Crime in the Netherlands, and how to solve it.

The core crime scene in the Netherlands

But we have 3 kinds of crime scenes from north to south and east to west etc..

  1. South NL-> IS nearby, and into den Hague. Old south had become a crime scene…crime at work, terrorists wanting the region. Drugs scene, cops fraud, human trafficking by social work, solving crime with a crime, and becoming one crime scene..and science fraud, school fraud. They are extremely human trafficking. They need research and science, that addresses them when doing science. Citing lessons, academic skills, ethics and scientific method lessons, and how to control frauds. Raising literacy and science. They can use the authentic, autonomous being of the rest of the country. And add that to their science, when their science finally never frauds, and does not remain just local, but correct according to world science. To become not a local small world, but a world top, of correct behavior and sciences, and scientific steps, and academic skills. It will drive away from the crimes. As low literacy is linked to crimes. And high literacy a bridge between cultures and solves the crime, the crime rate will drop. Also, with the honor code and” wearing the right shirt”, being right, others in the group will follow the good behavior.
  2. Big cities, and from the middle to the world. South has it and middle holland has it… but there are 2 differences, science fraud, into schools fraud and being a self, a vague north holland/ Utrecht way we understand and makes us ourselves, and is needed in well-being, and had to be science and self. But not losing the self, and that natural development. There is this logic in the development of self, they go deeper than other parts, den Hague understands it, Rotterdam too, and our cities into south Gelderland too, but that is from extremely vague self to little bit of it, and doing a not perfect science. Not being the best. And some are and are top of the art, science, etc. top at work. And is for many a reason to be “Randstad”. You can become there. But they have also the most laundry by judges, jobs, and criminals using the systems, also the most sects and pedophiles, least freedom to be, in some regions. Besides the west more themselves, and east more criminal. East goes north to south with that same criminal attitude. They need research, science too, to be their selves and remain top of the country, but also top of the world, and to be correct. The self and being correct. And it will make the country more. Understanding their authentic self, and being even more autonomous and being even more correct. With that bridge, studies, science, that will build between regions and cultures. And will address the others forgetting the self, and will address them to keep doing sciences too. And lets their high crime rate drop.
  3. Friesians, and northeast NL. And with all their influences there, the big crime getting there. And not many people are living there, so every family meets different criminals, and all these different crimes coming there together with space and few people its one big crime scene. They think to be away but are away with criminals now. Criminals on “an island”. They need science, research at a very high level. These people are smart and are abused in schools, and at work. They are frauded in schools and put on lower levels than they really are. We know that, because in the rest of the country they score highest, as long as they do not live in Fryslan. And we now know the extreme abuses by teachers and work. The people are extremely enslaved and exploited. The authentic autonomous living they also have is good for the rest of the country to learn. But they need the mix of an authentic developed being, that is autonomous, mature, a self, and very deeply a self, without abuses, and without human trafficking, nor exploitation, and that being authentic is not being abused and left with criminals, but being a developed self. And to do science on the highest level too. Then, they will be a top of the world, as they are successful, everywhere, but Fryslan. They need to understand the world and be equal to that. And they get into the crime scenes when they meet others because they are kept low literate. Criminals used that to get into that region, what doesn't know, cant solve. So, that made it easier for criminals to use all these people for their crimes. So, the higher literate and scientific method, sciences, and ethics and human rights the lower crime rate there, and the more we see them, the way we always see them in the rest of the world, succeeding very well, and teaching others being authentic and autonomous, which is with science, and high literacy a strength, creating and causing talents.

Interesting is the DNA

  1. Africa/ NY/LA-etc-> American move, world movement, etc.
  2. NY/LA- etc ->American move, world movement, and an Overijssel as a different world. and achterhoek-> Scandinavians. etc.
  3. Friesians, English, germans, france-> Italian, etc the south to England move, and then to the USA and world move. sophisticated world and authentic tribes. Scandinavian mixed with these. Northeast crimes, NL. And Groningen, Overijssel, Drenthe, Friesian mix of crimes and DNA and each there own world, trying to be authentic, and doing crimes together. Interesting is how Scandinavian is stubborn and into crimes. We never knew we knew them as soft people. So, we need to understand what went to their place. Russia? Asia? but what countries? Its less sophisticated English german french Italian. But in those, there are crime scenes too. And that mixes here, and for a while with big city NL, and international crimes.

Interesting is the typical crime networks

The government its exploiting of these scenes, creating even more crime.



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