All can become a president(but…), this way…

  • You need to study. You need to develop. You need to function. You need to know all that is possible to know. You need to be the best. The leader of the knowledge needed to be a leader, as you are the president of all leaders, of all companies, as well. And the knowledge to be a leader of all people. Thus what they do and think, and what we can do to hear them better and to help them better, and to give them the best. It is a logic that if all get the best, all are happy and fine because all got the best. There is another logic, all need to be autonomous, and authentic, and developed. So, you need to develop best, but still, be the best when all are developed best. And not make the rest smaller to look the best. That is bullying, and being a dark triad, that is a fake best, not a real best. That is unfair winning too. Just
  • You need human rights and ethics as the first to know before you do anything. Perhaps you need first self-directed study lessons, on what that is: studying, and why one could do that, so you start when you want, and can. And for the reasons that fit with that. Studying for a job, and then logically studying a curriculum. So, you can do that job. It is processing the correct input, to have the correct output.
  • You need to understand the core of the job, and have all the correct curriculum to fill your mind with the best knowledge. There is a particular job. People, and the tasks of the government. Thus you need to understand people and the tasks of the government. Human rights and ethics the first things again. And your own profession codes, that need to be fitting to the ethics and human rights.
  • You need to task-oriented, leading with empathy and ethics. And be the boss of all bosses. In this style, so no one is not knowing the laws and rules, and codes and all have the priorities are known and the best ways to do work.
  • You are not just the smallest leader, you can lead all these people, and their companies, and ideas and all human need. And can help them be good in the world.
  • You need to know priorities. There are duties first. Lots in society are freedom and free and own choices. You are not allowed to tear the human rights, nor to skip them. There are these certain ways of doing processes, and there are steps, with priorities and free choices, and things people want. So you do the priority first, as you at first do human rights and ethics, above all. And people are at first free above all. And develop naturally above all. And then we add the priority in the things people need and then want. So, all get what they want and priorities are not forgotten, and they make clear where you stop by asking what you want. You can not interfere with others, nor ask to skip the things they need. To just get what you want. That is unethical. And you know that by knowing ethics and human rights first.
  • There is this puzzle with all that must be done. So all fit. A good leader can puzzle well, and do all that well, puzzle out what has to be done first, and why. And help all get all, perfectly understood what has to come first. (Also what you can do yourself and what the government should do. That is all a puzzle. Where development has well- being(Santos, N.D.)when people are autonomous and authentic, with their own unique being. Life is about becoming yourself, and independent, mature, so you do not take the people's growth away. You do understand growth and human development and give what they need for that.
  • Science steps, academic skills, high GPA and lots of studies will help you decide best, not only because your mind is filled with the knowledge thus your output will be best, but also the priority is done in sciences. You will understand more about boundaries and priorities and logic in when you should do what, when studied well with science, and academic skills. You are critical and better at processing all the information.

Pride? I do not have pride as in ego, but as in honor, as in lifeguard vs psychopath, the lifeguard.

So, I want to leave behind the way of being president too.

I would suggest never a psychopath be one president, never any dark triad.


You need to be the smartest.

Who has the most knowledge survives, and it is why Homo Sapiens lives 350.00 years.

This country is functioning

Then the system needs simply this…

  1. All empathy, hear the problems, let them all send all the files, and all proof and help them get proof. And collect all as in science. Collect all the information.
  2. Priority, so all parties must be taught priority first, as that is our duty. And they get the planning when they are next with their plan, they can measure where they stand.
  3. Solve all and in best ways, same time gain the education level of all people and their freedom to it. And help them understand why homeschooling is best, and how to do all of that best. How to get the highest GPA, and how to have the highest education. And how to solve all these problems, and make sure we all solve it. So, all in the country gain the best education and level, and grades, and in best ways, and they gain their knowledge over time and will help to all work we now do, precisely, as science leads only to one way, the truth, and logic, and they will be able to do this work too, so when we are replaced we know they will do the system correct.
  4. But we also create all laws that way that none can tear the human rights ever, so we get the human rights more strong, also ethics and then the profession codes, as they must be fitting these ethics and human rights laws and codes.
  5. Dive into those jobs, and know where all workers go wrong, and go deep, why? Why? Why? And analyze.
  6. At first, we always have human rights duty and ethics and then profession codes must fit these. So, we teach every party member, and all employees, and every person in the country the human rights and each article, and how to do them, according to the human rights, not our opinion, and we study the way that we never interpret them wrong. So, we never bend, torn them or skip them. And always do them. And every person gets their rights. Plus humans are never possession of anyone, nor country, nor clubs thinking to do best for you. We need to do these human rights very broad, and for all people.
  7. And solve all priority and very detailed and with ombudscycle. So it keeps being solved. It is also easier working, as you will get solutions, and all professions are kept to their duties and human rights and ethics, and profession codes, and the jobs start working correctly.
  8. Now all is task-oriented, and all have empathy and understanding.
  9. Now you can see the parties have changed mentally, the society has too, and the entire government and society have become precise, and smart, and do priority first.

See how simple? But is the core of a government.

Ethics and human rights studies.

Be the lifeguard, not the psychopath




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