All types of schooling, homeschool is best. Education is free.

Homeschool is proven best.

Jiska Hachmer
3 min readFeb 9, 2020


Above the average of GPA. The average is 3. Thus above 90%, or nines. Almost 100% for grades.

You can do:

  • Charter schooling
  • Online schooling
  • Blended learning
  • Teach yourself
  • Have a teacher at home

A little bit structure is best.

Unschooling will be just a bit under average.

Remind you the USA average is GPA 3. Thus that is not so bad. The Dutch GPA is 0.67 with schooling in buildings, with teachers that scored themselves for primary 55% for subjects of primary school on that level. And with hardly study. All are not developed enough, thus use the kids to develop themselves. It is very narcissistic. It is so unprofessional. USA teachers would not understand the dutch. The few chapters of some pedagogy in the classroom. While psychology has so much more for them, and they do not get that. Etc. The real development they do not understand. They get a bit of child development, but not psychology in the way we do psychology. The scientific field they do not understand at all. It is more as if I as psychologists chat a bit with them, show stages for children's schemes, and dot. A psychologist teaches parents so much more about child development then they have learned in teachers' schools. The outcome is many teachers with DMS and crimes.

  • Schooling is the average GPA, and all the problems kids develop with peers and crimes, and being separated and not getting the best.
  • You can also do private schooling.

Also, see child psychology what a lower level that is than our normal psychology education.

You just see the vision people have about kids, as a low vision. And as a job, nothing the real way. While kids should not be separated, not be with peers, but in an adult world, developing themselves, us helping them to express their will, and to get that will. Addressing the thoughts to most sophisticated ideas. That is the core.

The low majors just took the schooling the way it has developed, and do not understand at all what is good or bad about it. And brainwash kids, use it to shape kids' political ideas. And abuse of power. Also, it lets parents not develop in the best ways.

Curriculum is free

Or cheap

Further studies

See all the universities, lots have online schooling.