Abstract: Before you understand child development you need to understand the next things:

Jiska Hachmer
11 min readMar 30, 2020

Science, human rights, ethics, empathy, human development, big history, sciences. You need to understand humans, and how we know we understand them. Able to work with science, to know the truth.

Then can study and understand the three stages of child development. 1. Living and basic needs. 2. Growing into a self, a home, and using media. Maturing: Learning to be and processing curriculum, education, science. 3. Depending again. Losing leadership. Leaving behind knowledge.


Basic Child Development

In 3 stages:

1. Living and basic needs. Growing into a self, a home, and using media.

2. Maturing: Learning to be and processing curriculum, education, science.

3. Depending again. Losing leadership. Leaving behind knowledge.

Best Input - best processing -best output-

Constantly all input will be processed into output.

And constantly in three stages as well. With every new information, you will make a:

  • Thesis, learning to question and wonder about the topic, sensing, experiencing, using the preferences, the mind, the own will, and create a question to research.
  • Research thesis, learning what is already studied about it, and answering your questions limited to what research you can find, and what research you will get as input about that.
  • Hypothesis and sharing results, answering the question with all the research thesis on this topic with an experiment and share results.

Then a person knows the truth about their answers on their questions. And is going to a maturing process of input that will be processed and addresses the mind, so there can be good and professional output.

The Key is, a good environment of learning, homeschooling is proven best. Authoritative raising, self- directed learning, intrinsic learning and being introverted with input, leads to the best results. Studying the input. Studying the own experiences and sensations and understanding them, addressing them, making them more sophisticated with research already done. Creating good output.

Processing input with constant typical development (Verhulst, 2008)in a person:

  • standard development
  • cumulative development
  • and to bigger complex

Learning the basics, simple situations and using the processed input, and using it in more complex situations. Further developing with the information and processed input. Becoming more high IQ and smarter with harder tasks(Stanford, N.D.), over time. And using their own preferences, pace, and own IQ.

Born unique, and developing on their own time.

Everyone can be a professor. All are unique. All are born with human rights, and all are about becoming autonomous and authentic. That is well-being (Santos, N.D.).

Some will be very fast mature, others around 45.

All need basic needs, have human rights, must be treated authoritatively(Joordens, N.D.)and ethically, and will become autonomous and authentic and will lead depending at their peak of life.

Coming from the right environment and DNA expression(Leger, and O’Brien, N.D.), influenced by the environment, into life. And will adjust to the self, the home, and the use of media. A small mature world. Low IQ will stay a long time on this level.

Children will function in the homes, and expand. And will become more mature, processing more curriculum, and having a job, and lead the depending.

Then after the peak of life, and a few maturing cycles, will leave behind knowledge and will leave earth.

Science, human rights, ethics, empathy, human development, big history, sciences.

Science is

Human rights



Human development

Big History


The basic three stages in life

1. Living and basic needs. Growing into a self, a home, and using media.

Learning to be.

From life, surviving, into thesis, own self and opinion and the first time a human. Learning to be a human, and home. All is about surviving, themselves developing, and the home.

Born totally depending. Development into independence, autonomous, authentic living. Well-being. Extension of the home. DNA from the family. “Boys the mind of the mother, girls a friend of the family. “ Differences, It, LGBTQ, questioning, wondering. Development of the self. Becoming themselves, a self, an ID, expression of DNA, and the environment. A unique being, born with rights, and with personal development.


  • standard
  • cumulative
  • to bigger complex

Warmth, basic needs, food, home, media.

Wonder weeks, growth moments, and stages, and phases, and learning with own pace and IQ.

Input processing output.

Simply input will be processed and will be output.

2. Maturing: Learning to be and processing curriculum, education, science.

Further development of the first phase. Used to life, the home, and using media. Expanding.

  • Sophistication
  • Curriculum
  • Science basics and expanding science lessons
  • Sciences
  • Harder tasks, gaining IQ

Until the child knows all and can explain it to others.

And in stages of simple basics, to deeper learning, and expertise, and knowing all of a topic, adding research, doing experiments to a proof hypothesis.

  1. Thesis
  2. Research thesis
  3. hypothesis, experiment, and share results

Thus also, academic skills.

Becoming a job. The teacher, manager, leader, worker, researcher, etc. Using the processed input.

From a child, little human, adjusted to home and life, gaining science and academic skills into an adult with a job into having a peak in life, and taking care of all depending. Maturing.

With stages where one is a little matured baby, matured child, matured teen, and matured young adult, and matured adult.

How to remember all input, and how it is best to process input. Self-directed, homeschooling, self-learning. And getting a home for the self, and the new family, coming from this developing person.

More homes, constant developing, gaining input, and processing the input, into more understanding of jobs, and having more jobs, and leading the depending, using media as a place to share, teach, manage information. Now making and leading all media, after this learning process.

Constant more mature, more autonomous and more authentic, is the core of this phase. Becoming less depending. All on their own time. Some very young mature, some very old before mature.

With details like psychopaths were extremely abused young children, and around 45 years old we see them continue increasing in crimes. All other DSM not. We also see low IQ, finally being mature. And we see very smart doing more than one study and have very much expertise and doing more bachelor degrees, and ending up with multiple Ph.D.’s, being professors, etc.

Before 40 there are already managers, leaders, Ph.D., but the average is after 45 managers, leader, Ph.D. Even low IQs can become a professor. See again the own pace and IQ.

3. Depending again. Losing leadership. Leaving behind knowledge.

Being taken care of as the new depending. The peaking matured people taking care of depending on children, and depending on the elderly.

It is time to let go and leave the earth and leave behind important information for the new people.

Discussion: We need one machine, one computer software program understanding all possible laws, and if they are in line with ethics, human rights, science, correct raising: authoritatively, and empathy. To get the sum for every situation on what we should do and are allowed to do.

Every court, every job can be checked on faults, and people can correctly be punished, right away with such a system. No crime at work as a result.

And for every job, a curriculum people must have made their own before they work.

Where one develops without force. People do need to always check against frauds in the system. Ombudscycle as a duty helps them, and is forever continuous, even after solving the problem. And to protect forever to not make ever the same mistake again.

There is no interpretation with bias, there is literally understanding the science of it. Like science has absolutes. It is absolute. You can interpret that one can water, and another not, all need water. This absolute human rights always are, and none of the articles is above another. It is a total science about every situation.

More learning: