Catching the exploitation and trafficking of children in Holland.

To catch the lawyers, judges, childcare services, child protection, police officers, government employers, Mayers, teachers, social care, youth care you need to check all their files on all the families.

Science must be done. It is even a duty in the law, and in everyone’s profession code, in any job.

Every job has rules that must be according to the human rights, ethics rules, and international profession codes, and limits of professions first, then we can make dutch laws.

The dutch laws never are above human rights, nor ethics, etc. This is a violation, thus crime in the first place and the duty is to check all rules and laws according to each other.

What you have studied is a boundary. Ethics only gets tougher, all old diploma’s only less worth.

There is always, the thesis is a personal opinion. You use the thesis to find your personal studies and interests, but you can not work with them.

In any job, you are studied with research. And the research level you have is another limit to your job.

The ethics, the profession codes, human rights, the limits to professions come on top of that.

Everyone already ignoring this shows crime, and is a sign of human trafficking, and exploitation, and any crime, because they skip laws, and do something else than precisely their job. They also show they can be the ones telling others to skip laws, and can be the trafficker.

This you can know simply by being the one doing the job by codes, all not doing it, are criminals, crossing codes and science to the codes.

Catching criminals

  1. So, Get all files

And find all the commonly asked, said, and have done.

In this research, you find all the data. You find the variables you can test, and you find the topics these faults are about. You know where and with what in the system these people are criminals.

And compare these common things they do, with all the way it had to go.

A person should only see certain basic people for certain basic things, and then how did it lead to fraud and crime, and for who, who benefits when people are lied to, and turned in as if they did something wrong? And especially these strange jobs, that has nothing to do with what they turn in. Or are not even allowed to do this professionally. Who benefits? And with what myths, bias, DSM, lies, frauds, crimes?

See bigger, what extremists benefit when all is in chaos, turned in, abused, used, trafficked.

What crime types, benefit?

That is science, finding the core, the formula, the math.

Check all they did, and who benefits from this, and their profession codes.

With what job is this done? What profession code and job had to stop them? What human rights laws? What ethic code?

What do they do systematically wrong?

One rule in science is being critical and judge all people do at work. So, what professions skip the academic rules?

And what they lure families and children into? Why they want them separated from the parents?

What are the limits of the profession?


  • Ethics.
  • Rules (not allowed to be unethical, nor skipping profession codes, must be in line with the limits of profession,
  • the codes and ethics,
  • and human rights.

And how goes the punishment according to these violations, no matter who.

In the same way as finding the mistakes, we use the codes, ethics, human rights, laws, and nothing is allowed to be above human rights, and ethics and nothing are allowed to bend them.

Check all laws. I suggest making software that helps us compare all possible codes, laws, articles, ethics, and routes we had to go, with and the trafficked, used, exploited kids and families, and the criminals who did this. At least on the side to see all the things we might miss.

And take it further, what groups, schools, clubs created this environment with mistakes?

2. Teach them to recognize

Types, human rights, profession codes, ethics, rules.

3. Higher education, authoritative raising.

And teach them why following science and the rules and laws are so important and a duty. Also, let all study at higher levels, only highest level highschool, and in the bachelor system, all with degrees and until doctorates, at own pace, etc. But explain why we need sophisticated input, it drops the crime rate. Also, you can not end up being another type of trafficker. The only goal is freedom, everyone authentic, autonomous, with their unique being, that is well-being.

4. Change behavior related to crime and DSM.

  • Criminals are made. DSM is made. Caused by raising, by input.
  • Change bad behavior to health and raising, unethical behavior. Wrong examples because of skipping ethics, human rights, skipping science.
  • Change the use of systems. Know the types in crime and DSM who use systems, and change that behavior.
  • Change the use of people. Know the types in crime and DSM who use people, and change that behavior.

You need to change what causes these issues, deeply.

5. Turn on the ombudscycles.

People need to change behavior, change the low education into higher educated, and free-willed with human rights, science, ethics and healthy behavior protected. You need to work on that with the ombudscycle and have to get deeply into the problem, with the solving system: ombudscycles. Where you forever work on what once happened. You don’t stop the work when it is solved. You need to keep working on it, so it never happens again. It once could happen, thus a part of this job is that is never can happen again, a lot of times that is losing the solved problem out of sight, that crime and problems come back. Thus the cycle never ends.


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