that.


We should think about protecting kids from strangers just wanting their DNA around, especially as male DNA is alive.

And women do need to think about why they follow the abusive idea of having sex with so many. It is just a brainwash. And more punished a pedophile must be, to stop the raping trend. As male raped rape most likely too. And they perhaps do that simply because of the bad life DNA within them. And it remains there. The crime is way bigger than people thought.

You have the right to be just you. The right to have just your DNA, the way you started. The people making it seem you must have men, are criminal. And dumb, they do not even know what they say, and force. But are more punishable the more and more science grows and we can punish them, with consciousness.

Also, we can look back and see more unethical things, from the past. How people thought to just put people together, was the dumbest thing ever, and shows their shallow and hollow ideas, exploitations by being dumb and the human trafficking by being dumb, but also pushed by rapers, alive DNA of others, where logic prevents mental and physical rape. Like HIV, we do not promote to get that. Same it needs to be seen as, male DNA we do not promote to just get that…

It rapes the mind and body a lot longer, to have someones alive DNA, when you do not want that. It is way more criminal to promote free sex. And way less a religion, belief, myth, as it is hard proof of what alive DNA is. What a male is.

Other hand men are more important,

They could change illnesses within the body, we could see who s sperm fixes what. But it is alive DNA and like a donor. And it must be not forced, nor prescribed as medicine, as that is unethical, this is becoming a person. So, you carry that forever. And you do not know what times bring, a same healthy male partner that will fix you later on? And then your kids get strangers DNA within them, while you have the right to be just you and your husbands, and your kids just yours. There is a huge ethical study there where to ever cross lines, and to not give kids alive male DNA of other males. You need to live your own development, and your one, one day will change you. You have the right to not conflict with a future lasting male partner. Means you need to stay alone till that one.

All the mental ideas about love are abusive, and we need to stop forcing that onto others, and live more varied of norm, and more respectful to people s instinct, own ideas, and the long wait on a partner. Just protect kids from the predators trying to make kids criminal and go into sex. That is for adults, and we can not know for sure, what you think after your brain finally is finished. And when you finally have lived enough to know if this is the man or not. It takes a personal development and own idea of self to decide who is who to you. And to not let people use you, and to dare to say no to all the other 8 billion people. Holding out for the one.

Makes all who were alone a long time very important examples to the society in the world too. Why could they and others not. And how to.

And this knowledge about alive male DNA makes feelings and illness more clear. People can feel way more disgust by being put with others. Being forced together. And more is a force than people from the past could understand. Thus there is more closure with the past as well. And older people need to study more, to understand why we do never copy them, it was a past, that now is clearly not what they then thought. It was even bad.

Thus ethics studies must be a bigger study for all, to understand how ethics ideas change over time. And how people with less education and older education can be more wrong. And how new studies skipping truth are more dangerous. We need to understand the core of science. And help people to do that always.

People will want to be death a lot more, with the alive sperm that is within them, of people they hate, and we can not brainwash people into loving the bad men. They will only get more mentally ill. We need to really solve, and that means no men able to just put their alive DNA into women. And we need to have no rapers teaching others to rape.


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