Cracked the code of education.

The example for today: Social work, because this is the lowest major and has many issues, and all education is having the same core, thus all must end up the same way. So, we must change social work into the highest majors, so all will end up the same best.

Eclectic education.

Worst at choosing for others, but made their job only that, choosing for others. That is psychopathy, narcissism, Machiavellism as well, but not good at choosing. And all people must have wellbeing (Santos, N.D.) and thus autonomous and authentic living with their own unique being, thus their own unique choices.

For countries where this does goes well, it is not fun to hear that there are countries where this goes so bad, that it needs that much attention.

Countries with low literacy, not real degrees, no academic skills, gossip nature, abuse, neglect, impulsiveness, and not the right approaches and raising style, lacking knowledge, levels and honor codes will have more crimes and more problems like these. Human trafficking and exploiting will be there a lot more.

There are some vulnerabilities though about social work. It is related to low IQ. And low literacy to crime. And low IQ means a lot of the times low literacy as they have a slower pace in learning, thus build up less knowledge.

So it is not the strongest profession in any way.

  • doctors and health care
  • Lawyers and human rights
  • Psychologists, as a social psychologist
  • + Management (but that is like teachers manage their work, and social work abuses also that, try to control families, as managers. While managing has been proven with #metoo, churches and in sports, etc, how kids were exploited that way, it is a scam in any way, it is not their profession. And managing is meant to control their own work better, not to control others, they have no management company, but to manage themselves. )

But they are none, and we do not need them, nor ask them, we even know they aren't allowed to interfere, and we have normal routes, by ethics, human rights, and profession codes which are the only legal way, and the only correct way to help people.

And see us evolve. The gap between social work and us, only got bigger, thus to wannabe us, is even harder for them. #stoptheirwork #stopunethicalbehavior at work:

  • Healthcare and social epidemiology, but a social worker doing this? No, its very” doctory”, to be precise.
  • Health psychology, but a social worker doing this? No, it is very MD, bachelor of health sciences, and psychology, where science is basic, also biology, and we do not go into creating myths but getting myths away. They would only use this with Darktriad ideas as twist to exploit people and pretend they are mentally ill, skipping the more ethics, profession codes, and truths, and real routes. We do not use it that way. But as MD/psychology. Changing unhealthy behavior, which sometimes happens, like smoking, as low IQ and social work smoke so much, but it causes cancer. And they infect us all with that. So, they must pay for that, and be jailed for that. And to never be around kids again. Feel the tone? That's us. And not them, it does not fit them. And do not use them for that, as that is criminal exploitation, as you know how they do not function well themselves, and can not. And we have duty and the real correct routes.
  • Human rights I wish they finally studied it. But only right they have is the ombudscycle. And they mean that work. But they do human trafficking. All against the human rights, thus now we have to get them off the work field. They are so confused about what jobs are and their function could be.
  • The social context of mental health would be a logical psychology study for social psychologists, but these social workers, no they can not, they show not to understand this. They are low literate, human traffickers, with dark triad behaviors, not interested, nor capable of the real studies in social psychology.

It is like adding chemistry, thus more neuroscience. And it’s like adding physics, etc. But they see force in all, power abuse, etc. To get their personal delusion done. Not to be better doctors, as they are not that. Not to be better lawyers, as they are not that. Not to be better psychologists, as they are not that. So, get them away from us. And let us work.

And to be honest, they are used by #authoritarianism and #gov and like kids in child labor, a child army. Nothing logic, only further abuse and exploitation, and human trafficking. And then putting these lower developed up there as an army against what? Our studies, and more developed thoughts and work.

It has become a strange use of the workplace. Now filled by them with myths, biasses, and crimes and we must solve those. We only got more work because of them. To restore the real routes, like after a war. And to restore the sciences, like after a war. And stopping extremism, and do the real jobs again. Unbrainwash people, and get people out of human trafficking through courts. Getting judges etc jailed. It is the aftermath after the terrorism that had terrorized us. At the same time, criminals got active. Like during a hurricane when stores are target by criminals, to steal items.

They got in all the jobs, using the chaos and crimes and trying to create the same terroristic group, but with laundry, with judges, and by skipping us, with our real professions.


They choose criminal behavior not the best behavior.

With their own frauds, they laugh, and say brutally, they themselves look like they have ADHD, gna gna he he, making fun of people with DSM while being biggest frauds, and human traffickers, laughing, and laugh some more when in the homes of the kids that are accused, of having things, they already have solved, or never had, and no law has any law to force them. But these will lie and demand the court to get some help. Just any help, as you need none, and they say they need some, but they play around like huge laughing criminals. Which the judge does not see. And all kids have lived when facing the judge. Thus are scared. They were bullied at schools, then by some locals, and then these frauds. All playing a money game. And you hear it when they make the jokes together. And they assume all psychologists just want some patients, to just randomly give some diagnoses. As that is how it came across to them. As if we would lie about DSM. And DSM is just fun, for anyone. To just catch a few and label with just nonsense. Gna gna he he. That is the total tone. Then they go with false papers, full with just any lie they could find, just any lunatic wanting to write some false papers to the judge. And then you get there a diagnose. The judge also not allowed to diagnose, nor to use the court for this. And all real doctors and routes skipped, to label the fake diagnoses this way. It is a huge scam and huge care fraud. And then kids trafficked away to get that done. All still fake, they accused and the judge can not decide, it is not allowed to be handled in their court to decide, but then they get all the access traffick the kids and go out to all care that wants to use and abuse the kids, and wants to fakely label. No real plan. Just accusations. And trying to build a file now they are trafficked away. And then again to court constantly to further make it look as if its all real, and was sooo needed. Oh how good they have been, now all in the end, have made fake false diagnoses, to build files. They use this system just to earn, and do not care about any consequence. All kids living in a lie. That is a huge psychopathy. By them all. And huge groups of criminals, using all normal kids. I have not even mentioned the stigma and the bullying after.

As care is by law all a choice. And not to demand, not only in Human Rights but also by the profession codes, ethics, and any normal route is skipped. Which makes the good doctors poor, and the families emptied.

It is the exploitation of exploited at the least.

Which as vague as all sounds, this is. And they will continue, with just any lie, twist, and fraud. They are never allowed to diagnose. And the same as any doctor, anyone diagnosing must leave all choices to the kids, and their families. This diagnosing is even already done by a general practitioner, and there were no things needed, especially never by the court. (Which also does not agree with them.)

And when put any alarm on, as that is the duty of anyone in healthcare, thus also me, as this is criminal, exploitation, human trafficking, fraud, and “diagnosing” with no rights, etc, and an endlessly long list of crimes. And skipping human rights. You are named by the bullies criminally that you are loving rules too much. That would be an illness. And thus they traffick the kids away, as you complain. (It is the full duty in any circumstances, and they do that. )

They indeed can hardly focus, which is not even ADHD, but criminal behavior, obsessions, like stealing TV’s, obsessed thus distracted, and in mania, delusions, seeing things, not here in the reality. But they might have it as well. They have many types of DSM, and you see it nowhere else DSM that high as in the lowest majors means they can not work with families. They use the families and the kids as their “friends”, but to use their friends, it's very narcissistic, and they have trouble making their own friends, and world.

So, they actually want all these people labeled, with false DSM diagnosis, they try to hide behind all the people they miss diagnosed, while it is not their profession, and we are not allowed to take any suggestion from them, nor any interference, and must examine them, for this strange behavior they have. They try to build a world around themselves, with false diagnosis, and people. They even think small kids, families, and labeled people with fake DSM diagnosis are now trapped, and to be used.

And it is because their profession has a low IQ, thus psychopaths, etc.

And psychologists do have to look at who brought a “patient”. Mostly it is themselves, not the kids they bring, nor the families. And see the no allowed to diagnose, they violate all ethics, human rights and simply “diagnose” a myth, as a stigma, a delusion about the family, which dark triad loves to create about people, hoping you would believe them, and so you traffick them away.

And to hide their own problems. Diagnosing is very restricted.

But see yourself who they are… And understand it.

Again this reference, because you need to understand we first check all that try to diagnose. There is this logic of who we measure first. And why. We first check the environment, etc. And only if the child, or “patient”, feels him her self a patient there is a patient. And we even check that, if that could be. Where childhood is no DSM.

All we normal people understand after seeing all this. And restricted to their small studies.

Trying some theses, research theses, and hypotheses, with very restricting laws in research.

And first studies in ethics, human rights, profession codes, and boundaries of studies. And knowing yourself, fixing yourself, reflecting yourself about your problems. Being healthy yourself first. And then learning many studies, understanding how F=m*a works. You create a force, but not with “force”, not with judges, etc. And then the magic of such force you can create without courts. That is social work.

Which should be for the highest IQ, as you work with people. And you must have biology at a high level and all these professions.

Then still restricted you can create a good force among people.

Creating projects like this. People with wellbeing are themselves, autonomous, authentic, and developing with their unique selves. And then for those moments you are bullied, having problems, you can not be the judge, nor lawyer, nor doctor, nor diagnosing, nor psychologist, nor, etc … you are a listener, bystander, etc. And need high education as you are not just a volunteer.

And need to know where your studies stand. Just theory, its an opinion. A scientific law, it is an absolute truth. Etc. So do not gossip, as if you might hold the truth. Stop gossipping, and stand by.

IQ is the amount of “boxes” your working memory uses per sensation. So, you feel per sensation through your senses the environment. And you register not all that exists, but all you can register. People have different amounts of what they register per sensation, thus the information we keep from the senses, per sensation, in the memory. Where all information goes through the senses, into the working memory, and from the working memory into the memory: first the episodal memory, where the will chooses what to remember, and where all is kept what you prefer, then, into the semantic memory, where facts are kept, and procedural memory, where procedures are learned and kept. And all will be recalled again, going through the working memory, and their speech is, and every input that will be recalled we learn to speak about what we remember. Speech development. Thus speaking is expressing memories. And first, we speak than sing. (Seamon, N.D.) (Zimbardo, 2009) (Purves, N.D.)


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Thus need science. And all need to do research thesis, to find the truth and address our ideas to the real truth, to not leave it an undeveloped opinion, which is a bias, myth, wrong thought, thus not professional. We all need the development of the curriculum that we need for our jobs. And we all need academic skills, for the jobs too, etc.

The theses, where the child develops opinion, and when getting older will research all it ever thought about and will find research to answer the questions it has and will create research theses. Then also hypotheses, and creating experiments to test the hypotheses and sharing the results.

The more professional the more research theses and hypotheses and experiments and results shared.

Abusing you, using you for criminal exploitation, and for letting you walk, using you as a “cell”, that will move for them, and they can hide behind, so you 'll get the kids and families trafficked, into the positions they want. Especially when younger, all are more easily abused, used, and put into the place older people want. And that is so, until 100 years old, every older can play with the younger.

Also, being with peers is the place where crime starts(Ruggiero et al, N.D. ). It is why human rights have the freedom and made everyone equal, and all wellbeing (Santos, n.d.): autonomous, authentic, and with your own unique self, so you will be. And you are born with the rights (Ruggiero, et al, N.D.), thus from the moment you exist, you must be interpreted correctly and your will must be expressed and done.

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Santos, L. (N.D.) The Science of Well-Being. Yale through Coursera. Retrieved from

A dictatorship where the leader's abuse and use people, and use the lowest developed to walk for them, and catch people, are human trafficking, the lowest majors will be discussed again.

If psychologists remained experimental, charlatans, using kids in the wars, leading to deaths, we get ethics and human rights and stop such unethical behavior. It all has the same tone. Abuse of lowest majors.

At that time psychology was a social work type of charlatan, mixed with philosophy and charlatan doctors. But they also left all the good sides of the fields, and created it into a regime, with the usage of the jobs and people.

Where people want power again and want to skip the laws created after such crime in the sciences, they can only do the same, but by going around the laws, using the least well-developed fields, and people.

The moment we see that happening again, we know what that is. And what to do, as we by now all have studied sciences. Some countries not though. And that is where the problem is the biggest.

You feel the use of people trend harder in low educated regions, and where people study less for professions and try to work, but with lower input, lower developed ideas, and will more easy choose a study that is already unethical or at a low level, as they can not comprehend harder levels and more developed ideas. We see that as developed, and they see above the people that developed less than them, but they do not know the tops. They live in an illusion in the region where they are, with just all they got, and this idea they developed in is less smart and having less good results, but this is all they can. Simply because they did not get better.

All other professions, and better-developed countries, already have been through ethical problems and are now restricted in their studies. Thus to go around existing laws, ethics, human rights to get their way, they abuse, use and get into exploiting and trafficking people. And they use all the people they know got “power “ of, the same bad way. They traffick them, exploit them, abuse them and use them.

They do think they have won, that this is the end, and forget the logic, the way all criminals forget the logic. They think they will not be found, they think they are the biggest, and forget the bigger “war”, real sciences, knowledge and the biggest world, all people that are alive. Where better developed live better lives and will see through this and will work on this.

Plus all where things are wrong people will solve that, from anyway and any place.

The illusion of winning, they live. And the saddest part is, when they study better, they see the mistakes. It all could have been prevented by adding the right input and getting the wrong out and doing all steps and processes the right way, so it is regulated. Regulation is in their belief force. But in reality, it is a study, and force is already studying higher input, a higher GPA, honor codes, and authoritative raising/ approaching to not cause DSM, and getting the levels of academic skills up, and teach people in those steps per module, to process it better. And to have better environments to study, and better ways to study, like homeschooling, self-directed learning, and all best science research about each detail of learning, processing, and development, and own space, well-being: being autonomous and authentic with your unique self. Crime rate will drop, bridges between cultures and people will be built and people have no raising style to cause DSM, and live better developed, and better lives.

Solution: regulate it again and raise the education and processing of education level.

It is simply the same core: low literate, as in the past all were charlatans and low literate-> and thus a crime. Low literacy is linked to the crime.

Knowing right from wrong is training. You need the best input for that. But to know what is best you have some trial and error, and a research thesis. When a society is with everything in the research thesis, not just a thesis, or experiment, they already know “all”. And thus their arguments strong, not their thesis arguments, but their professional/ academic/ research arguments. The truth is high in those arguments.

And especially when all are scientific laws, and the absolute truth in a field, there is no fighting, no trying, no use, nor abuse. All are already found out until the absolute truth. So, you can not keep trying to make it fall, unless you have a better scientific law.

They exist, they do “something” and pretend it to be good. That is all vague. And not yet professional. It is using people, and it can lead to “knowledge”, but with damage. It is why we first try trials with medicine and all science. We do not just put people into things, or into experiments. When we work all must be absolutely true.

And we need to get all the science about it. As our schools are so bad and so low in GPA and sciences, that we all just had opinions, the jobs without real research. And because I am scientific, and scientist, I did all develop the ways the best schools do, to get the truth.

  • research (thesis)
  • only scientific laws are truth (theories, just own preferences, and ideas, and own choices)

There you see right away the differences between schools, lessons, teachers, and groups of people learning, and all about the input, they get.

That is the point, yes, we hardly got the lessons of the thesis. And writers make those, thus luckily I did. And then studied all around the world, and saw I had wasted so much time, as all come to the same conclusions. All the studies showed exactly the same. When one studies, you can do the hard way of finding all out alone, or doing the studies, if one already has made that. Dutch did not, so let all work to hard to find knowledge. And the world did work already hard for all of us, and has all the studies already done. So, good to see science brings us to the same, but a waste of my time.

But also the references, citing, and all logic academic skills did not get logic lessons in all studies of this country.

The country lacks, and thus they fall into a thesis, opinions, gossips, myths, bias, and also DSM, they do not get healthy input, they do not even know what that would be. And they are not even all writing out thesis, just simply leaving it a gossip. But their opinions, like criminals, can want things, they are motive ill.

But I wanted science, and thus researching all I think, and thank God. Because that led to at least finding the truths. And thus a climb out of a group of people developing low IQ, DSM and crime and wars with just the opinions, and simply by skipping research thesis, thus skipping being professionals. As all professions are only allowed to be based on research, sciences, and truth.

You need to get to understand these ideas and learn to use them together.

So to get aware of what

  • thesis
  • research thesis
  • hypothesis and sharing result

means. You need to do that.

You need to experience the difference of input, how you feel after the theses.

  • When you developed a thesis and your output after that.
  • And when developed a research thesis, and your output after that.
  • And when developed a hypothesis, and fitting experiment and your output after that (and the sharing results and then what you experience as a difference. )

But you need to start making a thesis, and a research thesis, and hypothesis and share the results to become aware of that.

You did not win with your opinion, you needed a judge, to pretend you are bigger. And you fall, because all know a thesis is not enough. You need the research thesis, which is a profession, the research, and the proof and the truth. Well, a research thesis is just the theory, not even the absolute truth yet. So, you need the scientific laws in the research thesis, to be a judge, to be the entire proof and court.

Just an opinion and getting a judge to sign is a fraud. Not the truth, nor science, nor what laws are about. A right the people have are not allowed to be taken away by a court. The rights the people have must be given at all times. Just an opinion would be power abuse. Discriminating. Just the person they do not want to give the rights is human trafficking and exploiting, bullying, all types of crimes. Laws stand for equality. And getting the rights you have.

And you did not solve the real issues, thus you remain with all the lacks. Are you a professional? No, a professional solves those problems and has no problems left, thus he /she needs no judge. He/she does not go to the judge, as it can solve problems.

Low literate does that less, as their mind is less developed.

Thus get first yourself:

  • development
  • best input to develop the thesis, research thesis, hypothesis and to be able to do experiments and sharing the results, and get into these details of these parts to do that best, and to get a total of best while doing this.
  • best processing ways, like homeschooling, self-directed learning and the understanding of boundaries, and where your work ends, and where all people are autonomous and authentic and unique and have their own space, and what that means: wellbeing.

This we must in all professions and levels, and keep raising the input level.

Because that would need the approval to be a trial. And would have different trials, before normal people can use the outcome. It is unethical to work without the outcomes of the sciences.

The absolute truth you need even. Else it is just like a religion, your choice, your preference, and someone that shares with you, and you decide what to do with that. Which must be in absolute freedom.

So any job is worse. The study is worse, thus the job is worse, and its development. And low literacy is correlated to crime.

Task problems

  • Problems with input -> must be science and research on certain topics. There is a strict curriculum to any job, else you can not do the job.
  • Problems with processing-> Academic skills they lack, thus processing they lack.

And there is a development, but not an academic one with a science research thesis. There is even a low literate, gossip, myth development, and criminal development. Which is logical as low literacy is linked to the crime.

And all of it is not developed into a hypothesis, with the right experiments and results before we work. Where only the scientific laws found are absolute. All the rest just an opinion. People just make something up.

Personal problems

  • Their Ego-> means they are the dark triad
  • Their power abuse-> means they are the dark triad
  • Their myths-> means they are unprofessional
  • Their bias-> means they are unprofessional

And plus…

  • Influences, to push their political preferences, and extremism, and terrorism.
  • Hackers, trying to do crime and political preferences as well.
  • Bots, the same as influencers and hackers, and bots are used for that.

See here how the job is meant, and see the very good social psychologists/ social workers. Making social life better.

As I did study social work to know what went wrong with their studies, and I am an educational psychologist/ environmental psychologist and a few more jobs. Thus had the interest to get such diploma, just to know what should change in their education, and what will be the best environment for them.

And APA told us

  • police
  • social work
  • judges

Are our duty to explain. They fall under us, we must train them. And they simply went loose. Together, with all the faults. Missing us and our knowledge.

  • Academic skills, these people need. There is the logic of input that must be good, and the processing must be good.
  • Techniques must be good. Teacher technique for teachers, but for social workers the science steps when doing research. And the placing themselves, reflecting and studying where they stand. Etc. Including feeling the boundaries of themselves, and the jobs.
  • The input must be good. Better studies. Better curriculum. Higher education from higher majors.
  • Higher demand before you hires them. Higher IQ, higher insight. Ph.D. and perhaps more understanding of more bachelor's, masters and Ph.D.’s. And the higher input, where they change the use of judges and start to feel they force without “force”, and are themselves the force. The way a teacher teaches as they understand that forces.
  • Ethics, and rules against social workers, doctors, psychologists, etc using the court to get patients. That is already not allowed, but all used social work to have a runner. A human trafficker. And that can not be, thus ethics, human rights laws duty. So, none abuses each other for some gossips.
  • Put crime simply at the criminal court, and done. All gossips, undermining, unethical stopped. And the real routes work again. And all focus on healing society again. Where we have fewer criminals cause all studied higher levels, honor codes, and thus human rights, and ethics, and profession codes, and the boundaries of people and work. And we are there if they want us. And then help them with what they want. So, they develop. That development is the force against crime. There you see what they ask. If it's criminal you do not give it but address like a teacher, with science. There you get to the core of people and changes. All are locked away when they can not change, do not get what is good and wrong. All that does, learn there. And there you can inspire people, showing success in your therapy and with the scientific laws, why it is so successful. They ll come, we can learn how. Study that. Then we have world peace, no innocent trafficked, controlled, locked up, but the real crime in the learning, and the real never able to change to good, locked up. We all agree at the end of that.
  • So get the sciences and we will have one opinion. Scientific laws rule. So keep studying. You’ĺl is good at it. It is just a longer study until ya there at the scientific laws, but then you have won all. All power. Because it is absolute. And I do not seek power, so I wish you that power. And that power is good power, its absolute. And we will agree, no matter the power seeker, the scientist, the normal human, truth is truth, we are all fine with that. I love to say, god won all. Because who then wins? You feel the winning, you good [power seeker, finding scientific laws, which makes them all obey you, I feel the winning as a scientist, no matter who found the law, we all win. And the normal people win, they get a better life, understanding more scientific laws, more absolute truth. God laughs.
  • Authoritarianism, or dictators, or bad governments. Same as when you have good or bad healthcare. -> So, change the government in authoritativenism.
  • Influencers, bots, hackers -> of other governments influencing politics, and racism of their countries. The crimes of those countries. The crimes of any other criminal group, using the same techniques, wanting crime in the jobs. Terrorism, extremism want crime in the jobs. And out of hand. As that is their goal. Those people exist and have those goals. Thus know who wants you bad. Just do not do that, and raise the education level, and scientific truths per detail of input you process.
  • Starting fields or fields coming from volunteers like social work has such a history. Or charlatans history as that mixed with this. And myths therefore in (the past of )the sciences. And thus still used, and shaping the profession.

Fixing the problem is:

  • input-> the best information from the best
  • processing-> your thesis, your research thesis per part of the good input, so you look up even more good research, and share that. Discuss that with everyone. So, also learn how to tell everyone. All the different ways of telling, and expressing, and all the different levels who you tell it too. And see the different levels of who is telling you. And in the end, working towards the best input, best processing and best ways to process, and the best expressing, and best output.

See the cycle of learning and the core of the situation and in any situation.

  • best input
  • best processing
  • best ways to process -> homeschooling, self- directed,
  • the best expressing -> academic skills

Is the best output

And that will be the best input of others

And think of this

  • Honor code
  • higher input/ higher education

solves crimes

And think of this

  • Authoritative raising creates no DSM, as only raising style.

Low literacy is linked to crimes

Lowest majors are linked to low literacy, low IQ and thus to crime. If you understand the processing problems and let everyone join all studies and create them into the highest majors, you know all that will be processed is the best. And the lowest majors will be the highest too, and the crime rate will drop more, and the processing level will raise, and thus also IQ.

Lack of science, research and science steps, and power abuse

It is also that the lowest majors are not scientific enough, and kept lacking that. Falling into power abuse. Which some countries love to do with others as well. So control over other people is using their professions and keeping them on low IQ, and low literacy and use them.

Kids can learn this already

If kids already understand this. And get the homeschooling. Self-directed learning. Human rights. Academic skills. Equality, but some age limits (to not get damaged in the brain) and the higher education and processing. They will have the best output. Least damage and feel happier.

Parenting and raising

All of the above will help you. And know we see all of them abusing us all.

And we know they come not as the only terrorists in the families.

They came with different goals than their studies wanted them to come with. Being used by the dark triad, and with the dark triad.

You have this terror, plus more terrors. :

  • Social work terror
  • The Russian/ Chinese/ other countries' political influences they want. Using us as families.
  • With bots, hackers, influencers, spies.
  • Our own extreme rights, and extremists, which is a huge issue and problem in any society
  • Pedophiles and their networks

We saw them develop.

  • Crimes at work, with X and boom at work.
  • Their childhoods were bad.
  • Our grandparents had a good childhood but came from the wars in their twenties, and after that a cold war. And the kids x and boom got bad childhoods. So, there was this development. With experiments, and bad influences already. The work field was a problem already. And using these kids. With us, they thought to have broken that cycle finally. So we need to do that again. As we had a free childhood. Which had to go to even more free: homeschooling etc.
  • Then suddenly crimes at work, frauds everywhere, and extremism and terrorism. Which we now finally understand. As we and all before us with kids vaguely knew what was happening. We know now, now you have kids. It took us all some years.
  • Then the pedophiles too and the drugs networks.
  • Crimes out of hand at any job.
  • Then the social terror, social work with laundry at court. As if human traffickers needed more to traffic. It was the dumbest group of people ever, fueling crime. While their duties are to stop any of this and protecting all families from trafficking, interferences, and from skipping our rights. Creating a strong safe environment should have happened. Without court, of course. They got out of hand, manic, obsessed, schizophrenic, using and abusing, compulsory, dark triad etc. They have many problems.

So, X, boom, and social work, dark triads, bots, hackers, influencers ( other countries crimes, ending into extremists, and terrorists, including our own countries extremism and terrorism. Plus the pedophiles. And drug networks. And human trafficking. Exploitations everywhere. That is a lot of work to solve. And a bad environment they all, as these are lots of bad people, they all want around us. Us parents no, we never want this.

  • Psychology
  • Management
  • Human Rights
  • Social work studies (to just know what they should, and what needs change, and what is still vague and no scientific law, just theory, and opinion, etc. )

And see how social work is below us. And with a lot of problems.

Knowing all this, you can be busy with your families, and finding real love and best raising yourself for your kids.


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