Psychoweather is something I am developing for a few years now. It is a part of my company Essence. Elements in the weather cause responses in our behaviors. I want to make a daily weather report telling us about the influences of the weather, every day. So, people know what to expect mentally. I think it might even change behaviors, people that are now overworked and outside could be aware of the odorless Nitrogen and take a rest, instead of continuing in a different state of mind, which could be related to the killings, as not all kill, it is a certain type that kills during hurricane seasons. But Nitrogen also kills people, thus could perhaps be not a normal state of mind, people not behaving like themselves, which causes some to kill, while Nitrogen influenced their minds. Instinctively smelling, and because it affects smell it affects reactions to social cues, and social behavior. But also in a state like depressions out of hand, cause schizophrenia, or people that sleep not enough can get different behaviors. So, and out of hand situation, with more complications than we might expect until now. I will keep working on these hypotheses about the smell and the weather, smelling the weather, and behavior change.

I started yesterday, “Numen”, a church, a route of Numen, a pilgrim-like route with churches, where one can live free, and simply be with their own religion and God, their one, and (future)children, and their own family. A route of prayer, a place of prayer, but for some, a place to simply be. You might sense what God meant for you, you might need a place to connect. Simply space to feel Numen. Numen is, the Divine energy you can feel when you think about your future spouse/love, the one you are born with to be married or to be within life, the twin flame, the soulmate, etc. Also, the feeling you have for your future children, and the feeling you keep for your loved ones, that's Numen, divine energy that watches over. I will work this out and hope to have one day enough funds to build many small cute churches, with simple texts, to keep it simply about all the people themselves, their own God, and their own one, their own kids and families, and how they feel God wants them to live, so they live their own Numen. This is a bit of my “nun work”, and the nuns I had in my life, simply would want you to follow what God tells you.

These victims did not get compensation. It can be one of the first tribunals against Rutte and Rutte123. There are many in total. So, we do them all when we simply do them, perhaps not in chronological order, but we do can put them in order and check if we solved them all. Then, this is one of the first things that happened and needs tribunals and ombudscycles. And is a part of more tribunals and ombudscycles. With also tribunals against UWV, GGZ, local govs and all kinds of care workers, justice, judges, cops, etc. We need to look back at the start of the build-up to Covid19war, where we have two wars going on Rutte does, ISwar which he financed, and Covid19war, but there is another genocide he does all these years, classicide. Tribunals and ombudscycles are fair earning and we do ombudscycles forever, tribunals can last very long, so we can earn a long time fairly on these situations.

A typical situation

Because of contaminated water not a single family is healthy in this village. People are born with disabilities because of contaminated water in the village (South China Morning Post, 2020).

We need ombudscycles for villages like these.

It is a small country, with about 25 million people. We have almost 8 billion people in the world. The world has just 250 countries, and thus 250 world leaders, that must do the human rights, as a human right service for the people.

Ombudscycle – Medium

We can make sure all 250 countries do simply the human rights

  • Human rights…

There is a simple framework for everyone's life. We are humans, thus, biology. We can study biology, thus we can find out who we are as humans. We can find the functioning of humans and life. We can study the universe, earth, life, humans, and our personal life, and all we could do and think like humans, and all we could do on earth, and in the universe. We can study all human will experience, and find our preferences and absolute truth in it. We can find absolute truth in all things we study, with the scientific process, which means to be a formula in the science of finding absolute truth, which is a thinking process to get to absolute truth. We have a development with everything in the universe. We, also, have development on earth in life, and we have development as humans, also personal development. During your personal development you learn about the universe, earth, life, and humans, and about all science already found on this. You can add your science, you can add to the collective knowledge humans have. You will be born, wonder, research, and add to the collective knowledge, there is not much more to do. You will work with this collective knowledge, the entire world made together, as one family, as Homo Sapiens. We are the only species working this way, and it helps us survive as the longest species ever (Christian, and Baker, N.D.).

Human rights are a duty, and firstly, what all must do. Same as ethics. Criminals know where this is going, they will be caught. We will need to collect all information given to people, collect all that is done, teach people what the exact human rights interpretation is, and how to do ombudscycles, and tribunals catching criminals. With the extra attention to them using their jobs to do crimes, the place where all could be and had to be perfect. Also, we need to know and teach, what international laws are, and loss of sovereignty, which is right after human rights violations. Also, how everyone can do tribunals without judges. So, all have access to their human rights, right away, and no one steals children, nor people in general, anymore. Also, so no one forces, interfere, influences, nor exploits. So, all will only create absolute truth and absolute true freedom for all, without violating human rights.

It is a global pandemic, stolen children, but read here more on the Dutch situation.

  • We need ombudscycles and tribunals for all in the world.
  • We need to look at the entire history of exploiting children, stealing children and not protecting families and children from this.

We need to do this in steps. Collecting all crimes done. Stopping at the same time, all their work, and catch already all we can. Adding to this, their crimes did, which we will find out over time. Then, also do war tribunals, human rights tribunals, and other tribunals. And make a complete story, which will be in all tribunals. Tribunals are without judges, we can also add the use of judges. But these must be checked, with a new system, on no mistakes. We have to do the tribunals with the power of the humans, not by governments, nor people that pretend to be doing law. We need to get to the real punishment of the people that used, abused, exploited, human trafficked, and did wars to us. But also, any violation of human rights needs to be solved. So, we'll need divisions on all human rights, also, tribunals for each human right violation, and ombudscycles.

People will need to see how we earn money fairly by jailing all “workers” using those systems and having tribunals against them all.

And the birth of my kids with me, back again.

The phase of issues, of others with issues, making it our issues, stepping into our lives, with their issues, now we got issues, too.

Jiska Hachmer

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