CFS FM and genes with Excercise Induced Fatigue Syndrome.

That word gives me peace, as I know, and some tried to say differently, mainly unstudied, or dark triad, thus not to take seriously, but it has been such thing as a child, all wanted me to run, run, run…

At 26 my muscles ripped in my ankles, after running 5+ km, and there I learned I can not run, run, run, and as I always had felt. I was going to high school ballet though, for kids, but also noted in an audition with college dancers, I would never get such strength. So, I was happy I did get all the possibilities at 8–11, a few auditions for that high school I passed, but never went. I looked perfect for it, and to be really good at it. But at 19 suddenly I got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia and slept 18 hours a day.

The people again, not taking it seriously, sometimes. Some are so delusional and ruined bodies. Thank God I had the best physiotherapists, and they saw I miss vanes and took me totally seriously.

I did keep working on my body and was “healed” compared to before, a new world with at least 12 hours up, mainly. Not 18 hours asleep anymore, after revalidation. And it had, a change, again, when I was pregnant, and got bedrest, from there muscles also started to rip, so, over the years I got to do fewer activities, and daily life always had been too tough. I seemed not to get this youngster fit body, suddenly. And got bedrest a long time, 6 months, and pelvic disability with that, and ripping muscles. So, I feel fine, I sleep lots during the day, and naps, and need to keep a no rhythm life, and I found my ways to stay out of the wheelchair, I was wheelchaired since the 6 months bed rest, and the recovery never really came, but got out of the wheelchair, and had very good doctors and therapists getting me that far.

But this word Insurmountable on my DNA check on athletic performance, that's what it is indeed.

And despite all, I got far, and thanks to these perfect doctors and therapists.

I also, saw some regions being extreme criminals in care, and not able to be the same good as I lived with before I moved there. Those criminals even abused me and damaged my pelvic even more, that I am incontinence.

So, it says what they do to people in that horrific region. They not only abuse all ill, they do not want ill, and then damage even more with their own hands, but also, abuse children in schools a lot, and all the time. They have a brutal way of being with people.

It is a reason why they are poor too as a region.

Some genes also show Sickle cell anemia




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Jiska Hachmer

Jiska Hachmer

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