I saw something that seems that the solution to the EU is coming.

We have some issues, now. So, we can use this example, to change all for the better. And see how collabs go between the UK, and the USA. The EU is not equal enough and has a lot of problems, this might help to realize what we need. And how we can be, the next friend, in a collab with them.

The EU, our low GPA of 0, 67 in The Netherlands says a lot, also about the EU, and it changed the way we talk, think, treat, and are. Also, a low GPA means low literacy, because one did not understand much of all they read and learned, the GPA assumes that. Low literacy has a correlation with crime. We Dutch live that truth daily.

It is unfair hard for all Dutch when they study abroad to on one side become totally American, or English when we move, and just love it there, and then look back at the Netherlands, as if we never lived here, and how easy we move away. As if we lived all the years before hollow, not filled up, not alive, it was pretty much a lot of waste. We should have left before, or found a way to make the country as good as theirs. We see this with every family, and every person that moved to the UK, or the USA, they are happy now.

When they talk again, to us, after their move they totally changed. It is showing how we rather never live in the Netherlands, there is nothing to miss about it.

On the other hand, when you stay here, you never become that. You always miss the better wealth and better-paid jobs, and a better life. We lack a lot, compared to the most wealthy countries, and fall back 20 years, even. A bit like we lost all, and got stuck with criminals at work. But also with new people that come live here every day, that are not seeing the way Holland should be like or the way it was, and actually live here, but never get to know us, as we all lost ourselves, and never got our real best selves, too.

Because many countries in the EU are not as wealthy as The USA and The UK, it can be that many countries feel the same, in The EU. We want to be joining The UK, The USA, and the other wealthy countries.

Also, the big move to Canada, Australia, and the USA, while we all were already English actually, too, and that still makes us cousins. We had such loving families, when I was little, all was a happy bunch, they had good bonds with every sibling or cousin that had moved into the bigger wealthier countries, and had good bonds with them. It made our place, wealthier, and growing, too, by learning from them, as they had all the better things, and we could learn from brothers and sisters. Because this is a tiny country we could learn as a little cousin.

We just lived with lower education than the wealthiest, but crime-free, and chaos-free, at least we did for some years. The wiser was always clearly the best to be, and we were trying to be that too, with their influences. And there is more to this in many details, for each EU country, as we see the personal bonds all the wealthier countries have with each of them. All authentic personal bonds, with love. We are just another love, they love.

Well, they normally loved us, I do not know how they can today, in this chaos we live. We have to become alike, not worse, and farther away.

The new people change the countries, too, so, as I note, the new people are not taught as much what these bonds are with our cousins, we also, seem to lose it, because of that. Lots, of Dutch, moved away, at the same time. Lots come, lots go. The new people take their places, replace them. It might go a bit to fast. I do not say, I do not like the new people, that is not the case, I worry more, for them, as this is not a safe country, anymore, not the way it was, and not what they should have seen. And this government has worked his way up for that, which, hurts, as we do not get to share the same good feeling, we used to have, with these new people. And note that they come here because they love us.

It did help to study abroad online, while you live here, to keep in touch with the better worlds, and not fall as deep, as you would without it.

To remain healthy in the mind, as those worlds are smarter and better, where higher literacy helps a lot to not get ill. It also helps to heal in the best ways. And makes clear when you are healed, and sets you free from the Dutch care fraud, as that is huge everywhere. You really get the endpoint of illness, this way, connected to the better.

I do realize every country has also problems. But they seem, now, less big, or at least better to live with, than these Dutch issues. Where in the past, all that still lived here, only staid, because we saw the issues in the wealthier places, and not that here, at that time, in schooling, healthcare, and crime. Well, it can also have been propaganda, as we hardly know all truth. But that is a long time ago, now. And now we have those issues, ourselves.

So, it can be that we shift into a better world too, and this is a part of that, as they have been through this, some worse than others, and now us. Not all wealthy countries have been a lot through this, or just a little while.

But I remember some issues, and they were the reasons some Dutch never dared to move as we come from little money, and it all means you need to be very rich to be able to move there, and survive.

So, good news for the UK, and the USA, you have a better life, than us.

And it keeps rising. And I also know why. And that is a very good thing, I wish to share, because I also, see the change for the future for us all, by studying that.

The UK and the USA. I keep noticing a GPA difference, Dutch do less good. The UK is very independent, just like the USA. And both can teach each other things. And are the same family, actually, I know, cause I am too, from both. But it is interesting to see the two worlds handle things together, it might solve a lot more, for also the EU, and thus the Netherlands, too.

The UK worked hard on getting us sophisticated, as they are the Queens of sophistication, and have gentlemen and ladies, besides the USA, they are also masters in sophistication. It is cute to see how they are at the same level of sophistication, and it is the norm. But the USA has this overall, gymnasium level, for all, already, also low IQ, and even Down syndrome go to college, and some get their Ph.D. This is interesting, and another, way of being deep. Where none is less, they remain equal when working together. It seems to me, the little hand, the UK sometimes can use to get all on the highest GPA too, and then be as sophisticated. They will still remain authentic, while being the same level, and doing the same work. They would add their own science, and research to the USA, and this helps the USA do even a better job too, as they always use the best research.

The ultimate authoritative raising outcome, where the kids, the USA and the UK, become equal, and independent.

Able to help the depending, and by themselves, and together. Just sophisticated, and two worlds of knowledge, that also have the same knowledge, and also add to each other. So, the higher GPA is the addition to the UK, from the USA, and they are both as sweet, mainly, and sophisticated, but this can create adding onto each other and continuously, as both worlds with all on the highest level and functioning, keeps adding to each other, continuously. Growing into even more wealth, together.

I wonder what the UK would add, perhaps ideas from science, as they both love sciences, and are good in education. And that is the friendship the USA does, all is science, and this focus on science made them do best. So, two gymnasium friends, that been to different schools, but have the same good outcome, thus are friends, and now share this huge knowledge together expanding, with each other, expanding friends, I think that is their future. And this helps the EU. We already learn from them, but then even more. And we need it, we went down, and really low, and are in trouble.

Also, I think, it is a cute look back to our family, before all the big moves, around the world. Cute to see how they are now a door to these friends and family, around the world, to continue their work together as a family and community, and just expand, with love and knowledge. Really interesting for the EU, if they are reminded of this is our direct family, and we can be proud and learning from them, we can become, they already did. The wisdom that is to me.

But I look at this from the Netherlands, looking up to my big cousins.

But those always have it better. So, I see the hard work, in this country to ever try to get there as the third friend, the Netherlands, and perhaps the entire EU, as that would be an even bigger friend. If Dutch would only see, what we need. Higher GPA, higher literacy, more sciences, science as the focus in all jobs. Ethics, human rights, empathy, being really smart, and the best.

We live very unstably, I do not want to do that to my friends, it costs so much energy, to solve the Dutch, imagine to solve the entire EU. Wouldn’t we all be burned out, trying that, but on the other side, a Dutch can never know, with that low GPA we have, and as average.

So, I think even the EU can be solved, as the USA is about as big together with the UK, as all of us here, in the EU. But we are the weaker link.

So, from the point of the EU, they have to ask us to become equal.

  • same high GPA
  • same high education
  • same sophisticated ways
  • sciences.

Where they need us equal, how else to be equal friends? And, it is the way the EU also demands all new countries, that want to join us, to be equal first.

I think the USA and the UK can solve the EU, but the EU, can not solve itself.

So, it is dangerous to be locked in here. As they go down and lack the knowledge and the understanding of getting sophisticated.

I work really hard on getting the people living in the EU to understand basic things from the UK and the USA. But it might be worth it, without losing values, to create the EU as another equal, so they can be better friends. What would be the hand to someone in the unstable EU?

Compared to these two in the video, the USA is the bigger one, with more knowledge, and also because of their different science base, and higher GPA average, and the luck to be finding the success, even a bit better. But where the UK is a good equal, as it is. And family actually, and not so different, and has the same loving heart, but also adds a database and sciences, and sophistication. Together just a bigger world, where all clearly profit from the higher GPA average, as that makes all understand their own studies best, and more detailed, and thus more perfectly.

So, would it be enough to create better education and environments for education in the EU, and just work on getting them all a higher GPA, too?

Are we then 1 billion happy friends, stronger friends, together, to Asia?

What if we add Australia to this group? And Canada. Where our other friend India, with 1 billion will be the future smartest of the world.

All together, collecting friends, along the way, on the same level, with the same basic smart idea, sciences, high literacy, high GPA, empathy, and ethics.

Can we be friends with China? Another billion people. Can we help them solve their issues, by gaining human rights? Then, we have 3 billion smart friends, as Asians are smartest anyway. And half of the world won.

Just by being smart, and adding human rights, freedom, and using sophistication as a tool, a bridge between each other, to be friends, sharing one big world of data, too. Could it be?

Well, it could be a Dutch does not know. We need lots more education and have to learn to be a better part of the world. We learn to love, to use sophistication, to have higher grades, and how that is wisdom. This GPA we have 0, 67 must go up first, to show our talents better, and we might have talents to understand such a world puzzle.

If you see the movie below you can see a glimpse of what the world and the EU can be.

Also, how the UK could gain a bit, from the USA, as they are not different much in their work. DSM vs ICD, but both mean the same. They both work with levels and are about high degrees. They are sophisticated.

The USA solved so much, and became the strongest leader, they actually always were, but well, they were always better but had some issues in the past, we were scared of and just never knew how to survive if we would live there. (Schooling, healthcare, and afraid to get homeless. ) As if those are the stronger cousins, surviving better, and we, Dutch, are not strong enough to dare to live that free, which then also meant chances to end up on the streets, and with no care, and no food. And we could not set up companies big enough to survive there, for sure. It was too unstable to move from here to there.

The UK is our family, well for me it is, and lots have the same situation in the Netherlands, as Dutch are English, French, German mainly, with also other influences around that. And are African, originally, a dutch school found with their in DNA project, some years ago.

I am very happy to be English, I could not be happier, with that, as that is my sweet family. I am also, from other countries, and love them too, but I am mainly English, and my love is very deep about them. I always loved English the most, and it is my nature, my thoughts are in English a lot too.

Why do all Dutch not move to the UK? Maybe because it is scary to be somewhere where all is better. Bit the unknown in the known, just like the USA.

I actually can hardly choose where to live, as I love a few places, so much. And, for me, I choose in the end where my family is, and I think, my one, is American, I knew since I was 2. But I see me living in more places.

I feel torn apart by the seas, and wished it all one land, one country, and I would move a few times, or have more houses, to have a bit of all. I also, think, the world needs to change a bit a few more times, and then I find my place. Everywhere life changes everything, so I do not want to lose something I build-up, too.

Maybe The Netherlands was too unstable to now know where I should be.

We always need to recover from these bad years, living trapped in NL, many years, the many years, we never wanted to live here. Many people feel the same and are as exploited and kept here, it is no free will.

So, some holiday homes would be a good start, traveling, getting them off my back, and out of my head, and just be English me, around the world, and grounding, the way God planned. Where I never leave them and am too deep in my bones happy to be English. To be complete, seeing English, Americans, Australians, Canadians too, and so many more around the world.

To stay to the core of my DNA for this moment, I see my grandparents, and I loved them so deeply, and the most impressive thing about them is they loved their families so deeply. That deep love is all of us. I think there is nothing prettier than getting that deep love for the family, and people, which they gave me. Still crying as old people, that cried all their days, from a deep love for their parents, missing them, while being so grown, so good, so amazingly perfect in all they did, then missing their parents and family, because they felt those were even better, they needed them so much, they always knew so many answers to everything.

I could not believe all of it, as they, themselves, these grandparents of mine, were so perfect to me, then they said, well then you feel about us, the way we feel about them, and then all can even be better, they showed us that, but you now do not see that, as they have died, but we know, for sure.

They loved telling me about them, as I loved to hear it all. They only spoke to who wanted to hear, if you had no will, or “bad ears”, or no interest, you would hear a lot less. I thank God I had the will to hear about family so much, so they told me so much, and they loved that. So, I knew, I know these hearts, thank God, I asked, they actually love their parents so much. They said it was true, that was the biggest part of their hearts, their spouse and family, and mainly their parents.

I learned, since my DNA test, those were so English, it is why I am still half English. I wondered for a long time, then learned, my family was 3000 BC already English.

So, I can puzzle out all have this deep heart like them, as there was this logic of passing on, and this is how they always had been.

It is how they also knew because they had asked their grandparents, and great grandparents, everything, they were sure at least that long all was this way. And they had asked all about what they had asked their great grandparents, and all before, what everyone had asked. So, this goes way back.

I want to do so much for my family.

So, I will always try to reach the same level. As I noted the Dutch are really low literate and low GPA, and not comparable much. I have a lot of work.

I remember all our grandparents of my friends, when I was a child, were about the same, and lots have the same family, as those names are also in our families, thus they were a lot of English too. And with the great moves, they had many families abroad too.

All these families always cute mixed with the entire world. So, sweet the families are, they love.

The UK is a loving world, I do not know if they have a fall, the way Dutch have, which the Dutch did not have when I was a child, and until I was grown, not in my region, and we lived broadly also outside my region.

So, perhaps the EU has been going through tougher times than we can understand. Perhaps, it is why all bad came around, and maybe in more places than we can be aware of, and soon that is all gone, again, I hope, for the Dutch staying here, and all the new people, trying to be Dutch.

The new Dutch should never forget we are very English. And how the people from the big moves are still all the people our family around the world. It is why our second language is English, we are English, too.

I think it is a good example of how things can be.



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